Weekend Love Forecast – What Is Possible?

saturnHyperbolic inspo is useful for motivation and for expanding our scope on life. Anything is possible! That is invigorating, but it’s not wholly TRUE. There’s an undefined field we’re trying to hit that’s somewhere between “anything’s possible” and “nothing’s perfect”. So how do you define that field and hit that (wobbly wobbly) spot somewhere?

I don’t know. But I do know that the sky is suggesting we’ve currently got the tools.

Retro Mercury in Libra moves back into exact opposition to retro Jupiter in Aries, exact on Sunday. This isn’t their first rodeo, nor will it be their last. It brings old themes back up, pitting previously pursued topics against life’s simplest but stoutest modes of operation. What are you doing about that personal life philosophy, my friend? Give it another look! Brush off the mental dust and balance it with some looks at (and re-evaluations of) how you’re really living.

If you’re doing your share helping others, are you doing enough improvement on yourself? If you’re understanding your own place in time, where are you in your relationships? In your balance of personal life with your place in the lives of others?

Also, big news comes back around. It’s a chance to change things for the better, to skirt by some itty bitty rules by the skin of your teeth and figure out how things work. Then try THAT out. Remember, it’s not a moment in time; it’s a series of moments that play off each other. So spend some time talking it out so you can hear what you sound like. Say it LOUD, even if you’re worried about what that says about you. You need feedback, but you also need to hear yourself outside your own head.

It’s a chance to get another, more dynamic grip on relationship dynamics as well. Relationships deepen and trust expands and balances when the stakes are real, when there’s a real issue to address. Even if that issue is not in the realm of the relationship itself. People understand their value to you when you employ THEIR help. You value THEM, for their mind, their ability to expand your comprehension. That is galvanizing for the relationship.

Friday night, the late degree, Mercury-ruled Virgo Sun opposes Neptune. It then goes on to trine Pluto, exact Sunday night. The very center of the path of purpose recedes from confusion and fog (the fog remains, but we move on) into transformative power through process and planning. Mars in Mercury-ruled Gemini trines Saturn; so whatever foundations were crushed and dragged out, we’ve got multiple paths to building anew over time: smarter, tougher, but more timely, appropriate, and resilient.

The power is in walking through and with the unfinished details into a cohesive life, and walking in our own power. It also reflects our ability to act over time, even if we take more than one approach to completion.

Venus is past its square to Mars and now heads into trine with Uranus. Where we were stymied in getting our desires made into reality, now that daily friction ends and brand new projects can be innovated, repurposed from their original, mundane mission. They’re not recycled, they’re high art! And they’re valuable. The difference is the value is not just higher but the highest. AND, when you build them now (over the next few weeks), they last.

Friday night, the Gemini Moon conjoins Mars and squares Venus. It goes on to sextile Chiron in Aries. Let your irritation go, let your struggle to move and make life light go. It’s not without value, because it served a purpose. But now it’s time to move on and kick up your heels at something else! It feels good to jump up after being down. It also feels good to learn that sometimes things don’t work out till they do, and that it couldn’t or shouldn’t have worked any other way. Dance the dance, drink the wine. At the very least, wipe the blood off your sword and pick up a lute. You’re good if you think you are.

Saturday night, the Gemini Moon squares the Sun, a t-square with Neptune. Break out of that invisible rut. There’s more than one way to feel about all this ::gestures widely::. It’s always possible to find the light in your heart, even when it’s not evident around you. Connection is certainly one of the best ways. Share that light, and someone is more motivated to share theirs with you. Lean away from drunken dramas; lean in to performative silliness and learning about each other.

Sunday morning, the Moon returns to its own sign, Cancer. It heads into a t-square with Jupiter and Mercury and their nearly exact opposition. All these squares and oppositions this weekend, all these moments of friction, internally and with the other. Why would that ever be helpful, a tool to success? This mood fills in the blanks. Like a sea, like a womb.

That round, soft, strong, psychic, enveloping cradle of satisfaction and life itself shows us where to kiss the booboo. Where to kiss the booboo to change our attitude on EVERYTHING. It’s a true sort of mental/physical healing as Mars sextiles Chiron. And while it’s not exactly pleasure in the way we usually experience pleasure, this mood fosters a gut level experience of satisfaction that changes everything.

If you do the work (Mars trine Saturn again) and rethink the attitude (retro Mercury and Jupiter).

Do you have any weekend plans?

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Weekend Love Forecast – What Is Possible? — 2 Comments

  1. Love this! I’m participating in a live (via Zoom) “gathering of the creatives” to stimulate creativity and inspiration for personal artistic projects! I plan to “do the work” and “rethink the attitude” about my ability to be a creative artist FOR REAL. Perfect timing!

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