Weekend Love Forecast – Venus-Neptune, Mercury-Sun: Move Through Longing To Playful Bliss

halloween hammerFriday night, the Leo Moon forms a quincunx to Jupiter, a solid boost to the shiny, creative mood. If it’s a bit self-centered, GOOD. Centering in the self activates the approaching conjunction of Mercury to the Sun in Venus-ruled Taurus. The senses are primed for pleasure.

Gemini Venus continues in trine to Aquarius Mars as Venus also squares Neptune (exact Sunday night). It’s easy to generate fun and satisfying ideas to act out, that is if you don’t go down the rabbit hole longing for something that’s not on the menu. Make moves that benefit yourself and others and backburner desires that conflict with your own (and others’) best interests. With Venus in Gemini, there’s ALWAYS another wish to pursue. Find one that makes sense. It’s not lesser, just other. These influences intensify as the weekend goes on.

Also, there’s no boredom this weekend unless you choose it yourself. The mind can be a lush playground. Histrionics about boredom are entertaining. Be conscious about what you’re choosing.

Saturday, retrograde Libra Juno makes its exact opposition to Chiron in Aries. The bounds of relationship continue to be of issue, but growth hinges on learning to put possessiveness aside and be real with each other.

Saturday night, the Moon in Virgo is Mercury ruled and trines both Mercury and the Sun. The possibilities for connection and communication are heightened along with pleasant sensory potential. The Moon moves into orb of a t-square with the Venus-Neptune square, so beware of a propensity to long for what’s missing while overlooking the bounty that’s present.

Mars is the obvious choice for breaking out of that bind. Move your body, do a thing. Virgo enjoys ticking off boxes and finishing up details. It’s also a good mood for doing for others. Venus-Neptune with the Moon is also ideal for vibing to music.

That t-square finishes up on Sunday morning. If you get the mood managed, it can be deliciously sweet in its own quirky way.

The Moon spends the day moving into and through trine with Pluto then Jupiter. Venus-Neptune perfects Sunday night. If you get that longing to shoot yourself in the foot licked, it’s a strong, sensual, upbeat day for tangible delights.

Pallas Athene now in Aquarius slowly moves into conjunction with Saturn. The collective is getting a handle on all these restrictions and constrictions. The more we do the right thing, the better off we’ll be. Patterns are where it’s at to determine “the right thing”.

What are your weekend plans?



Weekend Love Forecast – Venus-Neptune, Mercury-Sun: Move Through Longing To Playful Bliss — 24 Comments

    • Those are the best kinds of plans! I hate when someone asks me what my plans are and I have to think of something. I plan to keep passing the open windows!

    • Thank you! I get into a certain headspace to write and it always leaves me feeling better about life. So at least twice a week I get a break from my own grizzling over minutia.

      • For some reason I read this as grizzling over granita.. I can picture you drinking a granita

        But somehow this comment is inspiring idk

  1. * Rest and recuperate.

    * Make pickled eggs and two different soups for the week ahead.

    * Get my car ready to have its seasonal change of tires done next week.

    * More rest and recuperate in preparation for yet another week on the frontline.

      • One will be spinach, potatoes, onions, corn…

        The other will butternut squash, carrots, onions, sweet peppers (red & yellow)…

        Something like that… no recipes, I always improvise 🙂

          • Hehehe. I told a friend today (who forgot the pickles after a chaotic supermarket trip) pickles were going onto my Sawyer (our shopper guy!) List. Because something bout the crunch, the salt and the snap goes so well with virus. I know, I know … too weird, but true:)
            AND YUMMMY, Tango. The Riffing Recipe Thang, I love it!!

  2. Bought a citronella plant to see if it will keep mosquitos away from the pool this summer.
    Also bought a bigger pot for my sage seedling so it can stretch out finally.
    Got a spray bottle. I plan to make my own insect spray by diluting some Sal-Suds cleaner I already had on hand. (It should be safe for plants.) The zucchinis will be my guinea pigs. ?
    If I have the energy this weekend, I’ll take the car out to vacuum it and wipe it down. It’s getting an overdue oil change next week, and is due for a tuneup and some work.

  3. Will work on relaxation and acquiring more inner peace. Looking forward to just doing the simple things; lavender oil bath with candles and soothing music, more home organisation and cleaning. If we get a break from the rain I will step outside and plan where my veggie patch will be.

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