Weekly Forecast: August 19-23, 2019 – Leo Stellium Shifts To Virgo, Venus Conjunct Mars

love is like a butterflyAs the Leo stellium shifts to Virgo this week, it’s good to remember that it’s still summer. Whew! I’m practically elderly and I still get the back-to-school jimmies.

Venus conjoins Juno at the end of Leo on Monday. It’s possible to cash out on some of the projects started last week with Mars crossing over Juno. Or it’s time to invest, possibly a mix and melding of both. With the emphasis in Leo, the currency can be self esteem, creativity, romance, or…?

Quick check: Are you pregnant? (Just kidding.)

Early Wednesday, Leo Mercury quincunxes Saturn, then Venus moves to Virgo. This smacks of accounting. Not bad, not good – just detail scrubbing. It’s time to check in on what you’ve got – also what you want, and what you’re expecting from others in a round-about way.

After that, Mercury closes it trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius. It’s in general effect all week but strongest while applying. Jupiter expands and increases and drives the plot. So expect communications, your thoughts and attitudes, and all things relating to the senses to proliferate and amplify. It’s not a week for boredom, but it is a week to explore your inner world in an active way.

Oh yes, and to broadcast what you find there! Don’t be afraid to risk looking like a fool. It’s been a while since I’ve actually said this, but: no guts, no glory. Sometimes you just have to put yourself out there. Leo shifting to Virgo is great for this. Cleanup on aisle five!

On Thursday, the Leo Sun conjoins Juno and we can more easily commit to a path. Later that day, Mercury perfects its quincunx to Neptune. Don’t try to nail down your dreams with a ham-headed hammer – lightly child, lightly; learn to do everything lightly – as Aldous Huxley said. Let the butterfly land as you plan. Don’t force or squash and the results are stunning.

Find the direction of the flow and get in it.

Early Friday, the Sun hits Virgo with Juno to follow soon after. As the Sun leaves the sign of its own rulership, it enters into mutual reception with Mercury in Leo – each in the sign the other rules. Creative self-locus/focus and mental drive straddle the edge of a new frontier, but they’ve got the goods. This is particularly so with with Venus and Mars in close proximity to each other, gearing up for an exact conjunction on Saturday.

Your personal narrator is shifting this week. Shifting, with an f. Crush the butterfly and you lose the f.

Venus’ applying conjunction to Mars brings interest to action. From the moment Venus joins Mars in Mercury-ruled Virgo, we’ve got a renewed regard for the details and a desire to serve. Serve what? That will depend on how it strikes you personally; but the desire is there and so is the ability to follow through in action.

Virgo is earthy, and the results will be tangible. Invest. I can’t tell you where to invest, but you can certainly look to your own chart for aspects and the house where Virgo falls. Also, it brings pleasure back to the realm of the real. Enjoy your body. Enjoy the summer sun. Organize your assets so that you can marshal them as needed. Mars in Virgo knows what to do with the goods. Put some of those sunny Leo plans into tactical Virgo action.

Also this week, we have Venus and Mars applying into trine with Uranus and quincunx to Chiron. There’s an unknown upgrade in the works. UNKNOWN. It’s unlikely we’ll get wind of the exact nature until it’s already happening. However, we can see it will stretch our current abilities to the max. We’re going to learn, assimilate, and grow. If you want to maximize your benefit, do your accounting – clean up your personal space in the world. That’s both literal and metaphorical.

Take care of what you know needs attention so that you’ll have the ground cleared when the unknown POPS.

Monday and Tuesday we have the Moon in Aries. On Monday it squares Saturn and lights up a fiery grand trine with Mercury and Jupiter. Appreciate the active, upbeat mood, but remember the brakes are on.

Tuesday, the Moon squares Pluto – intense and powerful- but the Moon trines the Sun-Venus-Juno at the end of Leo. Again, good times but possible trouble if you let it overpower you. Be sure to ground the excess for best effect. How to ground? Awareness is often enough.

Overnight into Wednesday, the Moon moves to Taurus and a trine to Mars in Virgo (then Venus hits Virgo). Satisfied. There’s much likelihood of satisfaction in action. The Moon conjoins Uranus. Any mood is possible, but it looks delightful.

Wednesday night into Thursday, the Taurus Moon trines Saturn and quincunxes Jupiter. It settle the tummy without slowing the ride.

Thursday’s Taurus Moon sextiles Neptune then goes on to square Mercury, closing a circuit with the quincunx of Mercury to Neptune. Follow the mood, the flow; let the butterfly land. The details jangle, but they’re magic.

The Moon trines Pluto then conjoins Vesta. Deep and dark goes well with the best of the status quo. Enjoy. It’s dirty meets divine, and batteries are included.

Friday morning, the Moon cruises through the end of Taurus; see if you can make it last. Once in Gemini, the mood is jammed as the pace picks up with squares from the Moon to the Virgo placements. It’s not boring! The Gemini Moon sextiles Chiron with Uranus on their midpoint. Get up to speed and you can not only catch up, but hit the ground running and WIN. Gemini is an instant expert. At everything! (Just ask them.)

Where is Virgo in your chart? What house and what planets?

I’m very excited about Lizzo and Tool this week, but Dolly is also metal: Love is like a butterfly. (click me)

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Weekly Forecast: August 19-23, 2019 – Leo Stellium Shifts To Virgo, Venus Conjunct Mars — 11 Comments

  1. BF is going on a business trip to Austin, TEX this week. I think he will have a great time!

    I’m going to apply for a job because I don’t like her anymore. My boss, that is. Venus star point last week made our differences quite clear, so it’s time for me to get up and go. Virgo season in the 7th to the rescue!

  2. Another great post, Satori! Thank you.

    The NM will be conjunct my Pluto, Vertex, and Pallas Athene in my Leo/Virgo 7H. Looks like I’ll be experiencing some strategically deep and penetrating actions with some type of partner.

  3. Thanks! I love that song so much because it’s the theme song to a brit show I watched in the 90s on PBS. It was just me and my toddler and Butterflies and Star Trek. It’s a comfort show/song to me.

  4. Lizzo and Tool! Haha. Nice that I’m not the only one who’d go to see both (and I have). And yes, Dolly is metal. Nice taste.

    Virgo is in my 4th and 5th, no planets. I have Juno there, in my 4th…should probably take time to understand it more since it’s brought up a lot here. I’m about to have to do some creative reorganizing of my home.

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