Weekend Love Forecast – Sun Trine Jupiter, Philosophical Joy

winesap riverVenus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are all retrograde. Mars is direct in early Pisces and Mercury is direct in early Gemini. There is a consciousness of agitating to move forward, even if it’s just in the planning stages. All other indicators promote reflection.

Friday night, the Sun pulls away from its close trine to Pluto and heads into trine with Jupiter (exact Sunday). Retrograde Venus in Gemini moves back into active square with Neptune in Pisces. When we have the power to do a thing, it’s good to reflect on whether or not it is wise and in accord with our path, our best interests. Values and desires are in flux and foggy. There’s also an opportunity to reflect on both the validity of our life path and why we chose it in the first place.

Do you feel good about yourself now? Now is the time to let that knowledge flow in – because now you handle it.

Venus often stands in as a signifier for relationships, and relationships may be reflected in this null space between wanting and choosing. Keep your commitments and actions fluid if possible. See how it goes. There’s more than one seemingly viable option now.

Friday night, the Pisces Moon moves through the midpoint of Mars and Neptune. The mood enhances the Venus-Neptune longing. If you’re willing and able (safely and morally) to go along to get along, the influence can be sweet. Don’t undermine your own forward motion though as the hangover will be wicked.

Saturday night, the Moon moves past Neptune and a square to Venus, into sextile with Pluto then the Sun. The Moon goes on to sextile Jupiter. Everything is not okay, and yet somehow we are okay; there’s hope. There’s a foundation of history under our feet. Connecting to each other and the divine feels possible in a way it never has before – if you’re open to it. It satisfies; it’s all that does.

Sunday morning the Moon finishes up in Pisces still sextile Jupiter and the Sun. Consider what it is you value and desire now, whether or not you think it is possible. The Moon then moves to Aries, Mars-ruled, and a sextile to Saturn as the Sun perfects its trine to Jupiter. If you know what direction you’re headed, you can take some preliminary steps. There’s no need to bite off more than you can chew right now. We have time to do the right thing.

Enthusiasm grows and relief engulfs the mood as we see concrete gains from each faith-placed step. It feels like walking through a mine field – but with no explosions, just a solid spot to place your foot where the ground is not visible. You know it when it works. The mood is active and low-key exciting. The day favors action. Do something. You won’t know if it’s right till you try then feel it land.

If you’re not getting it, pull back – and try again. Persevere. You’ve got more than one chance to get it right. Mastery comes with repetition. Mistakes just train you up. Late Sunday night, the Aries Moon conjoins Chiron. Be for real and grow. It feels right, even if you’re a bit sore.

What are your weekend plans?



Weekend Love Forecast – Sun Trine Jupiter, Philosophical Joy — 4 Comments

  1. “Do you feel good about yourself now?” Funny you should ask because shortly after coming home tonight, I thought to myself that yes, I do. Very proud of myself (on a number of fronts).

    It’s a long weekend here in Canada and I plan to be productive. Move my life forward in a number of ways. Three consecutive days off is a luxury and gift I do not take for granted.

    Also plan on treating myself to some glorious moments just wandering about out in nature.

    Looking forward to SOLITUDE. No human contact!

  2. Friday night was exactly as you’ve described. And I’m feeling the Saturday vibe already too. So grateful to you and Elsa and astrology because otherwise I’d be wondering wtf was going on right now!

  3. Sunday, asking what is on my list?Taking to my oldest on Mother’s Day
    He is the one always looking for the thing that’ll sell, I say underwear,
    Potential 8 million sales? I reminded him, when he was young and I mother tried to encourage academics for a providing future he would say
    Ma rich is a state of mind ,he said in a whisper ,mom I was always secretly
    Wishing to be rich. I wished he was little so I could cuddle him, alas he is a man of 40,so I smiled and winked ask try harder to keep quiet hoping he will tell more. your questions and his confessions give me prompt to ask myself so as to advance on the happy for real scale;”consider what you value and desire now?” Thank you Satori,Yes secretly I have dreams wants thoughts too,Sunday
    Going to go kiss nature big and sloppy with my morning coffee and daydream all day kisses

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