Weekly Forecast: May 21-25, 2018 – When You See It, You Can’t Unsee It

trainDo you have placements in the mid-degrees of any sign? Most likely you do. Regardless, this will affect you as there are happenings in the early degrees as well. I got excited about this one, but it snuck up on me. Of course it did; Neptune is involved.

Jupiter in Scorpio is retrograde. It has long been slipping back into trine with direct Neptune in Pisces. This week it hits the home stretch, exact Friday morning. Now that’s not big news really. They move slowly. Also they trined before in early December when Jupiter was direct. Jupiter trine Neptune is a background effect. It is a teacher-preacher influence, belief and faith, philosophy and divine muse. Divine guidance.

However, when you combine that watery flow with the earthy approach of Mercury in Taurus, there’s a channel for the water. That occurs late Tuesday, early Wednesday, and here’s the kicker: concurrent with the Virgo Moon (Mercury-ruled) moving into the equation. The Moon trines Mercury, opposes Neptune, and sextiles Jupiter. It’s called a mystic rectangle and it’s tight, all exact in the span of Tuesday night to early Wednesday morning – then Friday morning for Jupiter-Neptune.

It’s a unique opportunity to tune your heart and mind to the higher plan for your personal life. You’ll feel it, see it, understand it – but only if you don’t overwork it. Don’t focus too hard, be easy. Blur out the specifics and let how it feels tune you in. Then don’t worry about it. Just consider it and remember. It will likely bring up something you noticed starting out in early December.

Here’s the corker: The third and final Jupiter-Neptune trine happens in August after the new moon eclipse at 19 Leo. That eclipse quincunxes retrograde Pluto. It also occurs with Mercury in Leo in aspect to the Jupiter-Neptune trine. AND… Mars and Uranus will both be back at the degrees they’ve squared from recently. This week connects deeply to that eclipse week.

Mars-Uranus recently has been a shitshow, right? It will likely have some necessary and helpful outgrowth. “Nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so,” Shakespeare. And yet… it’s exciting to think about. Things are shaking down, and they will be as they should be. The shitshow should be interesting, and it will affect change that rocks our little worlds. I think it will be in a good way. The divine has fingers all over it.

Venus now quincunxes Mars. It’s like a see-saw. It takes finesse to balance what we want and getting it. At the eclipse, Venus trines Mars. If we’re ready, if we know what we want, the getting is simpler.

So this week… think back to December. Then think of being in August thinking back to now. Consider Venus matters and lay yourself open to taking in the wisdom that shows up and makes you feel. I’d write it down. Document, document, document. That works for everything.

With Venus newly in Cancer this week, we’re looking at an applying opposition with Saturn in Capricorn. That closes overnight Friday. On Monday, Venus squares Chiron and quincunxes Mars, while holding a sextile to Uranus (enlightening). Monday’s Leo to Virgo Moon sets this off as well. Where are you getting what you want? What IS your desire portfolio these days? What is standing in your way? Is it outside you? Are you sure? You can level up and see it differently if you choose.

So fast forward to that August eclipse. Venus in Libra opposes Chiron and squares Saturn. What seems to stand in our way now may twist and change to show us a completely different perspective. It’s that whole “opposition as projection” thing. Really understanding the reality of what we want and what presents a barrier to that is the first step to GETTING it. We’re going to be shown if we don’t figure it out. It’s always more pleasant to go under your own motor… rather than be dragged.

If there’s any takeaway I wish to promote this week it’s this: Open your mind and heart. Let fresh perspective in. Let it find its own level. Don’t control where it lands. Let your mind be a vessel. Be filled. This sets us up to really make the most of the upcoming eclipse season. Let’s make it the best shitshow ever, with swords of light and popcorn.

And OH YEAH, it’s Gemini season. The Sun moves to Gemini Monday night, sextiling Chiron on Tuesday and trining Mars on Wednesday. We’ve so got this! We have the warmth of the Sun for an empowered sense of purpose. We can employ the best wisdom of the wounded warrior Chiron. He taught demi-gods. We will come out stronger.



Weekly Forecast: May 21-25, 2018 – When You See It, You Can’t Unsee It — 3 Comments

  1. Yes, Satori, thank you. It was a difficult reading (for me).
    What comes to my mind is that you must be a very good chess player.

  2. “Open your mind and heart. Let fresh perspective in. Let it find its own level. Don’t control where it lands. Let your mind be a vessel. Be filled.”

    Wonderful! So appropriate for Pentecost as well.

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