Weekly Forecast: November 19-23, 2018 – Full Moon In Gemini

boy heliosFrustration is not a bad thing. It’s a thing. Frustration can be highly motivating, and often it’s friction that creates life-affirming fire. The ideal is a perfect blend of ease and frustration.

Early Thursday, the Sun moves to Sagittarius. Late Thursday (or early Friday), the Gemini Moon moves into opposition for the culmination of the full moon. The full moon is dynamic, as are all full moons. But this one takes place opposite Jupiter and square Mars. Gemini Moon ruler Mercury is on its way into square with Mars as well.

It’s dynamic by virtue of the power of its moving parts. However, those machinations take place over time, before and after the strike of full moon midnight (as a metaphor, not a time).

Monday, the Aries Moon trines retrograde Mercury and squares Pluto in Capricorn. The mood to plan and communicate is on fire but tempered by a powerful sense of foreboding. Aries ruler Mars makes its exact square to Jupiter in Sadge. Potential action is ratcheted into place. The power to strike is there; but with Mars in Pisces, the target is slippery, or the trigger is. Don’t shoot on a whim. Don’t shoot because someone jogged your elbow.

Don’t waste energy, accommodate it; store it if you can. Or pop things into action quickly and let it build up again. If you feel tension mounting in your body, work it off. Dance it off. Be moved by spirit!

Tuesday, the Aries Moon moves into conjunction with Uranus and opposition to Venus. Venus and Uranus apply in opposition for a t-square to Vesta in Capricorn, active all week. There’s a longstanding devotion that splits the emerging balance of revolutionizing desire. We can’t make do with the same old, same old – but our devotion to a core value is still solid. The mood illuminates this, though not always in a flattering light.

But let’s be real, even if it’s a shock; we need that realization. The Moon moves to Taurus and into support aspects to Mars and Saturn.

For added oomph, the Sun makes its exact trine to Chiron on Tuesday. Those growing pains are finally showing up as GROWTH. Prepare to level up.

Wednesday, The Taurus Moon sextiles Neptune and trines Pluto. Appreciate the earthy mood even as we feel the struggle to take our values and dreams to another plane.

Also Wednesday, Mars moves into orb of sextile to Saturn. It won’t be exact for a week or so, but it builds now. It provides the stability a stressed and watery Mars requires. Trust that the tracks you’re laying are the right tracks, divinely so. How is that possible? Who knows, it just is.

Early Thursday, the Sun moves to Sadge. It conjoins Jupiter and squares Mars, though neither is immediately exact. The Moon shifts to Gemini late in the day, and into the full moon opposition.

The full moon clicks in with Jupiter and Mars in stress aspects. Early Friday it goes on to include Mercury and Saturn, though Saturn creates an anchor on which to spin the rest. This is big movement, frustrated action, heightened mood and purpose, and high stakes. But it’s GOOD. It’s a turning point with Saturn the unexpected fulcrum.

It seems messy, gossipy, ill-timed… but it’s perfect. And it all works out in time. Isn’t that exciting?

The building square of Mercury and Mars with Jupiter involved can make quite a mash of good intentions. Be clear in communications, and re-iterate when possible. Don’t go off half-cocked. Assume a misunderstanding before you expect bad intentions. But if it turns out to be bad intentions, cut bait and go.

Think of this energy like fishing. It takes time. If you’re going to enjoy it, it takes patience. You cast over and over, and you can’t always see the action under the surface. But you’re prepared for a strike at any time. However, you also have to stay fluid and somewhat relaxed or you won’t be ready when that time comes, and you also want to enjoy the process. That is the whole point, right? Let it flow. Don’t waste energy slogging around. Keep your focus clear of negativity. If your glasses steam up, wipe them down. It’s just fine to daydream a bit, encouraged even.

In regard to the full moon: There’s generosity in the air, but don’t give to get. Give with pure intentions or hold up till you can. People are bound to talk A LOT. So if you have certain expectations that must be met, be clear and spell them out. Things will work out just fine when you do your due diligence. It may not be smooth, but it all works out in the end. If it hasn’t worked out yet, it’s just not the end.

Where does the 0 degree full moon in Gemini hit your chart? Where is early Pisces Mars transiting?

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Weekly Forecast: November 19-23, 2018 – Full Moon In Gemini — 8 Comments

  1. Oh duh this is conjunct my Taurus Mars. t-Mars is in my 10th house. Changes coming at work they want to start them during Mercury retro and I’ve tried to steer them to January instead. I doubt they listen they haven’t so far. 🙂

  2. I hope this full moon is the end of whatever respiratory ailment I’ve got. Tired of having a sore throat and feeling like I have to be careful at work not to break a sweat lest I spike a fever. Full Moon in 6th house, trine 10th house Vesta.

  3. “Trust that the tracks you’re laying are the right tracks, divinely so. How is that possible? Who knows, it just is.”

    Thanks Satori. I needed to hear this.

  4. I have exams this week and the next. They always overpower me with the potential to affirm or question my future, but I always struggle to see any future , it’s very abstract in my head. I’ve told myself if I fail I have to drop out , and uni is not for me. But I’m exited.

    Well written forecast! Every paragraph is a well. I’m going to try to be on the same page , and work with it.

  5. Sun and Jupiter on my natal moon in Sag adding to the Pisces Mars/Gem trans moon T-square! Yikes. A very in your face confrontation with siblings or neighbours? Not really my style with a Pisces Asc!

  6. Another great post, Satori!

    The FM will be conjunct my 4H Gemini Mars and squaring Tr Pisces Mars in my 1H. Maybe there will be feisty political talk at my family Thanksgiving dinner table!

  7. Moon exactly between my ascendent and Chiron, opposing 7house Jupiter. I should communication straight what i expect to somebody… I think I just started 😀

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