Weekly Forecast: June 1-5, 2020 – Full Moon Eclipse In Sagittarius

Cancer emEven though Mercury has moved on to Moon ruled Cancer, we still have the Sun and retrograde Venus touring Gemini. It gives Gemini season extra sensors on the outside. Gemini seeks input, so this is ideal but possibly a bit much… ew, feelings.

It is a great influence for exploring, parsing, and communicating emotion though.

Mars in Pisces moves closer to sign ruler Neptune and squares to Venus (Tuesday) and the Sun (exact Friday with the eclipse). On Wednesday, Venus conjoins and backs over the Sun. What we want and how we’re going to go about getting it, or even how that would look in real life, well that’s hazy or in flux. That is unsettling, mentally and emotionally. It’s existentially rattling and also the building backdrop to the full moon culmination.

Intoxicated or intoxicating action is also featured. Pisces Mars action is angelic or horrifying. It can be divinely timed or sloppy or self-defeating. It can be the impetus to save or the hand that holds you under so it can be the one to save you.

Monday and Tuesday, the Venus ruled Libra Moon moves from a trine to Venus into and through squares to Pluto and Jupiter as Venus squares Mars. Thoughts and prayers? A mood to make nice works well with ideas about values and love, but hard-tack reality doesn’t leverage that into dreamy action. Delusional action or savior action perhaps. The motivation is strong and blaring, but the effect is weak or fizzles. Secret or covert action is more effective, but it can backfire.

Tuesday afternoon the Moon moves to Scorpio. Expect the making nice to fall flat. The Scorpio Moon continues through midday Thursday. Intrigue rises as the Moon hits all the players. Late Tuesday a trine to Mercury and opposition to Uranus come on the heels of a square to Saturn. There’s a surprise twist: Even with perfect planning we can hit a wall out of nowhere.

Wednesday the Moon trines Mars and Neptune, so go with the flow to get back in stride. What would your higher moral authority do? Overnight, the Moon sextiles Pluto, an opportunity to sync up with grounded power.

Thursday morning, the Moon sextiles Jupiter. It’s an urge to uncover the underside of the story and spread it widely. In the afternoon, the Moon moves to Sagittarius and a sextile to Saturn in Aquarius. The motivation is high-minded, good to go, and rooted in a larger base of intention – based on principles over substance. It’s good for strategizing, but you can’t really take it to the bank.

Overnight into Friday morning, the Sadge Moon quincunxes Mercury in Cancer and Uranus in Taurus. It trines Chiron. The Sadge Moon mood is expansive, evasive, running the fences. We need a truly unusual plan if we’re going to grow out of this to gain new values and heal. Good thing the collective mind has got this. There are always going to be some bad actors, but we have an amazing avenue to success if we level up our perspective and employ our values.

The eclipse is a Tinkerbell moment. Will we clap for life; will we act because we believe and counteract opposing dramas? Or will we shoot ourselves in the collective foot. Midday Friday, the Sadge Moon opposes Venus and the Sun. They all square Mars closely and Neptune generally. The Moon goes on to square Neptune. The open corner is Virgo, nothing there. It holds space for service, for detail, for earthy intelligence and mundane tenderness.

Jupiter is the ruler of the eclipse. In Capricorn there is no shortcut. Jupiter rules the Sagittarius Moon. We need to go big and godlike. Sagittarius is ruled by fire. The Sun and Venus in Gemini feed fire with air but stand apart. Gemini is ruled by Mercury – in watery Cancer, moving into opposition with Jupiter in earth.

Are we going to feed the fire? Is it a fire of good, a light to lead, or are we little gods destroying in a burst of pique and hubris. Mercury is in water to feed growth or extinguish the anguish of the opposite earth on fire. This issue can be mitigated with emotional intelligence, making use of the senses in a very personal way.

But Mercury goes retrograde before it opposes Jupiter (Mercury stations retro in mid-June). It then goes direct with Jupiter retrograde. They oppose at the end of July. That’s a long time to wait for an outside answer, to water dry ground.

Mercury is the storyteller and Jupiter is the story. Jupiter is the beginning, middle and end, and Mercury is each individual chapter. This eclipse is full of wild emotion and inscrutable action. Service will hold us up till we form the brace of the narrative. Be in service.

The full moon eclipse in Sagittarius takes place at 15 degrees. Where does it hit your chart? What are you expecting?



Weekly Forecast: June 1-5, 2020 – Full Moon Eclipse In Sagittarius — 9 Comments

  1. full moon in House 1/7 squared by Neptune/Mars in the fourth. Jupiter in Sag trine/sextile expanding…..yikes!

  2. I am awaiting an answer about grad school that is due to arrive. Falls in my 2nd with my natal Saturn at 20 degrees Sadge opposite Mars (13) Chiron (18) Gemini in 8th.

  3. 11th House Fool Moon (ha!) She will conjunct my natal Venus (which trines my Leo stellium). I’ve been playing with a new form of communication that would bring together a decade of writing. In service to people who are willing to dive into some mojo. I’m hoping to collect an interesting story (Jupiter) for the next generation of Scorpio.
    What you said,”We need a truly unusual plan if we’re going to grow out of this to gain new values and heal.”

  4. Exact conjunction with my natal Saturn in the 5th, that’s where. 4 degree orb of conjunction with my natal Mercury, also in the 5th. An exact opposition to Juno in the 11th. A trine to both Chiron in Aquarius in my 7th plus natal Uranus in Leo in my 1st.
    Yeah, it’ll do something, but what? I guess only a few days from now I’ll know.

  5. Satori, Great Astrology in this forecast! Thanks. With shift to new eclipse signs of Gemini & Sagittarius I am listening & watching carefully to see what this new eclipse series offers both personally & collectively.

  6. I don’t think I understood a lot of that forecast to be honest. Felt like an awful lot of jingle jangle. But perhaps that’s the overall mood?!

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