Weekly Forecast: December 31 – January 4, 2019 – Happy New Year!

emma seattleMonday is New Year’s Eve, and the action POPS with Mars moving into Aries. Mars rules Aries, and action steps out from behind wet mist into the fiery first degree of the zodiac. The potential for gaining traction is excellent.

New Year’s Eve hosts a Scorpio Moon. That Moon sextiles the Sun and Saturn and goes on to trine Neptune. The Sun builds into sextile with Neptune, exact on Friday. Taken together, the holiday mood is solid and fares best with a bit of imagination and space for magic. Enjoy the order of the day and what works now. Enjoy the rising bubbles gently rather than pinning them down to bursting.

Let a little magic simmer. Don’t be too quick to examine everything for flaws. Mercury moves into square with Chiron and trine to Uranus (exact Thursday night). Don’t rush to judgement on the details that jangle if they’re not a current problem. Don’t get bogged down in minutia. Brainstorm and communicate. Perhaps these details are ripe for rearrangement into something greater, something not yet considered.

Venus spends the week moving closer into trine with Chiron. Mistakes and failures are the building blocks of success. The jangly details can be worked out. Don’t forget that sometimes we get to the place where our jangles and efforts and working on things… it works things out. It pays off. It’s coming. We’re training up and that benefit is coming.

Tuesday, the Scorpio Moon sextiles Pluto, conjoins Venus, and goes on to trine Chiron. Go with your gut. You can feel the power of where this is leading. The Sun conjoins Saturn exactly overnight. Once a year we dig in and set the pace for our personal timeline. It just happens to be the first day of the new year, what auspicious timing!

Early Wednesday, the Sun moves over Saturn and the Moon hops into Sagittarius. The Sadge Moon forms an immediate trine to Mars. The upbeat mood highlights ease in action, fired up. Get stuff done! By the end of the night, the Moon moves into conjunction with Jupiter (exact overnight). Keep your mood centered on moving forward. Point yourself toward the long term goal – like a rocket.

Remember Mario Andretti’s wisdom about looking at the wall – the car goes where your eyes focus. The day is speedy. Keep your eyes ahead on something beneficial. That goes for your mood as well. Get up and move around if you find your mood accelerating in an unwise direction. Shake it up, walk, run, dance!

Thursday, the Sadge Moon moves over Jupiter and into square with Neptune as Mercury makes its aspects to Chiron and Uranus. The Sun is applying closely into sextile with Neptune. It’s tough to be patient with the unknown, the unsprung, the not yet finished. Remember? Don’t burst those bubbles. Wait to see where they’re floating to and what they contain. Let them just be pretty for now, or ugly, or whatever they seem. Be patient with how things seem. They’re in process.

Friday, the Moon moves into conjunction with Mercury and highlights those aspects with Chiron and Uranus. Feel it, stay patient. It’s hard to do! But you can pat yourself on the back over it and that can chuff you up. The Moon moves to Capricorn and into a square with Mars. We feel the gravity of what we need to do to get our needs met. But that’s not a bad thing. We’re gearing up!

Immediately after, while the feeling holds, Mercury also moves to Capricorn and into square with Mars. New ideas take hold, new ideas for action. They will take time to mold into something workable, but start thinking and paying attention. We may think we need to act quickly, but that choice always remains with us. Make the choice and take the perspective that makes core sense, common sense.

Venus will trine Chiron exactly Saturday, water to water. Divine-design transformation is afoot. It’s taking shape this week.

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Weekly Forecast: December 31 – January 4, 2019 – Happy New Year! — 8 Comments

  1. “Be confused, it’s where you begin to learn new things. Be broken, it’s where you begin to heal. Be frustrated, it’s where you start to make more authentic decisions. Be sad, because if we are brave enough we can hear our heart’s wisdom through it. Be whatever you are right now. No more hiding. You are worthy, always.”
    ― S.C. Lourie

    • This quote intrigued me, spoke to the parts of me that are just as described. I found the authoress and leave smiling with … some kinship I’d welcome often. Thanks for the connect and all the rest.

  2. Yes! You’ve captured the mood exactly. Feeling galvanized, a little anxious too, but overall keen to see what the year’s stars bring. Seems like an interesting year in store for all. Happy 2019 Satori and Elsa!

  3. Thank you, heartily, for sharing your talents and wisdom, Satori. You helped me profoundly in 2018. I wish you many blessings in 2019.

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