Weekly Forecast: November 1-5, 2021 – Scorpio New Moon Opposite Uranus

moon-sun Monday the Mercury-ruled Virgo Moon heads into trine with Pluto and square to Venus in Sagittarius. It’s clearly a deep and powerful mood, powerful enough to overcome nearly any obstacle. In steps Venus.

Sadge Venus pushes it. Just a little more, a lot more, GIVE ME MORE. The benchmark for success on Monday is finding the sweet spot between the fears that accompany perfectionism and the wide open spaces of unearned confidence. Check in with your brain and your known values. It’s not a day to chuck out the rules, but you can get away with quite a lot!

In addition, Mercury in Libra makes its last pass at a square to Pluto (active through Tuesday afternoon). This could result in a jarring communication or misunderstanding. It likely resolves something though, and that – together with a leading edge sextile forming with Venus – will soften any blow you take (or give). There’s opportunity inherent in those perceptions, communications, and sensations.

All week long, Scorpio Mars heads into square with Saturn. Action works under the radar and there’s no quick fix. There may be some unexpected blocks, however, but give them the time they take to resolve issues properly. It’s worth the effort.

Tuesday’s Libra Moon trines Saturn and goes on to oppose Chiron. Taking time and making space for dialogue allows us to overcome any blocks to sincerity and integrity. Be for real and satisfaction is the dividend. So is a feeling of true safety. People who get too far away from a foundation of inner truth (through projecting an alternate imgage) may forget how good it feels to live without undue secrets. That doesn’t mean you should run off at the mouth. Balance is a lesson we’re learning here.

Wednesday, the Libra Moon trines Jupiter and squares Pluto. After its square to Pluto, the Moon conjoins Mercury then sextiles Venus, both nearing the end of the sign. Investigate some of the open questions or issues raised over Mercury’s retrograde and see if some of these things have resolved. Put closed to old accounts this way and open up to starting something new with hopeful goals that fit today’s values and yearnings.

Wednesday night when the Moon moves to Scorpio, it heads into conjunction with Mars. Early Thursday, the Moon squares Saturn. The mood picks up on the longer term square of Mars to Saturn and the tension of blockage or a need to take a longer route. It can feel cruel or unfair, but it also helps us tune in to what is going on in the collective and cool our heels a bit.

Thursday morning, the Scorpio Moon squares Saturn exactly then spends the rest of the morning and afternoon heading into conjunction with the Sun (the new moon) and opposition to Uranus; both aspects are tight.

The new moon in Scorpio takes place just barely ahead of the Moon’s exact opposition to Uranus with the Sun’s opposition to follow. Something old is new, powerfully new. That something comes from outside or is so far removed as to feel so. It could be the need to shockingly shed our shell and emerge new and pink, but wiser. Innovated… from old stock.

Venus at the end of Sagittarius shows us the height of desire, so far run out on a whim that it sparks us to wax philosophical on our values and what it means to want so much (or the opposite, to run away from it all). With the new moon we see past the horizon of our desires and into eternity… for a moment. For as long as it takes to change. That can be an instant. Or longer.

The new start brings an inkling of perspective, one we will build on, slowly, in the days ahead.

Early Friday, Venus moves to Capricorn, earth, cardinal: stolid, solid, making bank. We’re set to invest. Mercury follows – perhaps not in suit, but in complementary style – into Scorpio by afternoon, preserving their relationship in opportunity. Keep an open mind now about how these openings may take shape, open but faithful to the cause.

Friday’s Scorpio Moon trines Neptune in the wee hours then goes on to square Jupiter and sextile Pluto. Don’t rush past the good views. You might miss a sign. Savor.

Later in the day, the Moon moves to Sagittarius and onto the midpoint of the budding Mercury-Venus sextile. It’s a cowboy WOOHOO moment for sure, somewhere in your life. Exciting. Somewhere in the collective someone is taking a chance on a whim that benefits YOU somehow.

The new moon takes place at 12 degrees Scorpio with Uranus also at 12 (Taurus). Where does this hit your chart? Where are you expecting to take aim in your life? Mercury and Venus changing signs so close together and soon after the new moon really targets a goal and helps us set our sights.



Weekly Forecast: November 1-5, 2021 – Scorpio New Moon Opposite Uranus — 8 Comments

  1. The new moon exactly opposes my sun. Many sudden and deep losses and news recently, with Uranus hanging out around my sun. The new moon marks a move to a different home and new job. Aiming to simply try to move forward.

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