Weekend Love Forecast – Venus Conjunct Jupiter: BIG LOVE – Onward And Upward!

trainFriday night, the Libra Moon quincunxes Neptune and makes its way into square with Saturn. Neptune and Saturn are both in the sign they rule. Libra ruler Venus makes its way into conjunction with Sagittarius Jupiter, Sadge being the sign Jupiter rules.

The mood contains a wish to normalize, to control, but it’s not easy. It’s also not impossible. The key here is not to expect too much – but to still hope for everything. The mood is social and nice. There’s challenge and imbalance, but it doesn’t have to put you off the rails. It’s not a failure of false positivity; it’s just a bumpy ride. So with each planetary placement in good footing on its own merits, enjoy the bumps and press on for best results. It is exhilarating.

All weekend, Venus makes its way into conjunction with Jupiter, the planet of expansion and exacerbation. Venus-Jupiter in Sadge is a blast of GO whenever you need it. It’s rocket fuel strapped on to your wishlist. It’s surfing the debris field… with enthusiasm. In hard times, Jupiter can be the jet pack that overfunctions – right into a wall. This weekend it’s more love, more wisdom; extreme desire. We broadcast what we want, and what we desire is fiery and laced with the yearning for more.

So Friday night’s uneven mood can be an irritant that pushes us to more and better. It’s a fairly fortunate weekend. Give things a chance to go well; it’s quite likely they will. If you find your own individual fuse lit in a threatening way, take a deep breath and stabilize yourself.

On top of Venus-Jupiter this weekend, we also have Mars-Uranus. Both impact the entire weekend, and both are exact Sunday morning. First Venus conjoins Jupiter, then Scorpio Mars opposes Taurus Uranus. Mars-Uranus gives us a shot at the brass ring… we shoot from the hip at a target out of nowhere, and yet the target is something wanted… greatly.

We may be the one making a grab at the brass ring. We may be the focus of someone else taking their shot. It’s likely we’ll have both. Uranus is a wild card always. It incorporates the unexpected. I suggest you think on your feet and not try to plan for this one. Mercury moving forward in Scorpio helps with divining the right moves at the right time. Awareness is key.

I mentioned this concept before: Plans are useless, but planning is essential. The cognitive-sensual groundwork is already laid. We are as prepared as we can be. So relax. Loosen up. Do you get a mental image of a boxer bouncing on their toes, shaking out their gloves, rolling their head? Loosen up as much as you’re able and let the action flow. It’s electric and fluid. It’s a closed circuit. There’s no sense in worrying. It is both physical and psychic.

Saturday night the Moon finishes up in Libra, then moves to Scorpio overnight. In Libra, the Moon sextiles Venus and Jupiter. What a great night for socializing and coupling. An airy mood with increased fire-desire actives a watery Mars. There’s opportunity for pleasure and satisfaction. If you’re on your own, make sure you do something that you enjoy. You don’t want to miss out on this.

Overnight into Sunday, the Scorpio Moon conjoins Mars and opposes Uranus. Realistically, if someone is off this rails, this is an energy where people snap. However, the supporting cast is positive and helpful. In addition to Venus-Jupiter, the Sun trines Chiron, fire to fire. Learning to be real about who we are is coming more naturally these days, and it creates an atmosphere where we shine in action.

Sunday the Scorpio Moon goes on to conjoin Mercury and head into trine with Neptune and sextile to Saturn. Stay loose and pay attention to what is going on around you. You’ll get all the clues you need and enjoy the process when you let it unfold naturally. This weekend promises to be one of those whirlwind times when everything comes together to move us forward – often with delight! If you’re up to it, get out and about and widen your scope. Onward and upward!

What is popping in your life this weekend? What are your weekend plans?

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Weekend Love Forecast – Venus Conjunct Jupiter: BIG LOVE – Onward And Upward! — 7 Comments

  1. Loving this Venus-Jupiter conjunction! I’ve been in good spirits lately, the things that would normally knock me down have become ineffective. I’m also feeling very indulgent.

  2. I think I must be the only one who’s not feeling it. Not liking this one bit. It’s too much. Everything is too much, too loud, too bright, too much talk. And it’s my fault, too. I can’t stand the way the energy feels. Yuck. I did do one thing, though. I decided on a new training program so that was an arrow in the right direction, quite the Sagittarius theme.

  3. Thank you Satori for these forecasts have been invaluable. Tell Elsa that I did exactly what she told me not to do, but exactly when all three of you indicated that the time was right. The result was a bases loaded triple. Only need one more run. Will be in touch, but can’t spend anymore money right now.

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