Weekend Love Forecast – The Last Run Of Virgo Mercury

windowFriday night, the Taurus Moon moves out of square with Saturn and into conjunction with Uranus. The mood seeks stability and pleasure, but that track may feel elusive. Still, this earthy mood picks up the leading edge of a trine to Mars in Virgo, so a methodical approach serves best. Look for tangible delights over theoretical aims.

On Saturday, the Moon moves through that Mars trine and into sextile with Neptune by date time. Find a groove, get in it, and stay there. It’s flow you’re looking for. Good things come when you get in the flow and adjust to the stream.

Saturday night the Moon also trines Pluto in Capricorn then heads into square with Jupiter, exact overnight. Neptune’s mood magic leads to a drop into the depths of delight with Pluto in earth. A Venus-ruled mood gets hot, volcanic, and heavy with passion. Jupiter in square might require a release valve. It’s a bit much. Take care.

Sunday morning, the Taurus Moon pulls away from the square to Jupiter and into trine with Mercury at the end of Virgo. All’s well that ends well, particularly if you learn something. It’s a success when there’s a good story. This influence certainly helps in framing it up to benefit all. It also could drum up a lesson that informs our antics going forward.

Later the Moon leaves Taurus for Gemini and heads into square with the Virgo Sun and trine to Saturn in Aquarius, both exact overnight. That’s serious contemplation, taking a moment to look at the path we’re on. It’s just as these mood influencers peak that Mercury makes its way into Libra.

The thoughtful and curious, detail driven, future referencing mood has weight to it. The mind and senses extract mundane and higher meaning, but in the end this shift provides perspective, balance, and most of all social relevance. How does it serve outside the self while still including the self?

Virgo can be a bit too unselfish. The relationship of self to other is important too, all a part of a larger whole. The self-other relationship connects the inner to the outer. We’ve spent time contemplating raw data, now we test its value… its VALUE. What it’s worth. And we as individuals are part of that equation too. Don’t sell yourself short. We need to consider what’s best for us too as we still consider the greater good and what’s good for other individuals.

The longer reaching influences this weekend don’t peak till later. Mars moves to oppose Neptune, and a higher power seeks influence over our daily lives as we strive to integrate the nuts and bolts with thoughts and motivations. Mars also trines Pluto and actions have heightened impact. The harder we work, the deeper the impact. Venus in Libra squares Pluto, both cardinal, both seeking control. Love is supercharged, volcanic, controlling.

The pieces move on the board, but the plan is still in flux. Don’t flail. Don’t give in to doubt. If you choose a move, understand what it means first.

Do you have any weekend plans?



Weekend Love Forecast – The Last Run Of Virgo Mercury — 1 Comment

  1. Same old. Same old. However it all feels new. Daylight and nightlight seems foreign. A couple was shopping in the local market in total oblivion. It was the weirdest thing to see them cutting people off with their cart. Making u-turns without a thought of anyone else. Stoned? Dunno. Perhaps it’s a message for me. Or maybe just awareness that the state of oblivion exists. I can’t get sloppy ‘out there.’ For my sake and the other’s.

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