Weekly Forecast: July 17-21, 2017 – Moving From Feeling To Fun

put it in your pocketWe have lots of close-in action turning this week. Two weeks ago we had hard knocks. Last week we had a creative streak. This week the action is buzzing with movement, understanding, and dynamic breakthrough.

The Sun and Mars move together through the end of Cancer, through square to Uranus and trine with Chiron. Their impending conjunction is news enough.

There’s a wealth of personal drive. The energy is there to get those projects flowing. If you have something timely or seasonal left to start, do it now. Otherwise, you may find you’ve missed the boat and other things will take precedence. Gauge importance by how it would feel if you found yourself at the end of the summer without getting that done. There’s also a tendency to overdo, and we don’t want that either.

Mars squares Uranus and trines Chiron early in the week with the Sun following behind. We’re good to go, but there’s a learning curve. Use your good sense for when to push on through and when to give and go (or stop).

On Thursday, Mars moves from Cancer to Leo. The Sun will follow over the weekend. Get things done around the house and home before then. Finish family obligations early so creative party time can happen later. That’s not to say family won’t be involved in the later bit, just get the un-fun done first.

Early on, Venus in Gemini squares Neptune and trines Jupiter. It carries that energy into a weeklong quincunx to Pluto. We want so much, so many good things. It may be difficult to decide. In fact, we may split our focus in pursuit of dual targets. Go after one and pine after the other. Go after the other and pine for the first. We’re puffed up with desire and lots of twang to send out those rockets.

The unbalanced aspect to Pluto (not a bad thing, just a thing) can be indicative of compulsion. It brings an obsessive flavor into the mix. With Pluto in Capricorn, it may be we’re unwilling to let go of something we’ve already dug into. We’ve got two hands and the tendency to grab with both. This leaves no hands to steer.

Pay attention to what you long for and what you fear to lose. Those conditions are uncomfortable, but they have a great deal to tell us about what will ultimately serve our best fortunes. Venus trine Jupiter is too much sweet excellence to waste. Figure out what is worth keeping and what stands in the way of full enjoyment. And for Venus-sake, lay off the latter.

Mercury is already in Leo and on its way into trine with Saturn and Uranus. Sunny and creative thinking and attitudes even out between the span of past plans and future action. Let the sunshine in and experience this expanse with your senses. It’s summer. Be a summer baby. Feel the warmth of the Sun on your skin and inhale this limited time only experience.

Make time to explore and experiment. This is the only July of 2017 you’ll ever experience. It’s unique, even if it’s also mundane. Consider what you want to have to look back on.

Monday and Tuesday the Moon moves through the whole of Taurus. It sextiles Neptune, forming a yod with Jupiter. You can feel the call of the greater good, and it is divinely satisfying. The Moon trines Pluto, making that Venus-Pluto itch a bit easier to scratch. It also hits the midpoint of the Sun-Mars to Chiron trine, lending the ability to feel if our actions are in tune with our higher plans and personal flow.

Wednesday-Thursday, the Moon pops into Gemini where Venus resides. We have a chance to tune in to the emotional impact of our desire process. Is it fulfilling? It matters. We have to be able to be satisfied with what we choose.

The Gemini Moon hits the midpoint of the Mercury-Uranus trine and opposes Saturn. Feel your ability to strike a balance between what has worked in the past and what expresses our hope for the future. Venus will come to this point when Mercury has moved on, and we will be asked to nail things down. Consider what feels right while you have that clarity and creativity of mind focused in.

Friday we have a Cancer Moon. The Moon moves through the first degrees as the Sun hits the end. The Moon opposes Juno and goes on to trine Neptune and square Jupiter. How do we feel about the claims we’ve staked over time? Are they asserting themselves as we look at other options?

Take stock of the dreams that feel like home, and appreciate the hustle and bustle of family. Nurture grudging feelings of gratitude for even the things that suck at the moment… the lousy parts that are part and parcel with the good stuff. There’s no perfect.

Getting in tune with that feeling prepares us for the coming new moon. It’s a preparation point where we sit on a rock and dig our toes into the cool water to seek calm. Everything looks pretty… in the dark… subtle… before the next day’s beach party.

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Weekly Forecast: July 17-21, 2017 – Moving From Feeling To Fun — 2 Comments

  1. I’m taking over my new apartment tomorrow (Tuesday) and I haven’t been able to visit it before saying yes. On the good days I am relatively optimistic and on the bad days I have been like “Oh sh*it what have I done”… It’s like saying yes to something you’re not even sure about yet.

    So tomorrow is the grand moment of truth for me… Will this apartment be worth it or must I move along as soon as possible whenever I can get a new and better place?
    Especially because it is in a former area with heavy ghetto problems…. Nevertheless it will bring me closer to my job and that is the reason why I am moving in.

    This week my BF is going to a job interview and I have to say that it’s the PERFECT week to do this as well!

  2. “Make time to explore and experiment. This is the only July of 2017 you’ll ever experience. It’s unique, even if it’s also mundane. Consider what you want to have to look back on.” Love the sound of the week from your vantage point. This bit fits so well with our Plan C that came bubbling up from the cauldron. You are SO RIGHT. This is the only July of 2017, ten years ago we were looking at doing what we are looking at doing with different eyes, and different attitude. Thing is though, we did do something that is now a big stepping stone for this July’s experiments.

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