Weekly Forecast: April 16-20, 2018 – You Can Stop Shooting Yourself In The Foot Now

emmaAries Mercury is direct and heading back into square with Capricorn Saturn. Saturn stations retrograde on Tuesday. There are some communications that are long overdue, some consequences that really must be communicated. It’s not easy, but it’s fairly simple.

At the same time, we have Venus in Taurus opposing Jupiter then trining Pluto. Between those exact aspects, we have Chiron leaving Pisces for Aries, moving onto the Aries point. The Aries point is the first degree of the zodiac, a reset point, where we begin anew. Chiron directs our attentions to a profoundly personal wound, where we operate from a wounded place. That’s all Tuesday morning. WOW.

Wednesday the Aries Sun passes over Uranus and into the first degree of Taurus. In another month, Uranus will follow.

It’s a challenge to figure things out, but not in a rush. It can seem as though the gears are grinding and answers are tested and found lacking. It’s a bunch of square pegs and round holes. The answers that make sense don’t make the process easier. The jumble, however, can be sorted in the course of time.

SO, slow it down and take it one reasonable increment at a time. Have faith in the process and trust in fate bringing a desired outcome. Use what control you have to stay on the simplest course. You’re not desperate. Fate DOES have your back. Keep steering, but do it with a light hand. Relax. Keep your eyes on what you desire, not on the wall.

Venus-Jupiter and Venus-Pluto bring out desire like mad. But this isn’t the time to make mad grabs and take chances. The smart move is betting on the long game. Don’t blow it with rash action when it’s already lining up naturally over time.

Chiron in Aries will bring lessons around action. So let’s not head in swinging. Stay loose and bouncy and take the lay of the land before landing any blows.

The Taurus Sun from Thursday on will help there. It moves the focus from action to acquisition. Acquire some power through leveraging your long game. Prior to this, the Aries Sun conjunction to Uranus can seem like a jolt to action, shocking provocation – now now now. Don’t be goaded. You’re the boss of you. Instead, pay attention to what compels you. What is it in the goading that feels like an ego need? It can seem so important in the short term, but consider that the influence may be fleeting, waning. The flash of inspiration is what you’ll want to identify and fold in.

Monday through early Wednesday, the Moon passes through Venus-ruled Taurus. The mood is stabilizing and enriching. Listen to how you feel. It’s easier to put your weight on the back leg and take your time.

Wednesday through Friday morning, the Gemini Moon mood brings enough variety to keep things interesting as that urge to shoot yourself in the foot tapers off. However, Thursday’s brief square to Neptune can be a bit disorienting. This clears as the Moon moves onto the point of yod energy from Jupiter and Pluto, stabilized by Venus. Have faith; you still have your hands on the wheel.

Friday the Moon moves to Cancer, its own sign. It squares Chiron then Mercury, then opposes Saturn. Feel it all, but consider zipping your lip. Again, take some time to consider before communicating. But do take note of what feels pressing. Take a long, hard look at what you’re feeling. Feel well into what you’re thinking. The rough edges are the best for squeezing out the rarest details. But share those details wisely, or wait.

Listen to what others have to say. Regardless of face value, you can still make use of the details given. There’s no good news or bad news, only news you can use and news you can’t. Look for the gems in the dross. Don’t let it skew your mood; be crafty.

What’s happening in the early degrees in your chart? Do Chiron and the Sun set off natal points for you?

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Weekly Forecast: April 16-20, 2018 – You Can Stop Shooting Yourself In The Foot Now — 10 Comments

  1. Thank you Satori for encouraging the long view. “The rough edges are the best for squeezing out the rarest details. But share those details wisely, or wait.” This bit is like adding the nutmeg at just the right time in the secret recipe.

  2. ”There are some communications that are long overdue, some consequences that really must be communicated. It’s not easy, but it’s fairly simple. ‘” YES, thank you!

  3. Well I guess this is as good as my friend base gets
    So, I have been invited to a sister island from a dude I texted with 1/2 dozens times since October he seems modest working looking for a woman’s company, also a world sailor my age I find handsome interesting and he has been texting Me ?
    I am thinking to fly it’s 150$ I am nervous,
    Anxious,interested ,I can cancel
    Bought 20$ flight insurance
    It’s like wondering about to lottery
    Need to buy a ticket?
    I think I can get there if it’s uncomfortable I could hope a boat
    Bus and boat again as flights go in Friday fly out Sunday
    Ooh I am so not knowing what to do
    I am coming up to 5 year divorce anniversary dated 4 times 3 ok
    1 a nite mare ultimately no keepers guess I don’t
    Think I have any luck but tonite I hold a refundable ticket!?
    What to do:what I read is look bite tongue use senses
    I don’t have anything I need to ask or tell so window shop? Dance?
    Drink coffee?ok just Sunday
    Still need to knock off work week
    Ok nervous still didn’t tell him I bought a ticket

  4. There is timing and then there is timing…

    I have been texting with a man on Tinder for almost 2 weeks now. And yesterday we finally got to talk about a first meeting, and then I just somehow feel like I blew it all up yesterday evening when we communicated.

    Today I texted him and said I had wanted to ask him straight out if he wanted to go on a hike with me in the near future, and finally expressed my feelings: that I had been scared sh*tless of being rejected, even if I had wanted to ask him SO bad.
    Instead of asking him out, I told him I FELT LIKE I HAD PUT MY FOOT IN MY MOUTH INSTEAD yesterday.

    This text was sent one hour ago. And then I read this. Some communications and messages are long overdue. I it was one of those messages of this week. I feel so relieved! I guess this could be the Saturn effect, yes?

    I have yet to recieve his answer… But I hope it’s positive! This man has made me forgo any swiping on my part for the past week or more. I am so into that guy, even on text. But Mercury Rx has made me wait also, since so many things could go awry in the communications department. I feel like there is something to be gained by doing now – the wish has been in my heart in week or more… And if not, I am just damn proud of myself for finally having the courage to ask a man out, in the age of 35…. My goodness! About bluidy time, woman! You didn’t die from it, now did you?!

  5. Chiron sets off my Moon/Jupiter conjunction in Leo at 1 degree and is conjunct my progressed Sun which has just entered Aries. Still in 12th house though, it will take a while to reach my Asc at 11 degrees.

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