Weekend Love Forecast – The Butler did it!

PopeyeI’m late with the weekend forecast because I just finished up as a jury member on a multi-day criminal trial. It totally fits the astrology. We have an Aries Sun-Mercury in square to Pluto in Capricorn, intense days of active data exchange with powerful ramifications.

Friday night’s Gemini Moon moves into conjunction with Mars, and Mars quincunxes Pluto. Mars in Gemini harkens back to Mercury, also involved with Pluto. The easy give and take between Mercury and Mars in mutual reception brings adept sleuthing and clever skills.

It’s a wild ride to navigate by “the skin of your teeth”.

In the parlance of card games: Know your hand and play it in a wiley but confident fashion. The mood is perfect for bluffing, but don’t bet the farm (don’t wager what you can’t afford to lose).

All weekend, Venus in Taurus moves closer to conjunction with Uranus, so a win and a payout is possible. However, it may not be the payout you expect, OR it could be easy come – easy go. What it also could be is delightful.

Mercury in Aries squares Pluto and sextiles Jupiter. Sensory data and communications can be loud or fast, important or life-altering. Think twice before acting on any intense news. The inclination will be to react quickly and quite possibly with words or actions that hurt.

If you can, check in with both sides of the story, even just for yourself; there can be two sides to your own story.

Taking the time to consider the depth and consequences can make a huge difference. Think things through before you pounce. Think strategically and act when it makes sense.

Mars trines Jupiter with Mercury on their midpoint, sextile both. If your planning and motivation are clean, you’re good to go.

There’s a powerful action engine. What’s key is having the right details, planning, information, and communication. Ask good questions. Take strong notes.

Saturday night, the Moon in Cancer sextiles Venus in Taurus, both in signs they rule. I can’t think of a better aspect for a Saturday night. Getting what you want is sure to satisfy. Pleasure is available and there’s no upper limit.

By Sunday, the Cancer Moon moves into sextile to Uranus, a great chaser for that aspect to Venus. Trying new things should work out well. It’s an “I don’t want to be bored” kind of influence, and why should you when things are tuned up just so. Give it a shot. The odds are tilted in your favor.

Sunday afternoon, Mercury conjoins the Sun exactly in the last degree of Aries. Mercury moves to Taurus overnight, early Monday. I suppose I may as well add one more metaphor, or two… the chickens come home to roost or the other shoe drops. All the planning, communications, and actions that pop this weekend add up.

Expect to put the pieces together and and find yourself with a rather valuable conclusion that sets your story on the right road.

That’s a lot of metaphorical language. This weekend is an interesting turning point, or tuning in point. The plot prepares to thicken!

What are your weekend plans?

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