Weekly Forecast: May 15-19, 2017 – Venus Out of the Shadow Opposing Jupiter

sun and moonThis week Mercury changes sign and Venus emerges from its retrograde shadow in opposition to Jupiter. Monday Mercury moves from Aries to Taurus and its ruler shifts from Mars to Venus. The mind, senses, and communications take on the contemplation of values and worth but retain a tinge of the swift action of Aries with Venus still in the sign.

There’s still an urge to act on your assessments, but slow your roll. Mull things over. Venus in Aries opposes retrograde Jupiter all week, passing its shadow Thursday, and hitting the exact degree of opposition on Friday. If something doesn’t come easily, that is to say – as expected, trying harder is probably not the answer at the moment. Everything in its time. Put in a reasonable investment, then wait to see if it works before betting the farm. Does it make sense to do more right now? Mull it over.

Mars moves into quincunx with Juno and Pluto in Capricorn. Time will tell if your efforts will pay off. Rushing won’t help anything, and you can’t strong arm the energy into balance. Do more of what works – stop doing what doesn’t. Don’t gamble more than you can afford to lose. Cycle through your tasks with minimal investment in each till you see what’s working. Simple!

Monday the Moon moves through Capricorn lighting this up. At the end of the day it trines the Sun and squares Uranus. That holds through Tuesday morning. Don’t get ruffled over details that pop up. Everything irons out in time. EVERYthing.

Tuesday the Moon moves to Aquarius and a square to Taurus Mercury. Again, keep it simple – don’t worry about resources now. Consider what is possible without nailing it down to brass tacks. By nighttime the Moon sextiles Venus, on into Wednesday. It then goes on to trine both Jupiter and Mars. Now is the time to invest your effort into what feels fortunate. What feels fortunate will reflect a benefit for both self and others.

Thursday the Moon cruises through the last bit of Aquarius and into Pisces at the end. It squares the Sun and hits the midpoint of the Saturn-Uranus trine, a sextile to each. Solid innovation takes time. Find satisfaction in the theoretical, the possible.

By Friday the Pisces Moon sextiles Taurus Mercury. The mind forms a channel for emotional waves. Listen to your feelings, slowly; let them sink in. It’s possible to make a solid interpretation of the seemingly irrational input, and profit. Maybe literally, definitely figuratively.

Venus hits 13 degrees Aries, the spot where it went retrograde in early March. With Jupiter retrograde in opposition, we have a polarity where rewards may come from the outside, but they may also be delayed. What houses do these occupy in your chart? In which areas of life are you waiting for a payout?

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Weekly Forecast: May 15-19, 2017 – Venus Out of the Shadow Opposing Jupiter — 6 Comments

  1. 13 is my house cusps- Jupiter on the 2nd house cusp and Venus on the 8th.
    Payout- not holding my breath, lol. I’m not even upset anymore. 🙂

  2. Venus in the 3rd and Jupiter in my 9th, it’s conjuncting my angles. 😉

    Need to do more research on my angles. This was the time, my partner and I broke up? In March. What would my pay-out be?
    Intellectual stuff? Freedom (already there)? Relationships again? Grrrr, maybe work stuff hahaha.

    What do I need to say?

    • I won a romantic getaway? But I’m single?! I sent my name down for this competition when, my relationship broke up!


  3. WORK!!! I’ve been unemployed and underemployed since 2009. I FINALLY just started work last week at a good paying position with benefits, BUT it’s not exactly something I’ve done before. It IS something I should like and be good at once I get into it. I’m 50, being trained by a 23 year old. She’s clearly smart and knows her stuff, but I don’t think she’d had to train anyone before. She’s not zeroed in on some of the communication.

  4. I’m not waiting for pay-off, I might be waiting for true love but have no energy and will for dealing with it. This opposition is happening close to my Asc at 11 degrees Aries so we’ll see what happens.

  5. 5th house- I’ve gotten rave reviews for the creative work I’ve done in the timeframe, but it hasn’t paid off as I thought it would- yet at least.

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