Weekly Forecast: November 14-18, 2022 – Scorpio Meats To Sagittarius Treats

fireMonday and Tuesday are the last days of the Scorpio stellium, the big, magical three. Late Tuesday Venus departs for Sagittarius, and Mercury joins it early Thursday. But for the first two days of the week, “the power of three” compels us.

On Monday, Mercury sextiles Pluto and heads into trine with Jupiter (exact on Wednesday). The Sun trines Neptune (exact Monday) and heads into sextile with Pluto (exact Friday) and trine to Jupiter (exact Sunday night). Monday and Tuesday, Venus trines Jupiter. We want more, and there’s more than one way to get it.

These combos provide the stage for experiencing the possibilities of our plans and desires, as if by magic vision. Mars continues to square Neptune. So while our machinations may SEEM to go nowhere (or we know not where), we can act them out – play them out on this watery stage and try out our options. We sense how it may go in the future, experience the details and sensations of what we think may happen if we get what we want. Or we can balk and pout, refuse to make the best of things, to make an effort in switching up our response.

Tune in to the subtle tells. They’re not signs, they’re information. Be yin, take them in. The Sun trines Jupiter all week, and when Venus and Mercury hit Sadge – they are ruled by Jupiter. Perspective and the wisdom of our path is paramount. In a good way. In a FUN way. In a trumpets and fire way. Pay attention to subtle wisdoms so that when your time to be a hero comes, you may BURN with the sheer aliveness of it.

Monday the Moon tours the first decan of Leo. Breathe in that self awareness and breathe out the fire (with your whole chest). Remember how it feels to be you. Forget what anyone else has to say about that.

On Tuesday, the Leo Moon trines Chiron and heads into a t-square with the Saturn-Uranus event. Overnight, the Moon sextiles Mars. Stand braced by the unknown and acknowledge your known limitations. You’re prepared, as much as you can be in these times, and you can feel it. You feel it when you’re tested, so testing is a good thing. A possible path has been there all along, and now it makes itself known, possibly in dreams (or an “inkling”).

Wednesday starts off with the exact Leo Moon sextile to Mars, a brave, smart, fiery impulse that allows us to feel as though we know what we’re doing. The Moon then squares the Sun and Mercury, and we understand whether that feeling was true or not, a mood. Once the Moon moves to Virgo, it squares newly minted Sagittarius Venus. It’s good to want more than reality currently offers (even if that rankles).

Thursday’s Virgo Moon begins with Virgo ruler Mercury in Jupiter-ruled Sadge. A boost to a mundane start! The Moon opposes Juno and trines Uranus. Passion, intrigue! Write your own story and make it aspirational. TWISTS! Blurted spoilers.

Friday morning’s Virgo Moon squares Mars in Gemini and opposes Neptune, a t-square. Mercury also rules Gemini. With Mercury heading into conjunction with Venus in Sagittarius, Mars is a bit more likely to pay off in a squeeze like this. The mood favors compassion and taking a gamble on good fortune in the clinch. If you can use this bit of grace to help others rather than yourself (or as you help yourself), the mood is quite likely to pay off in satisfaction.

By afternoon, the Virgo Moon heads into trine with Pluto and sextile to the Sun. It opposes Jupiter in the night. The morning mood creates the grist for Friday night’s mill. Do your level best all day and the night may surprise you in its frank delights. Earthy depths are filled with a river of lava.


Weekly Forecast: November 14-18, 2022 – Scorpio Meats To Sagittarius Treats — 3 Comments

  1. If inkling is yarn, I am set to knit a quilt
    If inkling is pen ,here comes my novel
    💃🏽💃🏽If not now? When,yeah, thought so
    Today is a perfect moment to start

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