Weekend Love Forecast – Venus-ruled Libra Moon

Cookies and Cream The Moon spends most of the weekend in Venus-ruled ruled Libra, cardinal and airy. By the time it hits Scorpio on Sunday night, the mood has moved through all the challenges and invitations necessary to find and improve on our balance.

The Jupiter-ruled Sadge Sun squares end-of-Pisces Jupiter all weekend as well. Retro Gemini Mars heads into sextile with retro Chiron in Aries (Mars-ruled) as Venus quincuxes Mars and squares Chiron. Pushed into change, prodded into growth, we want it, but it doesn’t feel exactly pleasurable. The challenge is to want what comes after long enough to endure the short term stretching of reality into what we deem “pleasurable and wanted”. Acquired taste? Or perhaps worth the results of the stretch.

The challenge there is to keep hitting pause and changing it up till it works well enough to continue. Because you CAN tell it’s working, and you DO experience invigorating improvement when you follow through.

Mercury in Capricorn trines Uranus in Taurus (Venus-ruled), so keep listening and investigating all the sensual input you can. It forms the bedrock of absolutely spot-on inferences, opinions, and judgements IF you’re being truly scientific in your approach. Bias has no proper place in forming these amazing insights.

“These doughnuts may be the pinnacle result of all pastry technology! But I’ll need another box to be absolutely certain.”

Friday night the Libra Moon heads into square with Venus, creating balance in Venus’ aspects to Mars and Chiron. It creates balance, but it’s not easy to get your needs met AND have things go exactly your way. It’s a journey; learn as you go and you can sweeten the experience. In hindsight you’re likely to find you had a lot more fun than you thought you did at the time.

In any case, remember YOU are still in charge of you. No one gets to take away your choices or treat you as anything less than the magnificent creature you are. You’re making memories that will serve you later in beneficial ways. Your dignity is non-negotiable.

Saturday night the Libra Moon squares Mercury and quincunxes Uranus. It goes on to trine Saturn overnight. Slow down and let your words simmer a bit before they fly off your tongue. Even better, discuss the situation and avail yourself of all the options before laying any claims to a definite choice of your own. That’s the smart choice.

You don’t have to listen to anyone. But what if they give you a better idea, or the seed of a better idea?

Sunday morning’s Libra Moon finishes up the trine to Saturn. It goes on the sextile the Sun, square Pluto, and quincunx Jupiter. The mood fits the mode of the day to a T. You showed up at just the right time to join in on the fun. That’s not to say “no drama”, just that the drama feels really good. Or you’re at a plot point where encountering a bit of grouchiness or pushback doesn’t seem as daunting as it otherwise might. It can fuel your growth and set you in the right direction.

Do you have any weekend plans? How are you feeling about partnership under this Libra Moon?


Weekend Love Forecast – Venus-ruled Libra Moon — 2 Comments

  1. Reunion and new connection happened though we were a few minutes (what’s a few minutes in cosmic time?)
    The input and insights exactly like … can I have me another doughnut (gluten free) with tea please just to be sure!😋
    A big safety-pin moment and liberation
    Thanks for this Satori 😘

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