Weekend Love Forecast – “Where Are Your Doughnuts??”

Em and ZachMy friend Rachel had a new apartment, so we headed over the mountains on a trek to Ikea. It was a day trip and I was just along for the ride. We had an agreement that we’d stop for coffee and doughnuts at Krispy Kreme, because there isn’t one on our side of the mountains… and it’s my Mecca.

We’d been in the car for hours having a great drive when we pulled up to the drive thru. I told her, “I’m need a dozen for me… you know, some to take home…or whatever… and a coffee. You order your coffee and doughnuts and I’m paying, cos you’re driving.” I told her my order then mentally checked out, looking at the scenery. We pulled around, and I took possession of my box of doughnuts and a big coffee. She put her coffee in the cupholder and started to drive away. I said, “WAIT!” She screeched to a halt, put the car in park, and looked at me, worried.

There I was, clutching my huge pastry box, eyes big… “Where are YOUR doughnuts??” She started laughing like it was the funniest thing she’d ever hearrd. She still says it was.

I was perfectly willing to buy her any amount of doughnuts she wanted, but those were MINE. It turns out she doesn’t like doughnuts. This is probably why we can maintain such an amicable friendship. Later she had to pull over on the highway to let me out on the side of the road. I was laughing so hard my abs seized up (yes, I have abs).

So this weekend there’s a turning point in the action of relationships and who gives what… and what is expected. Friday night, Mars hits the last degree of Virgo. Saturday night, the Sun hits the last degree of Libra. Overnight, Saturday to Sunday, the Moon hits the last degree of Scorpio – and they all three align at 29.

Sunday morning the Moon slips into Sagittarius, then a few hours later Mars hits the first degree of Libra. That’s Mars opposite the Aries point, a solstice point. When Mars hits a solstice point, it is a time of action on the affairs that sign represents. In this case it’s Libra – relationships and the other, actions coming back to us from outside.

Mars spent the last six weeks in Virgo, slogging it out in service and maintaining all the daily details. We’ve been keeping things running, cleaning up our own mess and that of others. We’ve been doing what it takes to keep it all on the rails. Before that was summer and Mars in Leo. We were tending to the drama of eclipse season and creating solutions while the world burned.

Before that was Mars in Cancer. Mars squared the Aries point from Cancer in early June. Home and family were the focus of action. From June till now, we labored for both ourselves and others, keeping things going from our end. It was OUR labor, where others were involved.

Now as Mars opposes the Aries point, going into Libra for the first time in nearly two years (November of 2015), we’re looking for some payback, some balance. “Where are YOUR doughnuts??”

Regardless of the amount or quality of work people have done, we arrive at the point where we expect things to right themselves. We strive to achieve balance between ourselves and others. One person is only willing to carry more than their share for so long. We’ve all been in service, depending on what that means to each of us as an individual. With Venus in Libra when Mars arrives on the Aries point, there’s bound to be an expectation of fairness.

We will all notice where we’re looking for someone to do their share. Also consider the point where someone else may expect the same of you. Even emotional work is work. It’s not just muscle motion.

Mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio show where we’ve been keeping track in the background. Assets have co-mingled, but we all know who owes what. What is owed is not necessarily tangible. We owe attention, presence, loyalty, participation in a shared dream. It’s time to balance the books with action.

Pony up. And don’t assume everyone is after your goodies. There’s a tendency for that as well. Guess what, they’re probably not.

We’ve got our box of doughnuts. We don’t mind sharing, but we also want what’s ours. It must be fair. Fair is not 50-50. It’s not that obvious. Fairness reflects agreement. Agreements must be forged. That’s where the focus is moving.

What are your weekend plans? Where is Mars transiting your chart? Do things feel fair?

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Weekend Love Forecast – “Where Are Your Doughnuts??” — 8 Comments

  1. This one had me laughing, again. I remember your doughnuts to Ikea trek. This time the implications of astrology are really making me think about who is to pony up and how. A great way to put a deep opportunity for balancing the books!! P.S. We are being promised a doughnut shop (for the first time) in our town, I relate to the Mecca quality:)

  2. “Mars spent the last six weeks in Virgo, slogging it out in service and maintaining all the daily details. We’ve been keeping things running, cleaning up our own mess and that of others. We’ve been doing what it takes to keep it all on the rails.”- That’s interesting timing since my Virgo guy will be getting chemo and radiation and will only start to recover around six weeks from now. Having a loved one sick is like having another full time job. That said, I do want my doughnuts. We’ve been together for six years, it’s time he put my on medical and dental since the job market in this town HE brought me to is shit and I haven’t been able to get the kind of job that has these on my own.

  3. Tr Mars has ingressed my Libra 8H. I am in the process of selling my current house and just purchased a resale home. Yes, I am knee-deep in all things 8H related! My Libra Sun trines my natal 4H Gemini Mars – I enjoy all this work. But I am starting to put the pressure on my realtor to step up her game and get my house sold sooner vs. later!

  4. Mars has been opposite my Saturn/Chiron and I have been frustrated and PISSED. My weekend plans have included planting bulbs for Spring and gathering information for a plan for the rest of my life.

  5. Yes I expect some emotional work and recognition, and yes I expect people to be able to see what I did for them. The 8H moon Libra in me is royally PISSED these days about people’s egocentric and emotional cheap way of being and feeling amd actions.

    It’s all Me-Me-Me! When in reality you didn’t do SQUAT to deserve all what you got.
    But in reality this shouldn’t bother me as it’s their own issues and have nothing to do with me… Why does it still linger then? Why does it bothet me that I didn’t receive enough love?
    I’ll tell you why: 4 planets in Scorpio, 3 in 8h house. A Saturn-Pluto conjunction at that aneretic 29th degree that makes it SO HARD not to be judgemental.

    Still, I have hopes for the future for ME, that I will at least, at some time, forgive and forget. But with my moon square Mars natally? I wouldn’t count on it. With my Mars in Cap it takes TIME…

    Just remember kids: Libra may be the sign of relationships but it’s also the sign of passive aggressive behavior and grudges…. Consider how we can use our Scorpio mercury to penetrate to the core of the matter, talk it out, forgive (Chiron in Pisces) and rebalance things with kind actions (Mars Libra) ….

  6. Woke up way too early Sunday morning, crying, and turned on my computer. Thank you so much for this post! You put my feelings into words. This year has been full of injustice. Hope Jupiter about to conjoin my sun in the 1st (on my birthday yet) doesn’t just mean weight gain! I also don’t like doughnuts!

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