Weekend Love Forecast – The Luscious Dark of the Moon

dancerFriday night, Venus in Taurus has just perfected its sextile to Saturn in Pisces and the Aquarius Moon pushes off from its square to Venus. Let the airy mood take it from there. What has changed about what you want?

A question so SIMPLE takes us down a rabbit hole of many possibilities. Follow them all in your head.

Which is real? Consider rather than choose. Imagine. Test them out metaphorically, hypothetically.

Through Saturday night, Pisces Mercury actively sextiles Pluto then heads into Aries. All weekend, the Pisces Sun sextiles Pluto as well. We’re at the height of the setup for action with myriad pieces in play. Some will fall, but they fall as part of a greater strategy or plan – though the plan may not be clear or apparent now. Perhaps in hindsight. Still it’s a hearty and inspired netting. What’s in the net and what’s left out? Good and bad are either unclear or mixed. But the effect is HEALTHY. And final.

Consider it all in all its permutations. Only then can we make a plan to leave out what’s unrealistic or non-actionable. The ideal is to come away clean, a release of the burden. Not into nothingness, but to its own place.

The Aquarius Moon heads into trine with Mars Saturday night, and Mars moves toward (out of sign) trine with Saturn. With a bit of dissociative diffusion or an attitude of faith, the mood rises and we go far. REACH, try, play with meaning, and keep at it: It goes a long way toward an invigorated mood.

Sunday morning, the Aqua Moon trines Mars then heads into Pisces. It’s a good, airy mood to jump out of the gates; but once in Pisces, it conjoins Saturn. That puts us with Moon and Saturn at the start of the sign and Neptune and Sun near the end. A dark moon underwater – weighted with meaning, reaching toward the light on the other side.

We’ve had a lot of wondering over all manner of unknowns, much water-testing and keeping the faith. This is a bit different. It’s a moment for an Aries mind to take things simply and actively, open to the flow. Move your body in ways that set your thoughts free. Spin and swim, sing and create. Fill an ocean with the stars of your mind then dance it. Sing it, feel it. Emote it. It informs you where you’re going.

Ebbing and flowing into the day and evening, the Pisces Moon sextiles Venus in Taurus. It’s sweet. It’s flavorful. It’s the anticipation of a kiss that lasts forever. Arms that are safe and always catch you when you fall. A mood for a sigh.

Do you have any weekend plans?


Weekend Love Forecast – The Luscious Dark of the Moon — 3 Comments

  1. Been working on a painting it’s a nite time
    In summer I have 4 massive oaks I finally am happy with sky and bark today the leaves
    Mixed colors a lot last nite not sure of leaves and shading but later this morning
    It’s Go time , lastly my subject, a woman
    Skin colors almost there keep imagining a bit of tan,hopefully it will get me to
    Finale , the flowers. I haven’t had coffee in days trying to get any shake out of my hand but really want one.

  2. You and Elsa are such an interesting balance of perspectives. She is cautious and cynical, seeing the danger of the downsides of human nature emerging in response to aspects. You are poetic, actively seeking light and hopeful that love will prevail. How curious that you have joined forces.

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