Weekly Forecast: August 1-5, 2022 – Mercury Into Virgo!

tutu swordsTruth is stranger than fiction. If you’re writing a story, you have to make what happens reasonably believable. Not so in life!

This current Leo tale we’re traversing has some solid quirks. In an Aries tale, the first three Moon signs would be a solid ramble, ramping up over time. With Leo, we jump into the thick of it! This Leo stretch has more drama and action, but the writing (omigod, who planned this series??) only gets clearer, more precise, and loops in an amazing amount of logic in this particular period.

The season is weird, but the Leo episodes’ story-runner is chef’s kiss. We started out with a Leo Mercury and we switch out to Virgo early Thursday. Load up the creative moxie and spin the hell out of it… till it makes total sense (even when it doesn’t?). We may eventually find out WHY. Major clues are stitched in.

Monday morning through Tuesday night (peaking Monday night), Leo Mercury is the point of a yod, quincunxing Neptune and Pluto. Look for a plot twist; expect it to be both powerful and elegant – a profound mind shift. You can’t unsee (hear, read, sense, taste, smell) this. A literal (literary?) plot twist that sends the story into another dimension and tunes up the intensity.

Tuesday morning, Venus in Cancer sextiles Uranus in Taurus; nighttime brings the exact Venus-Mars sextile. A change of intention or motivation follows a change of attitude and understanding. We see it, we want it, we grab it. And it’s not the same thing you had your heart set on most recently (most likely, who knows… it’s both a mystery AND a surprise/shock).

Cancer Venus follows the heart and mood. And it does swerve into a trine to Neptune. Water wins, but it is also ineffable.

Wednesday, Mars trine Pluto starts heating up in earth signs. Venus heading into that trine to Neptune also begins to oppose Pluto. What we grabbed felt small and personal at the time, but it is of much greater significance than we could have known. It connects us to something broader, deeper, more powerful than ever. But our protection moves to match this. It IS the ideal. It’s a good thing.

Early Thursday morning, Mercury moves to Virgo – its own rulership. It’s good to think clearly, plan adeptly, communicate like it matters. Because it does. The stakes are intense, but Virgo Mercury is up to it. Virgo thought is kind, because kindness makes the best sort of sense. Meaning matters, because everything matters. Expect to have this energy on your team, enhancing your ability to make sense of all this (gestures widely) bullshit.

Friday brings Mercury into exact opposition to Vesta in Pisces. Take notes, now begins the download of your divine… duties? It’s better than that. There is desire and devotion and a compelled mind. It scratches a motivational itch.

Monday the Moon moves through Virgo, aspecting Juno, Neptune, and Pluto, and setting the tone for this sacred story. Tuesday and Wednesday, the Libra Moon accesses purpose and structure and takes umbrage with the dirty underside of desire and pestilence. Stay frosty and “nice” unless you can be downright warm and welcoming… which you may! You don’t need to accept the unacceptable. Not now. Right now you have leverage brewing. Stall if you have to.

Thursday and Friday, the Scorpio Moon mood intensifies under a complementary collective attitude. If you’re going to shake a spear at something, it works best when you’re organized and trained and show up. Formidable! As the Moon turns the corner with a square to the Sun, we also see it pull in all the major players for temperature taking. Now is a good time to size up both your challenges and your resources. Things may have changed since the last time you looked, and that feeling of knowing is unmatched.

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