Weekly Forecast: March 13-17, 2017 – Aries Mercury Wings its Way to Venus

falconSunday’s full moon set off the stellium in Pisces and those waves keep moving outward. Monday afternoon that first wave breaks in the form of Mercury moving from Pisces to Aries – the end to the beginning. Attitudes take shape. Plans form. People start actively talking! Our senses are sharp again and our minds keen. What we find out may be new, or it may be that something cloudy becomes clear.

Monday’s Libra Moon starts out in quincunx to Taurus Mars, both Venus ruled signs, as retrograde Aries Venus heads back into square with Juno. By the end of the day, the Moon forms a cardinal t-square with the two and a quincunx to Neptune. Keep moving forward with grace and gravitas. Things are in flux in agreements over love and money, but that’s no reason to be coarse or classless. Everything you do comes back to you in the end. Take the time to do things well.

Tuesday the Libra Moon makes the same moves with the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto t-square and a quincunx to the Sun and Chiron in Pisces. Monday was personal. Tuesday is a personal approach to a larger context. Stay classy but keep pushing forward. Adult like a champ: onward and upward.

Wednesday the Moon moves from Libra to Scorpio, but first it sextiles Saturn. The mood goes into low gear early – in a good way. The boost of Jupiter’s waning conjunction adds zip to the traction of Saturn. It’s a “second wind” for the collective mood. Work it. When the Moon moves to Scorpio, it opposes Taurus Mars and quincunxes Aries Mercury. Whether the plan is yours or that of another, you’ll need a bit of help to get it off the ground. You’ve got to give to get and it may take some back and forth to secure that help. The speed of communications may be mismatched. Keep your eyes on the prize and play the game. If you’re waiting, plan your next move.

Thursday morning the Scorpio Moon aspects the Venus-Juno square and trines Neptune. It goes on to sextile Pluto by nighttime. With a whole day of Scorpio Moon under our belt, our deeper desires are rising to the surface… and we feel them. We feel drawn, from the GUT, from the naughty bits. The feeling is sexual even if the subject is not. It’s a primal attraction signaling what must die and where we’re going next. Listen to that feeling. But don’t promise your heart (or anything else) officially just yet.

Friday the Moon trines Chiron and the Sun in Pisces. Mercury direct and Venus retrograde move toward each other, closing in on the same degree in Aries. Mars moves into orb of trine to Juno. Change is happening. As much as we’d like it to GET GOING AND ON WITH IT, it doesn’t. Things are moving but moving slowly. We need to keep investigating even as we try to nail things down. The process of nailing things down is good – just don’t expect any nail to be the final nail. Keep looking, keep thinking – and remember how each option feels.

Where is the Aries Mercury-Venus conjunction coalescing in YOUR chart? (around 9 degrees Aries)

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Weekly Forecast: March 13-17, 2017 – Aries Mercury Wings its Way to Venus — 4 Comments

  1. On my Ascendant. 😀
    This will be an interesting week, especially since I didn’t see the yesterday’s Full Moon hitting me so emotionally. I do feel calmer today and sort of empty, crying definitely helped with getting a lot of stress out.

  2. My Third House and my hubby’s Seventh. It’s a nice perspective to look at the Aries conjunction as a start (the new spring/start of the zodiac) because what we are planning will take that kind of faith. Communicating and Relationships ARE the keys to making this year evolutionary and mature. We go over your forecasts together for navigation … it’s very cool. Thanks!

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