Weekly Forecast: October 1-5, 2018 – Pluto Direct, Venus Retro, Document!

bookThis week, Pluto ends its retrograde period and begins to move forward. Big ships don’t make sudden turns. We’ve spent months re-examining our relationship to power and depth. We wouldn’t want this bit to spin off like a skiff.

On Friday, Scorpio Venus turns retrograde and heads back into square with Aquarius Mars. In another week, Mars will be out of its retrogade shadow just in time for that square to be exact.

Retrograde planets retrace previously covered territory, allowing us to readdress the issues raised. It allows for mastery of the subject. If we go on and on collecting new experiences without stopping to reflect or consolidate, vital components could be lost. Retrograde periods give us a chance to capitalize on what we’ve amassed or even catch up on what we may have missed.

That’s not to say we do. But we do have the opportunity. Regular retros create the opportunity to achieve mastery over time.

With Venus heading into retrograde as Mars finishes up over the shadow, there’s a challenge to re-examine what we desire just as we’re finding our feet to create new action. If you’re going to spend your energy, you should probably be sure of what you’re after, yes? Maybe even spend some of that energy in pursuit of that knowledge.

Pay attention to notions of what you think you wish for this week. With Venus still direct, it applies to trine Neptune. There’s some twinkle to the desire, divinely inspired. As we go forward… or back… we will get to re-inspect these motivations from another vantage point.

We’ve seen another side to our power dynamic and our action potential. Soon we have the chance to see a greater depth in our desires, to see beneath the surface of what is wanted, of what is pleasing. We may even uncover some desires of which we are ashamed. There’s the possibility to rework that shame as well. It can be a powerful moment for transformation. Taboo desires are not uncommon, but they are rarely well integrated, mastered.

Monday, the Moon finishes up in Gemini and moves to Cancer, the sign it rules. In Cancer, it opposes newly direct Saturn. A person can feel limited from the outside, held back. Alternately, it can feel wonderful to know that we are protected by strong boundaries. Respecting the boundaries of others is a great way to honor this energy. We can remember that our own boundaries keep us safe and allow us to thrive and create satisfaction for ourselves and our families.

Gravity is a boundary. We’re so used to working with gravity as a beneficial boundary that we forget.

Tuesday, the Cancer Moon creates a grand trine in water with Venus and Neptune. It then goes on to oppose Pluto and square Mercury as Mercury squares Pluto exact. Venus is Libra Mercury’s sign ruler. Pluto is Scorpio Venus’ sign ruler. The Moon mitigates. Pay attention to how you feel… about what you think… about what you desire. The information may feel disturbing. You may not like or feel satisfied by what you hear from others.

But take it in. You may even benefit from documenting what you think, feel, and want. Jarring communications or thoughts that feel shameful don’t have to be that big a deal. They’re information. Don’t take them to heart, just pay attention to the meaning. The meaning is what will be important to gaining mastery.

It doesn’t have to be about shame or taboo. Powerful desires can be intellectual or social. One can also desire power itself. Desire is healthy.

Let the feelings flow on, once you’ve grasped their meaning. Stay in the flow. As Joseph Campbell said: Follow your bliss.

Wednesday, the Moon finishes in Cancer with a trine to Chiron. Use those feelings to train up and grow. The Moon moves to Leo and over the north node. Overnight into Thursday morning, it opposes Mars conjoined Lilith and squares Venus. A bit of drama could arise from the urge to retreat to old ways of doing things. That urge is merely the signal to be creative and access something new. Just because you have an urge, doesn’t mean you have to act on it. It feels enlivening to overcome such things. Do what feels enlivening, full of life. Experiment!

Later Thursday, the Leo Moon goes on to sextile Mercury and square Jupiter. Great ideas are brewing. This holds through Friday. Document!

Also Friday, the Moon moves to Virgo and into a grand trine in earth, trining Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn. Venus and Uranus will be heading back into opposition in retrograde motion, with Saturn in stable aspect to both. We’re not just going to contemplate what is desired. We’re going to experience some outside challenge in order to nail down the best of what motivates us.

Who wants a prize that’s gone rotten? No one. We’re on track to refine and master. Friday brings a stable heart to begin. Feel it. Document.


Weekly Forecast: October 1-5, 2018 – Pluto Direct, Venus Retro, Document! — 4 Comments

  1. I come here to begin,the presence of the nite sky so starry strong, your words ,study of stars’ weight and pull
    Are helping me towards the truck and dark road,I feel the mist of BMlilith and am craving the colors that come with morning.
    Work a drill of my motor skills ,thanks God some things have an autopilot;this week I will expose my attacker of17, he had gun and badge
    I am almost 60 and I live in small community this might be that black hole being sucked into nothingness as I need to bury this
    I pray for release

  2. Thanks again, Satori. Together with posts Elsa is retrieving and posting again I’m seeing how Venus in aspect to Neptune natally is such a potent form of ‘coming to know now-ness’ … late, but better now than never. Whew.

    • P.S. These line: “Gravity is a boundary. We’re so used to working with gravity as a beneficial boundary that we forget.” After the fall, they’re crack’n me up and realigning my Funny Bone and Back Bone.

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