Weekly Forecast: June 7-11, 2021 – New Moon Eclipse in Gemini

moon-sunAfter Saturday’s Mercury-Neptune, Mars-Pluto shenanigans, many of us will be feeling raw or confused, or both. If you said or did something that makes you uncomfortable, consider whether or not it was necessary. Sometimes it is. Sometimes we just have to live with our feelings.

Venus is in Cancer now, trine to Jupiter in Neptune. If you want to feel better, attract bigger and better outcomes, look to the quality of your connections. Whatever was said, is the love there? Is the desire to connect genuine or are you superimposing your ideal over something else?

If the discomfort is situational, consider letting the dynamics play out. In between eclipses we’ve got some issues to work through, either alone or played off another. We may hope to get the cards face up on the table, but there’s no way to know for sure when all you know are your own cards… and sometimes not even then.

What can be known now is how we feel about what we want. Lean in to that. Mercury heads back into trine with Saturn and we eventually approach more solid understanding of what has happened as well as where our planning can find smart footing.

This reverberates with the new moon eclipse on Thursday morning. Closely conjunct retrograde Mercury, this new moon fresh start will reach backward even as we go forward. As new moon ruler Mercury heads back into trine with Saturn, the Moon and Sun head forward into square to Neptune.

Let it ride… let what’s already set in motion play out. Have faith that when the fog clears you’ll have the ability to pick up and do what must be done from there. You’ll have the ability to act with purpose, particularly after Mars moves to Leo on Friday. We won’t have all the answers or even all the questions, but we won’t be so stuck in the mud.

On Sunday, the Taurus Moon sextiles Venus for a welcome wave of pleasure and the ability to get in tune and make it last. Overnight, the Taurus Moon conjoins Uranus and squares Saturn. Have some warm milk and get what rest you can.

Monday brings the Taurus Moon into sextile with Neptune, an opportunity to slow down and enjoy whimsy within a gathering storm.

Tuesday morning the Moon trines Pluto then sextiles Mars, a chance to harness all the tooth gnashing for good. Get right into the middle of things and push… something good will emerge. The afternoon takes the Moon into Gemini and a square to Jupiter. The collective needs to blow off some steam!

Wednesday the Gemini Moon sextiles Chiron and trines Saturn. It’s in the dark of the Moon that we often feel weakest and most vulnerable. On this Moon, that’s also when we know our limits – which can inform our understanding of our heights as well as our lows.

Sometimes you have to break your own heart in order to grow. Sometimes what feels like heartbreak is actually growing out of something.

That’s just in time for Thursday’s new moon eclipse in Gemini. It’s a soft sort of realization. It’s when you know that maybe you just don’t know. That’s a place to start.

The Moon rolls over Mercury then Mercury rolls over the Sun.

On Friday, Mars moves to Sun-ruled Leo and heads into a quincunx to Jupiter. Whatever we know or don’t know, action become a lot sunnier, more generous, and more fun. Drama doesn’t feel so dark. Sometimes we just roar to roar! To be heard and to hear it come back in the roars of others. We are alive!

Friday’s Cancer Moon trines Jupiter and whether or not we feel like getting anything done, it feels good to feel. The Moon heads into conjunction with Venus, square to Chiron, and sextile to Uranus. Wherever you find yourself on the other side of these first two eclipses, be honest with yourself about where that is. It’s a new map and we’re slowly orienting ourselves toward the X that marks the spot.

The new moon eclipse takes place at 19 degrees Gemini. Where does that hit your chart and how are you feeling about it?



Weekly Forecast: June 7-11, 2021 – New Moon Eclipse in Gemini — 7 Comments

  1. “ it’s when you know you just don’t know“perfect, easy to read
    Absorb, consider to be , My Dad used to say “Is what it is, and ain’t
    What it ain’t “,he also used to say”Let’s don’t,and say we did” a lot quicker thanx for writing, because this much I know for sure
    I love to read!, It helps me reflect ,accept ,admit ,how I feel, and decide what I need ; it’s good when trying to figure things out, to scratch things off list

  2. The new moon eclipse will be conjunct my natal north node, in the 5th House. “Sometimes you have to break your own heart in order to grow.” I’m there, Satori, and she, the heart, is so much more than a pump. And we are much more than a machine, if we are one at all.

  3. It’s in my 5th house. It has been nice catching up with two friends who now have babies. I also got a haircut from my favorite leo moon hairdresser(love their energy).

  4. Tonight I read a comment (not here) about how the Gemini solar eclipse signals the end of social media. Think that’s true? 🤔

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