Weekly Forecast: March 27-31, 2023 – Mercury-Jupiter To Venus-Uranus

boy heliosMonday the Moon finishes up in Gemini with a sextile to Jupiter, and Gemini-ruler Mercury (in Aries) heads into conjunction with Jupiter in the night. Quick thinking? Overthinking? Racing thoughts? Fortunate realizations spark an epiphany. With the Moon in the mix, in aspect of opportunity, regardless of the form it takes, there’s a chance to “shoot the Moon!” as they say.

Theoretically shoot the Moon, I suppose. A blast of fortunate right place, right time information gathering takes place when you go with your gut. Split second decisions go your way. With Mercury in Aries, those are the sort of brainstorms that ramp up when you’re moving along with your day. A brisk walk?

On Tuesday morning, the Cancer Moon quincunxes Pluto, conjoins Mars, and trines Saturn. Settle your tummy with more movement, and keep it going. If there’s something you really need to start, there’s no better time. Later the Moon squares the Aries Sun and sextiles Juno in Taurus. Take a pulse check on the state of your project, and follow the points where passion is sparked.

Wednesday, the Cancer Moon sextiles the tightening Venus-Uranus conjunction (exact Thursday) and squares Chiron-Jupiter-Mercury in Aries. Mars in Cancer continues on in trine to Saturn (exact Thursday). The collective desire finds an ally in the mood. And the mood highlights the start of longterm project.

We now feel we can keep on going.

What we desire is something new but valuable, solid and beneficial – but different to the point of being strange. How we’ll go about getting it will reflect those qualities as well. Maybe not strange, but a different type of action. Interconnectedness working in flow. In any case, begin. The Moon’s squares to Aries bring some wrinkles to the mood, but ironing them out is what takes us from trying to succeeding.

On Thursday, the Cancer Moon trines Neptune as Mars trines Saturn. Trust the process, and continue the work. It satisfies. The Moon then moves to Sun-ruled Leo and an opposition to Pluto in Aquarius. It goes on to quincunx Saturn as Venus perfects its conjunction to Uranus.

Thursday is the time to give-and-go, to alternate pushing and releasing resistance. It’s a terrible time to have a tantrum or press for an ego win. Consider the mood an indicator of your learning curve. Let life surprise you, rather than insist on doing it all yourself. Trust that what’s meant for you will find you. You won’t have to fight for it. If someone wants to fight with you, you can lean on the back foot and counter with charm.

A “David and Goliath” win is possible here, but not through force. The little guy wins through shear numbers and camaraderie. The force of flow and softness.

On Friday, the Leo Moon trines the Sun all morning and early afternoon. It goes on to trine Chiron then square Uranus and Venus in the night. Now you can roll up to the party, popping and bopping with your shiny self, since you already chose some form of humility and don’t have to hide your face. Relax and turn up your fire for fun. Sure there’s a little drama at the end, that’s the best part of fireworks!

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