Weekend Love Forecast – Twitchy New Moon In Aries, Plant A Seed

sproutWhat is something you dream of doing? What do you want to do that seems unrealistic or pie in the sky? This weekend Capricorn Mars sextiles Neptune in Pisces while still holding the tail end of a trine to grounded desire in earthy Taurus Venus. Put your toe in the water and test it out. You may find you like what you try. You may find a way forward that you hadn’t expected.

That Mars-Neptune sextile is an opportunity to tap into the flow of divinity. If you’re meant to find a mundane miracle, you will. But you do have to put some effort in. You have to be willing to take the action that leads in that direction, and you have to slow down enough to notice the opportunity. You can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket.

Take that step and keep moving if you get the go-ahead. It’s one of those times when you look back later and think: I’m SO GLAD I laid the groundwork. What if I hadn’t? But worry won’t open doors. Slow your roll and be open. If nothing happens, sometimes the nothing is the opportunity.

Look to the houses that Mars and Neptune transit for areas where this might show up. But regardless, make some patient moves. Plant some seeds. Lay some groundwork. Do the things you find yourself moved to do. They will make sense.

Venus is moving into opposition with retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio. While the Mars situation shows where we should have faith in making an effort, Venus here implies that we should take a philosophical approach to reaping the benefits of that action. Have great aspirations, but don’t knock yourself out in the short term. Benefits will come in over time. Wish big, but appreciate a bigger picture scenario.

Venus will trine retro Jupiter in June, square stationing Jupiter in July, and sextile direct Jupiter in August. At the end of October, Venus will conjoin Jupiter at the very end of Scorpio. Then Venus turns retrograde and crosses back over as Jupiter moves on to Sagittarius in November. So this week we’re seeing the beginnings of a campaign that pays off longer term.

Don’t stress out, just respond to your urges. Take those first steps. You can’t eat the elephant in one meal.

On Sunday, Mercury goes direct early in the day. It turns at just under 5 degrees, squaring Saturn at 9. Don’t expect communications and senses to flow easily just yet, but that doesn’t mean they will be trouble either. It’s a blockage, but there’s always the option of patience. If you rush, there’s irritation. If you’re realistic, you can glean solid data from active observation. The falling down point would be trying to read too much into that info. Take the data and file it. There’s no need to make it fit a model till more comes in.

Friday night, the Moon moves from Pisces and conjunction to Chiron into Aries and that retrograde Mercury. What area of your life is turning on that dime right now? Where is the healing action, the area where you’re getting the satisfaction of mastery where formerly there was pain and chaos? Where have you stopped hurting yourself? Think about it.

Saturday the Aries Moon squares Saturn and Mars. There’s a tendency to irritation that comes with forced patience. It’s simple enough to navigate if you allow for it. Breathe. Enjoy.

Sunday Mercury goes direct. The Aries Moon squares Pluto. We have the seeds. We have the drive. We have the divine blessing and a long period of sunshine ahead. This is the fertile ground to plant as the Moon conjoins the Sun. We even have the zap of the Moon passing over Uranus after. BOOM, an electric spark to fertilize the fresh planting. With Moon square Pluto on approach, just don’t spin out emotionally trying to micromanage in the lead up. Take control of the tendency to do that. We all have the power to not let our need to control push us to lose the thread of simple satisfaction in the moment. Take control of the moment in letting the future remain in the future.

We hold endings and beginnings in the same hand. Focus on the ground underfoot as you take the first step forward.

The new moon takes place at 26 Aries. Where does this hit your own chart?

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Weekend Love Forecast – Twitchy New Moon In Aries, Plant A Seed — 15 Comments

  1. This is so apropos! After many years of wanting to I’m finally starting a garden! I have six 12 inch deep 3 x 6 foot raised beds, four are put together already. Landscaping fabric for liners and the soil (2.5 cubic yards, an entire dump truck, which is half of what I’ll need) just arrived an hour ago. So my work is cut out for me for the next few weeks. Work now, results later! (I hope)

  2. I’ve spent my whole life with a dream of helping women be safe and protected in this world. I’ve just come to realize the best way for me to help women is to help my fellow men be better men. And God is lining up all the mentorship I need to learn what it means to be a better man and a protector of women. And the future I think holds me teaching this to other men, once I master it.

  3. Thanks Satori! Just the guidance I needed to line myself up for the week, which will in turn set me on the right path for the next leg of the journey towards My Dream. Blessed be!

  4. New Moon at 26 Aries closely squares my Sun and Mars in Capricorn….Hmm…”planting seeds” sounds like an interesting thought..

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