Weekly Forecast: November 20-24, 2023 – Launching Into Sadge Season

Monday morning, the Moon finishes up in Aquarius, leaving behind its squares to Scorpio Mars and Sun. It’s a rush job, this mood, away from the weekend’s ego bash. In Pisces, the Moon conjoins Saturn and heads into sextile with retro Jupiter. Dissolving barriers is what Pisces does, but it may also transform boundaries when Saturn is involved. We get a chance to make something better of what’s come before, to feel our spirits rise in safety.

By afternoon, the Sun finishes a sextile to Pluto as Mars goes on to perfect its Pluto sextile Tuesday night. Figure out what suits your purposes and you’ll have no trouble getting that intention into play.

Monday night, Mercury in Sadge blasts a trine to retro Chiron in Aries as Venus in Libra opposes Chiron through Wednesday morning. Monday brings an onslaught of ideas and impressions that can lead to improvements if implemented. Listen to experience and work with mentors. We’re likely to get another shot at the brass ring if we pay attention to where we went wrong before.

Early Tuesday, the Pisces Moon opposes Juno in Virgo. Does it feel right? Lock it down, take it deep, and run with it (Mars-Pluto). Penetrate. The Moon goes on to square Mercury (misgivings? worries? extraneous details?) then sextile retro Uranus before conjoining Pisces ruler Neptune overnight. Let the mood envelope the jitters, swirl them around then spit them out. Nothing’s perfect, but you’ll get a sense of whether (on balance) it works.

Wednesday morning, the Sun moves to Sagittarius and a square to Saturn, a barrier, a previously invisible bump in the road. It may even be a theoretical problem we face, hard to pin down. Venus perfects its opposition to retro Chiron and will go on later to square Pluto. We have a plan, a commitment, faith in the fragile moment. Larger forces still have a hand to play.

The Pisces Moon sextiles Pluto early, so dig down deep in that faith. Believe in what you’ve set in motion as well as your mettle. We will be judged for the path we’re on, but now our path is intentional. We could win. Don’t fold, not unless that’s part of the plan.

While still in Pisces, the Moon trines Mars. Afternoon takes the Moon into Mars ruled Aries and a trine to the newly Sagittarian Sun. Fire up your belly and your engines, we’ve got the mood to go and then go BIG.

Thursday’s Aries Moon conjoins retro Chiron, then opposes Venus, and trines Mercury. Mars is still in Scorpio and still holds its sextile to Pluto, BUT… what it does here is hold in place with all its power. The fiery mood sinks into mastery as we thread the needle, first with desires – then with ideas: ready to go…

For Friday morning, Mars takes the plunge into Sagittarius. On the rocket, riding high! But OH, now Mars fully encounters the square to Saturn, and the Aries Moon squares Pluto. But if we’re indeed on track, we’re on track. Do we need to adjust? Probably. However, don’t throw it all out. It’s a testing ground, so don’t get run over by irritations of the moment.

The Moon then shifts to Venus ruled Taurus and a sextile to Saturn. What goes up must come down, and tummies must settle. Take a deep breath and float there when they do. Connection is calling. A slower emotional pace hits the spot, even when the juices are jumping.

The Taurus Moon spends the rest of Friday night in applying conjunction to retro Jupiter in Taurus, a terrific boost of optimism and pleasure. Indulge in a bit of nostalgia if you’re feeling it.


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  1. Thanks for the perspective for Friday, because that’s what this old navigator needs: to adjust course, but not get thrown by the irritant 🤞

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