Weekly Forecast: February 27 to March 3, 2017 – Making Bargains, Taking Steps

venus and marsAll week long, Aries Venus moves toward square with Pluto in Capricorn. The orb is close enough for an effect, but it won’t close the gap to exact before going retrograde at 13 degrees on the weekend.

In late May, Venus will hit this same degree direct and oppose retrograde Jupiter in Libra before going on to square Pluto at the very last day. That square takes place at 19 degrees as Pluto stations to go retrograde. SO. Something is brewing. Something that starts out with a deep desire within and results in an adjustment to your fortunes, your story, from the outside. There are walls that must come down in order for your outer fortune and inner desire to balance.

This week there are rumblings of such. And Mars moves from its involvement in the Jupiter-Uranus opposition into trine with Saturn: Sudden actions propel us on a new course, one of work over time. One that pays off down the road. Just keep that in mind if you find yourself stymied in love or money, frustrated. Take those first steps that are experimental and bigger than usual.

Monday the post-eclipse Pisces Moon will quincunx Jupiter then go on to conjoin Chiron and square Saturn. By day’s end, the Moon hits the first few degrees of Aries, the start of the zodiac and a powerful reminder of fresh starts. Keep your chin up and access the optimism that comes with knowing you can balance a jumble of energies to GET SMART and start anew with a clean, active drive. Don’t let emotional inertia grind your gears. Have faith that you’ll feel energized, and that faith helps push past the friction.

Tuesday’s Aries Moon conjoins Venus and squares Pluto (exact early Wednesday). Aries ruler Mars spends the week moving into trine with Saturn in Sagittarius. Slow down a bit and pay attention to your desires and how they make you feel. Take some persistent and consistent steps in that direction and see how things go: lots of little steps or a few BIG hops.

The Sun in Pisces makes its exact conjunction with Neptune, but the conjunction remains active all week. At the same time, Mercury moves up on Neptune and sextiles Juno in Capricorn. We may not know the actual outcome of our plans and dreams, but it’s time to start putting some agreements in place and taking the first step toward a different routine. It’s hard to commit when things seem nebulous, but that’s just how it is for now. When you’re driving in fog, you slow down and pay attention, but you also keep at it knowing eventually the fog will clear.

Wednesday, the Moon moves through the end of Aries, highlighting all the cardinal positions and lighting up the Uranus-Jupiter opposition. It goes on to illuminate the Mars-Saturn trine as well. Make some moves! Pay attention to how those moves feel. Head toward what feels right. Over time, taking the path that feels good will overwrite any feelings of fear.

Thursday, the Moon hits Venus-ruled Taurus. It moves into trine with Juno and sextile to Mercury. It then sextiles the Neptune-Sun conjunction with Venus in Aries on the midpoint of that aspect. By the end of the day, the Moon is in orb of a trine to Pluto. Think about what feels right, what feels intimately satisfying. Relax and allow your heart to absorb what’s happening in your mind and with your concrete agreements. It’s a good day to pamper yourself. Does it seem frivolous? It’s not. It’s the key to a deeper understanding of what’s unfolding and to making better decisions.

Friday the Moon makes its exact trine to Pluto. Enjoy. Feeling disturbed about changes? Take it slowly and let those feelings morph into something more satisfying. The Moon moves into sextile with Chiron and both quincunx Jupiter. With Uranus and Mars between them, look for action to pop. You may be the one active, or it may come at you from outside, from a partner – personal or professional or unknown. There’s something to learn! If it feels uncomfortable, act. Move your body. Taking the tension out physically can help with understanding and bring a glow of satisfaction.

Be sure to put some thought into what you want long term. Have faith and take some first steps! What house covers Aries in your chart? Where are you taking some first steps?

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Weekly Forecast: February 27 to March 3, 2017 – Making Bargains, Taking Steps — 2 Comments

  1. Aries is my eighth. I’m interested in a job I just heard of a few days ago. Data abstractor. So I need to train for that, learn a few different computer programs. I’ve been considering quitting art school because the stress is ungodly. I’ve decided to see it to its conclusion. Thursday I’m entering several pieces in a student competition.

  2. Aries is in my Third House, and my husband’s 7th and 8th Houses. I have folded your perspective into the next steps I take, literally applying astrology into the most recent medicine story I am writing(3rd House of communication). We have a long journey ahead of us as we prepare to move back to my home of origin; and these first steps are shaky, but so very much in the right flow. If we pay attention.

    Love this watery stuff. Faith. Thanks for the fine writing, Satori.

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