Weekly Forecast: March 13-17, 2023 – Relax And Swing AWAY

in your earThis week (Thursday afternoon, to be exact) Venus moves from Aries to Taurus. Before it does, it perfects a square to Pluto, both cardinal. Afterward, it sextiles Saturn in Pisces, fixed to mutable. Great challenge and stress gives way to settling and soothing opportunity.

Venus in Aries is both quickly whipped up and quickly dispersed. Desire, benefit, pleasure, aesthetic – these things benefit much more from the opportunity to slowly flow and embed. That comes with Venus in Taurus, one of the two signs it rules – a fixed earth sign.

Up to that point, the cardinal clash of Venus in a sign less fit for its purposes, to the position of Pluto with all the weight of Capricorn behind it – that’s stress. That’s not getting what you want… for valid reasons. That’s having to cut or be cut. Mostly because the thing itself is not good for you, or because you’re not up to the herculean task of taking it to the point where it could be good for you. Usually because it’s an insurmountable task.

So spend the week finding out why you have to let that thing go, because Friday presents the opportunity to plot a course to something of abiding value that both suits and lasts.

On Tuesday, Aries ruler Mars (in airy Gemini, ruled by Mercury) perfects its long-running square to Neptune. Action and the will to action have either been unclear, unavailable, or ineffectual – no matter how hard we try. Our best bet has been acceptance and faith, and to try again. This effect tapers off after the fact. Whew. But there’s no immediate event heralding this. Just keep on believin’, I guess. It helps tho.

Monday and Tuesday, the Sagittarius Moon heads into trine with Chiron, Jupiter, and Venus in Aries and square to Mercury, Sun, and Neptune conjoined in Pisces. It opposes Mars and forms a t-square with the Pisces placements. SO, the general mood at the first part of the week might actually feel like a bit of a dodge or escape, a time waster. But part of that is not feeling effectual when we try to make things work. So give in. Learn what you can and lean into chasing what you like. Whatever leads to action when you’re “feeling it” is most likely to pan out anyway. Chase the dopamine!

Wednesday the Moon finishes up in Sadge with that 29 to 29 degree trine to Venus then heads into Capricorn where it sextiles Saturn in early Pisces. It catches a whiff of the scent of the leading edge – of a change we can groove on.

Speaking of whiff and scent, Mercury at the leading edge of a triple conjunction (Mercury, Sun, Neptune) is on a higher plane of integration. It’s not just the conscious mind we’re working with; it’s the amalgam of the whole – conscious, subconscious, and the “line” between. But the line is nowhere. And everywhere.

There’s no nailing down what we’re thinking, hearing, feeling, doing, planning, sensing, conveying. Because we don’t know what we know… yet. But we’ve got an INKLING, and we’re closing that distance.

The Moon in Capricorn on Thursday squares Chiron, trines Uranus, sextiles the triple conjunction in Pisces… as the Sun passes over Neptune and squares Mars… as Venus squares Pluto… as Venus moves to Taurus… as Mercury squares Mars. Then Mercury passes over the Sun overnight as Venus heads into sextile with Cap ruler Saturn.

That’s a lot. Remember who you are. Remember that who you are is both forever and of the moment: You’re both solid and ephemeral. You matter, keep sight of the fact that you matter. Keep sight of the fact that you have deep and lasting value – and that so does everyone else.

When you do, you put yourself in exactly the right place to capitalize on all these subtle and blatant influences. You’re trained up or you’re not. Do your best. Stay flexible.

“No such thing as tough. There’s trained or untrained. Now which are you?”
–Man on Fire, Denzel Washington

Relax, firmly. Go with what you’ve got. Let go of the active learning (the rules) and put what you’ve learned into practice. To use a very tired slogan: just do it. But trust yourself. Best results happen when you don’t micromanage. Swing away!

On Friday morning, the Moon conjoins Pluto at the end of Capricorn. Then it moves to Aquarius and a square to Venus. Venus perfects its sextile to Saturn in the afternoon. Take your time. The opportunity is there. Let the mood and any challenge you encounter there aid in dissipating your tension by elevating your focus to the future. What do you want? What would that be like if it were made real? Dream it up.

We know reality takes work, but the vision of reality precedes its actuality. Its inception walks the past into the future, right over that invisible line. Relax and let it in.

From Field of Dreams…

Shoeless Joe Jackson: The first two were high and tight, so where do you think the next one’s gonna be?
Archie Graham: Well, either low and away, or in my ear.
Shoeless Joe Jackson: He’s not gonna wanna load the bases, so look low and away.
Archie Graham: Right.
Shoeless Joe Jackson: But watch out for in your ear.


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  1. As a Sagittarius I cant wait to feel this energy. This is super interesting and feels very resonant to me right now, thank you Satori!

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