Weekend Love Forecast – Take Aim From The Heart

Friday night, the Libra Moon glides into a yod with a sextile to the Venus-Mars conjunction and a quincunx to Neptune. It also heads into the stress edge of a t-square with the Sun-Pluto opposition.

Venus rules the Libra Moon, and Venus itself is the point of a yod from Pluto and Neptune. Desire is piqued!

We’ve all been wound up. It hasn’t felt like the right time… for what? While Venus moved up on Mars, we got ready to spring. With so much happening in and around us, we may still be looking around for the target.

Friday night’s mood points us in the right direction. Take note.

Saturday night, the Scorpio Moon trines Jupiter then heads into trine with Mercury (exact Sunday morning). The Sun perfects its opposition to Pluto. It feels like go and all the markers are there. Yet, there’s resistance. Whether the resistance is in you or in someone else, an argument may feel kind of good… but that’s not a good enough reason to get into one. That itch might entice you to bite off more than you can chew.

Employ active listening skills to navigate any back and forth. In this way, you’re more likely to activate the sexy side of this equation, the one that uses pepper to season the competition. Spicy. Hot. In control, but sideways and under cover.

Sunday morning Venus makes its exact quincunx to Pluto as the Scorpio Moon trines Cancer Mercury. When you communicate with emotional intelligence, the payoff is SWEET. And satisfying.

The Moon goes on to square Saturn and oppose Uranus. Stay in touch with your senses and in control of your reactivity to ride this wave further as the Moon goes on to square Mars. This could be a bumpy mood, but a bumpy Scorpio mood can be multifaceted. ::wink, wink::

Later on, the Moon heads into orb of trines to Neptune and the Sun as Mars quincunxes Neptune. Give yourself room to imagine an ideal outcome and room to take your shot. Take aim from the heart and believe in yourself.

Do you have any weekend plans?



Weekend Love Forecast – Take Aim From The Heart — 4 Comments

  1. Social stuff interspersed with lawn mowin and floor scrubbin and cupboard cleanin. Went blueberry pickin with a gal pal. And Friday nite din din done. Left me feelin frisky and wild. Folks are movin about crossing paths with me. Kinduv stirs my calm. Things will settle again this week before next weekend’s activities rev up again? I am too boring for this. 🙂

  2. It’s a busy weekend since Toronto opened up its’ Covid restrictions yesterday and it is a go! Lots of catchup and fun times as the stores and restaurants go back to a conditional normal. City traffic has picked up considerably!

  3. Had to check this again. Blips of confrontational energy in my environment. Actually could just be a show of so called machismo energy. The kind that begs for a fight. I think it is the cardinal t-square Martian response. This shall pass and onto the fixed t. Yegads!

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