Weekly Forecast: August 9-13, 2021 – Mercury, Mars, Venus – Earthy Virgo Stellium

We’re in between the two Aquarius full moons and just past the new Leo Moon. Whew! We’re getting there. Do you feel it? Do you feel like you’re on a roll yet?

With Venus and Mars in Virgo, it’s easier now to set your sights on a target and actually have the energy to get there. That doesn’t make it easy for sure. We’re doing things for practical reasons, and there’s a chance to advance in real time. There’s even a chance to create some value or extract some value, or both.

Monday the Leo Moon opposes Jupiter then heads into Virgo to conjoin Mars. Our new moon energy takes the personal out into the world then puts it to use.

Venus completes its opposition to Neptune. While we likely gained perspective under this transit, it also created angst. We can keep the perspective and drop the angst. Venus then heads into trine with Pluto (exact Wednesday) for a boost in personal magnetism. The collective yen for accomplishment, or at least practical advancement, knows just what charm to turn on and when. It’s a powerful attractant. It’s also pleasurable to feel that magnetic attraction.

Tuesday the Moon in Virgo trines Uranus and opposes Neptune. The collective mood is practical and observant, and there’s a lot to observe and desire. You may feel a ping the heart from something you’re in the process of letting go.

Tuesday afternoon brings Mercury into opposition with Jupiter. It sounds like good news to me, or at least loud, proud, and out-there news. It also helps to make sense of this news, these sensual bombardments. Consider what the outside world is saying and what it means to you.

Wednesday, the Moon continues to the end of Virgo with a conjunction to Venus and trine to Pluto. It’s sweet. It’s hot. And it satisfies. Later the Moon moves to Venus-ruled Libra and Mercury moves to Virgo, one of the two signs it rules. Immediately after, Venus trines Pluto exactly.

Those are some smooth moves! It’s a seduction, and Mars in earthy Virgo sits between Mercury and Venus. Speak your heart, but with a Libra Moon – we want reciprocation for it to fully satisfy. As it should be. We deserve that. There’s no need to settle.

Here’s the thing: We deserve good value. We give good value and we deserve it back. Don’t settle.

Thursday morning, the Libra Moon trines Saturn, air to air. This is a good one. Slow down and look for the fast lane. You can zip around when you need to, but otherwise try to look like you’re in control from a perch of leasure. Later the Moon opposes Chiron then goes on to sextile the Leo Sun in the night. Don’t take less than you’re worth.

Friday, the Moon continues in Libra with a square to Pluto and a trine to Jupiter. Control only goes so far, and sometimes you’ve just got to jet out. The evening brings a Moon move to Scorpio and a sextile to early Virgo Mercury (exact overnight). Stay in the game, keep it tight. The right words make all the difference. Be subtle and direct… it’s possible to be both.

How are you feeling after the new moon in Leo? Where did it hit your chart and your life?

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Weekly Forecast: August 9-13, 2021 – Mercury, Mars, Venus – Earthy Virgo Stellium — 6 Comments

  1. Oh dear, I got a ping in my left side. Far below my heart. Uncomfortable, a twinge of pain, so I focused on relaxing that point which usually means releasing some random images from somewhere. I did not expect a so called spirit guide to emerge. Haven’t seen one of those in many many years. His messages make sense to now. Not really being a believer in those mirages as existing apart from my mind, and while helpful and qualifying, research leads me to believe the blooming Queen Anne’s Lace must have spiked pineal gland DMT release. Virgo is mulling this over at the moment, but yet I still ponder this figure’s manifestation.

    • Hello notch! I got a ping of pain in the same place around that time. I’ve been trying to calm it w reiki and meditation and yes releasing negative images and thoughts that are keeping me stuck. Tell me how to understand this…..I intuitively get it but think I need some words too,

      • It is easier than formalized practice I think. I relax and go into the pain. It gets quicker to resolve the more I practiced. We tend to avoid the pain because it is uncomfortable and sometimes scary. Once in it, I can release it. In the beginning I was fascinated with the images and held onto them. But then one day something broke loose and I just let them pour out. After all the idea is to let them go. Where this shit comes from I do not know. But the images are from other places in time.

        This one is hanging on so I don’t know. No pain but he (it) is still with me. I got from him that it is not about me. Relief. It’s not all about me. Like I am supposed to help someone in my life even though I know not who. I thought of it in reference to the upcoming full moon conjunct my midheaven on the cusp of the 10th. The 10th is always about things bigger than me. A lot of work in service of others.

        So I really don’t know but what works for me. I don’t know what you are suffering but like anyone that has discussed this sort of thing with me, if it is chronic it does not hurt to go to a traditional practitioner and get checked out. If I get stuck, I use a chiropractor. Getting aligned works well for me. Funny thing with that is that since I am not tied to an office desk and computer, I don’t have to see him much.

        • Oh if you try this and that tinge of pain moves to another point relax that point. Sometimes I fell asleep before done. ?. I always do it in prone position.

      • Rosie, I awoke thinking about this. It defies words because it is imagery. Like something formulating that has not landed yet. I searched mental imagery and was surprised to find that some are not able to visualize. Any way, images are a great tool to work with.

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