Weekend Love Forecast – Vital, Deep, Delicious: Getting Somewhere, Even In The Fog

venus marsWe go into Friday night with Venus newly arrived in delicious Scorpio. Venus joins the Moon in Scorpio with the Moon going on to oppose Uranus overnight.

Venus heads into square with Saturn in Aquarius (exact next Friday) which in general introduces or reflects barriers to desire. However, the Virgo Sun in active trine to Scorpio-ruler Pluto provides smart power to the flow.

There’s challenge here, resistance or impediment. But challenges can be overcome with clever craft and effort and innovative solutions. Venus-Saturn energy also brings rewards to those who persevere past obstacles.

That said, it also rewards those who are plan well as opposed to using brute force or crass manipulation.

Friday night as the Moon approaches opposition to Uranus, the mood favors riding low in the water, using the power of ballast to respond to outside influence. Find your power deep within and the excitement is delicious, arousing the appetite.

The Sun also moves into opposition with Neptune all weekend, exact on Monday. Recently we’ve fielded Moon, Mercury, and Mars opposite Neptune and things have been unclear, muddled, or confusing. Mistakes have been made and actions misinterpreted. But this also means we’re clearing the decks and wiping the glass clean soon. This opposition causes us to seek clarity, and that in the end provides clarity… because we’ve gone through all the other options!

Saturday night, the Scorpio Moon squares Jupiter, sextiles ruler Pluto, and sextiles Mars. That sounds like the recipe to a rip-roaring good time. Or a precarious rocket-fueled invitation to hangover and regret. But probably fun, particularly given the Virgo Sun weighing in. Stay hydrated.

We’re currently in the shadow of Mercury’s upcoming retrograde, so we’ll get a chance to rehash a lot of the details in the coming weeks. That sounds annoying, and it undoubtedly will be. However, it also builds in strength and lasting value to the final product. We’ve build a lot of character recently, what’s a little more?

On Sunday, the Moon hits Sagittarius – ruled by Jupiter. It’s a vital mood for movement and socializing, in-person life or virtually. With Aquarius Jupiter there’s an electric charge that always brings extra lust for life, perhaps even a daredevil streak or a wry smile. Or a stupendously strange and off-putting hat or lack of pants. By midday, the Moon sextiles Saturn, prolonging that spark – perhaps even stabilizing it for tangible use.

Nighttime brings the Sadge Moon into trine with Chiron, a mood for learning. The real point of learning is in preparation to USE our knowledge. Look for the obvious option to act out a learning/teaching opportunity. It feels good, life-affirming. If you don’t naturally feel it, go looking for it.

What are your weekend plans?



Weekend Love Forecast – Vital, Deep, Delicious: Getting Somewhere, Even In The Fog — 2 Comments

  1. “Stay hydrated.” We two water signs have a wedding anniversary today. It started to get rainy here. Sounds like the buildup to applying what we know about how to float; like in an ark we build (with help). xo

  2. So far, made a big mess in the kitchen. Good food but big mess. Procrastinating about cleanup I have been on the phone catching up. Got a call, ‘are you watching the 911 ceremony? Theyare still reading off all the names of the dead.’ ‘No, I am cooking and making a mess.’ Another call, ‘i am formulating a project about what happens at death. Why don’t’you come out here and help with costuming concept?’ Another call, ‘Death At A Funeral (one of my favorite movies) is on tv. Are you watching?’ Death death death. Must be Scorpionic. thingy? And I am not in the mood to deal with this mess so I am going outside to shake off death. Float around with mower. Put some stuff in the dirt.

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