Weekly Forecast: January 30 – February 3, 2023 – Prelude To The Leo Full Moon

emma starWhile the Moon in Gemini and Cancer cranks out a multitude of healthy feels this week, there’s mounting tension in the collective that sets the tone for the coming weekend’s dramatic full moon release.

Venus in Pisces continues in square to Mars in Gemini. What began as titillation now also kicks up frustration. Anticipation is awesome, but only when well metered. Mercury in Capricorn IS well metered, but it’s catching up; and Pisces Venus desires twang with fog or longing. Timing is everything, and all this is part of the narrative. Take the steps that make sense in the meantime. If you can’t scratch an itch, you can distract yourself with imaginative possibilities or secret frosting nibbles.

The Aquarius Sun sextiles Chiron (exact Wednesday) and perfects its square to Uranus Friday night. Where we stand to seamlessly improve our game by capitalizing on lessons from the school of hard knocks, we also bear the jolt of integration: new but solid. It’s still a challenge to the status quo, even when it’s desired.

Monday the Gemini Moon squares Venus, sextiles Jupiter, then goes on to conjoin Mars. It aspects the Sun (trine) and Chiron (sextile) in the night. What serves the larger story of your life? What could bring meaning and zest for living? We experiment with ideas, plans we can try on in our mind, but it’s genuinely difficult to pin down whether or not we’ll “like it” in the long run.

Do a run through in your mind. Wishful thinking doesn’t solve problems, but imagining what would really happen is the best start. Set these possibilities in your mind and let your brain work behind the scenes in dreams.

On Tuesday, the Gemini Moon continues with a building square to Neptune. Take in whatever information comes, however it comes. You don’t have to make it into anything. Allow it to sort itself without trying to force it. Move only as fast as you can see in the fog. But move. If you DO need to move from planning to action, DO it. Have faith that the timing is right if the reasons for action are presently sound.

Wednesday, the Gemini Moon finishes up with a trine to Saturn in Aquarius then moves to self rule in Cancer and an eventual square to Jupiter overnight. What feels right and what works combine with what IS right and fires on all cylinders. The fog lifts and we feel supported in our perception. Keep at it, but know when enough is enough (you’ll feel it in your gut).

Thursday’s Cancer Moon trines Venus and squares Chiron, going on to sextile Uranus. Now we do the comfort test. Is it enough of what we want, enough of what we need? Right there is where we sense what’s ready and what still needs to cook a bit more.

Overnight into Friday, the Cancer Moon opposes Mercury in Capricorn. Add that to the waning sextile to Uranus and we gain the benefit of flashing, sparkling insight. What attitude or perception or prejudice are you stuck on? How to know: What keeps you under control rather than moving toward the light? Yourself? Someone else? Listen to that flash.

Friday morning the Cancer Moon moves from opposition to Mercury to opposition to Pluto. If it offends thee, get rid of it.

Mercury picks up a sextile to Neptune. Use that magic window to dream up a miracle, catch a muse by their tail, or sweeten your recall in ways that help you move on from what imprisons you. Music will inspire you, or you may be inspired to create your own. The world is full of myriad forms of music, from the twinkling of snow crystals to the scrunch of ice underfoot as we walk. Let it spark you.

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