Weekend Love Forecast – Venus In Libra!

handsOne great thing to remember this weekend is that what someone else does and says is not about you. With Mars opposing Chiron and Mercury in opposition to Uranus, there’s an emphasis on outside words and deeds.

With Virgo Mars and Pisces Chiron, actions can trigger subconscious insecurities. Actions can come across as critical in such a way as to make others feel small. Awareness can help us catch ourselves on either side of the equation. Validation and logic are the way out. “This is not about me, even if it seems to be about me. Now why is this so triggering to me… because THAT is not about them!”

Mercury in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries ties into the Mars-Chiron thang as well as the movement of Venus from Virgo to Libra early Saturday morning. First off, Virgo Venus (in broad strokes) is critical while Libra Venus tends to seek validation. The flip of that switch can be confusing. Venus’ sign ruler flips from Mercury to itself. It also moves into semi-sextile with Jupiter in Scorpio. Its sex appeal may enter the equation. Or its shadow desire.

What we perceive as coming from others can have a shocking effect on how we value ourselves. Even so, what really matters is how we perceive it. Listen, think, conceive… but never give away your agency. Improve how you take in outside information. Consider the source. Is the kernel of truth that originates in the other OF VALUE to YOU? You are the perceiver. You are the evaluater. Receive, perceive, evaluate. Make the truth yours before you internalize it as a value.

Friday night Venus in Virgo is in mutual reception with Mercury in Libra. They refer to each other. From Saturday on, Mercury is ruled by Venus in Libra… which is in hot aspect to Jupiter. Don’t be so quick to flip on your perception. Balance the push to change with much evaluation.

With the Moon in Leo Friday and Saturday, ask yourself – how does this make me feel? What makes you feel vital is where you will want to go. If something feels as though it makes you smaller, less vital, alter your steering. Let it all sink in without rushing to judgement. What feels validating is the right direction.

Sunday morning, the Moon moves to Virgo and the rulership of Mercury. It’s a mood to evaluate and get clear. Weigh the mood in terms of what’s healthy for me?

Insights come in a flash. Your internalization of the information can take as long as you need. If someone is pushing you for an answer or an action NOW, that should be a red flag to slow down and evaluate the intent and scope of the ask. Because it IS an ask. Your permission is required. Don’t give it without understanding. Mars-Chiron can set us on the back foot, wanting to find balance immediately. First find solid ground (information) on which to settle.

Keep in mind, people aren’t likely conscious of their own motivation anyway. It’s not personal to you. You gain control of the situation by controlling your understanding and your response. And that’s the healthy thing to do. In doing so, you also prompt them to realize their own part in the interaction – if they’re willing and able.

Communicate ethically and act in accordance with your values. Don’t let yourself be rushed. Validate, but do so when you’ve identified the value in it.

The weekend is so lovely that we have the luxury of learning. Don’t worry about these things, utilize them! Nothing that comes from others is personal to you. So learn what is of value to you. Stop, listen, evaluate, and learn.

What are your weekend plans?

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Weekend Love Forecast – Venus In Libra! — 11 Comments

    • Your writing buoys ME throughout the week, Satori. There is always something in your narrative that feeds me, fuels me to write my way through. This weekend, it’s the paragraph that starts with “Insights come with a flash” and ends with …”First find solid ground…” I find something solid here and grow from there. Thank YOU so much!!

  1. I was going to say this before I saw your comment but I constantly remind myself of something you wrote back in July about making sure our conversations reflect how we want to be remembered so even if I don’t say anything your words are having a positive impact. <3

  2. This is really good, Satori. I am dealing with an aged father who is in between needing assisted living and is still capable of some independent living – but not much. It’s really difficult to deal with lifelong crap between yourself and a family member. This was an interesting discussion. I can know intellectually what’s really going on while dealing with ridiculous perceptions coming from the other side. It was good to know everything that is going on this weekend, and it was a good, full and complete analysis.

  3. I really needed to read this on Thursday. I felt so devalued and hurt…some of it was my projection. I actually felt inconsolable for several hours. I have to confess I am not a fan of Virgo’s constant critique. I am happier when the moon is in Taurus or Libra.

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