Weekend Love Forecast – SPRING, Aquarius Saturn, More Uncertainty – Also LOVE

emmaI’m not going to ignore or soft pedal this: We’re in the middle of a global pandemic. We’re also human and need connection. Additionally, we need to make meaning of it all in order to attain and maintain emotional, spiritual, and physical health.

Friday morning, Mars conjoined Jupiter and moved into conjunction with Pluto. Jupiter is still pretty close and moving closer to Pluto as well. Mars will conjoin Pluto exactly on Sunday night. Mars is action, agency, and the urge to action. When you hear people talking about personal freedom, it’s generally a Mars urge behind that. Mars is also behind the helpers. Everyone has their own Mars energy and the collective energy interacts with that. The good news is that Mars in Capricorn is generally responsible, honorable, stout, and plows on ahead.

Mars conjunct Jupiter gave that energy a boost. It broadcasts action, fuels action. It would be great if those actions were all fortunate and philosophical – we shall see. They will certainly be grand and far reaching.

Mars moving into Pluto is great power. There is great power in action available. It has a deep root, is finely honed and well targeted. The blow-out zone in this case is wide. SO, exert control. Exercise great Capricornian responsibility in action at this time. We may be exponentially juiced up without an easy outlet. Find an outlet. It takes power to be still when you’re all powered up. So make sure you’re moderating that energy.

Friday night we have a third decan Aquarius Moon. It makes no significant aspects, though it does semi-sextile the Capricorn stellium. Aquarius ruler Uranus is in Taurus, receiving a sweet sextile from Pisces Mercury (exact Sunday). The mood reflects humanitarian optimism – a vibe, hope for something amazing and out of left field. This general influence also enhances the ability to pull in some bang-up insights and flow them through the collective… plug those into your own situation.

Taurus ruler Venus, already in Taurus, heads into sextile with Pisces ruler Neptune – in Pisces. Venus holds a trine to Mars that won’t finish up until both change sign. There’s so much promise here, so much possibility for genuine and concrete benefit. But it won’t be what’s usual or expected. Our challenge is to let it be what it can be and not get in its way. Respect the flow. Uranus in Taurus is shaking it up. Uranus is not personal. In Taurus it shakes up our connection to our resources, and that’s very personal. The larger group is made of individuals and we all contribute to this. Make your contributions CLEAN.

Saturday night, the Moon is in Pisces, Neptune ruled. It conjoins Mercury and sextiles Uranus. The mood is electric and drives communication. It also enhances and highlights our tech communications. Find novel ways to express love and appreciation! Or heck, try a new recipe. For food, for anything. Divine muses brim with inspiration. Express yourself in any way that feels right. Taken as a whole, we will blend into the perfect song.

Venus sextile Neptune can bring exquisite longing – but also the opportunity for something lovely to come of it. This is also benefits behind the scene, under cover, secret.

Saturn makes its move from the end of Capricorn to the beginning of Aquarius on Saturday night. It moves from slow governance to unexpected lightning consequences that have been a long time coming. Some will be quick and some will unfold over time. Or both.

The ruler of Capricorn and the Cap stellium has a new sign. It draws in the influence of Uranus and Venus. Mars’ flavor is tweaked. The lightning strikes are grounded, but don’t take that fact for granted. Don’t act in a rash fashion.

Sunday, the Pisces Moon conjoins Neptune and sextiles Venus. Venus sextiles Neptune. Venus is within orb of trine to Jupiter. Inspired love and pleasure! Divine flow of needs and wants fulfilled. It’s entirely possible that these could be metaphorical but just as likely that they’re tangible.

Pisces Mercury sextiles Taurus Uranus. This can also be secret deals.

Things are uncertain and many are without means. People are sick and afraid. Like Mr. Rogers’ mother said: Look for the helpers. Also, be the helpers. But you may have to be the helper virtually and quietly. Connection is medicine. It’s magic and beneficial. Drink it in, sing it out.

Where is Saturn changing sign in your chart? What are your weekend plans?



Weekend Love Forecast – SPRING, Aquarius Saturn, More Uncertainty – Also LOVE — 27 Comments

  1. Everything is so suffused in Saturn, we’re practically dripping in it. This is happening in my fifth house and I’m bereft without being able to go to the locals bar, that was my hobby! I’m racking up levels on the mobile games though. But…that’s even more depressing lol.

  2. Saturn changes sign mid-way through my 1st House tomorrow, inching slowly into conjunction with Natal Black Lilith. Your caution to not act rashly … I get that, felt the outraged Lilith winding up to act as I concentrated (Saturn) on a piece of work and lost any empathy for the only other person in my sphere of ‘paired quarantine.’ We are so totally in this together!(read my tea leaves, and they told me so.)
    This is Tough(est) Love on the Planet time, isn’t it. It helps for me to read your notes so I and sing in tune. Love Love Love … thank you!!

  3. I’ll be honest here: in quarantine land, it feels like having a “love” forecast is pointless. I don’t mean that in a mean/snarky way, just … well, I’m mourning that the relationship I was trying to build with the crush is going to evaporate with 18 months of complete distance, y’know? I’ve texted him a few times, but clearly he’s not feeling chatty and his family business is one affected by all of this. If this keeps up, I think it’ll evaporate. So much for that.

  4. Saturn is about to cross over my Ascendant and into my 1st house. It’ll be interesting to see what that brings. (Thanks for flagging that.)

    This morning (Friday) I was all ready to go to work (essential service, grocery store) when I checked my phone and found out my truck hadn’t come in (happens a lot where I live – remote area) so my shift was rescheduled to tomorrow.

    I spent the day cooking up a storm. Lunches and dinners for the coming weeks.

    • Your truck didn’t arrive, so you ‘trumped’ it with cooking up a storm!!! I came back to this post, and your comment, because: The semi-sextile aspect … I could and have easily overlooked them; and a ‘trump’ overlooked has a real irony to it! But, in addition your description of waiting on a truck but not no much so that you couldn’t go on with your very well good life! Much love to you Tango and Satori … the semi-sextile is spice like vanilla. xxoo

  5. Are we running from being isolated alone or being isolated with our partners by overscheduling and adding all these activities that we now can’t have? Why is the connection we want an intermittent one? Aversion and craving. People with partners are unhappy, people who are alone are unhappy, people with kids are particularly unhappy.

  6. My Saturn transit may have been about aversion and craving, my aversion to the big work and big planning. I’ve been procrastinating more than I ever have in my life. It has always been out of fear for these two years. I can’t wait til it comes back around in July I need another chance to get it right.

  7. Ascendant at 2 degrees Aquarius!

    I can’t wait. I can’t remember a transit I looked more forward to than this.

    When my progressed moon made the same journey I was still under cap pressure but at least things lighted up a little at the time.

    I am practicing controlled giddiness. How sweet is this shift, from the 12th to the 1st!!! (Even if it’s still 2 degrees underway)…

    • Why are you excited, Anette? I am too kinda, but I feel like I fucked up my 12th house Saturn transit and it makes me feel so bad I want another chance to fix it. I need to keep working on my productivity (then again, mars Jupiter and Pluto are in my 12th)

      • You can’t fuck up a 12th house Saturn transit. If you live through it and feel the pain then you’ve done a lot. And anyway, it’s going back in for the summer till December so you have some time. But now having Saturn in the first you’ll feel some power again and take that back into the retrograde to help finish up what you can. But Saturn in the 12th is an odyssey into your soul. That’s the most important thing. You can’t help but do that. Just mho.

        • Thanks Gemma. I feel like I was sitting in a room with a birdcage with a dead bird and broken toys and ghosts. Always feeling the fear of something catching me. The fear of not being in the right place at the right time and my intuition being wrong. The 1st house is simpler it seems. What do I want? What do I want to do? How do I want my freedom? There are 3 other planets in my 12th house. I don’t know what I want to do with this first house transit other than grow up (moisturize, strength training, take responsibility for my appearance, money, and stuff, and continue with my previous goals, add substance to my search for freedom.) I want to continue with the goals of the previous saturn transit. I was alone in my fear. I’m still always afraid I’m not doing the right thing and wasting my time. I’m still avoiding things and certain outcomes, I still want to build myself in ways my family doesn’t like and have procrastinated so much I didn’t get the chance. Thanks for commenting. Sorry for the rant.

          • The fear of not being loved the fear of being a no one.. all the what ifs are here.. but I’m afraid that with no Capricorn in the sky and too many easy transits and no motivation that..

  8. I have a moon calendar it shows me fertile times to plant,today is one
    There is good in this global health holiday,chin up

  9. Will there be internet issues during Saturn in Aquarius? I’m starting to wonder if I should stockpile books on Kindle and audible stuff.. :/ I know that’s weird… And also textbooks online.. in case the internet will be slower and things will be prohibitive.. I always tend to stockpile virtual things 😀

    I feel like we’re leaning into our worst internet instincts during this quarantine.. I think people should use chatroulette if they’re lonely or something 😀

    • I wonder about this, because since the quarantine, people are gravitating to to the Internet like it’s their social life’s salvation! Groups are meeting through video conferencing (including my Toastmasters group), YouTube is booming, office workers worldwide are conducting business from their home, schoolteachers are conducting virtual lessons and classes. And there’s always the smartphone.

      What happens if we have disruptions with the power grid or Internet? Or a social media blackout? WHOOOO! People would lose their minds.

      • We had a couple Internet blackouts in the early days of the Internet. I remember them vividly. Us early adopters almost went out of our minds, we were already addicted and the DTs were terrible! ?

        The thought did cross my mind recently: what if the Internet went down right now? It is most people’s main means of communication and getting info now, and also getting social needs met.

  10. I will only help my family.
    Everyone else.. too bad! This crisis will not make everyone nice, generous nor kind to random strangers/neighbors.
    Saturn & Pluto 1982-1983: Aids/HIV
    Saturn & Pluto 2020: Coronavirus
    Meanwhile, stand back 6 feet from me!

    • True. Also, in combo with Saturn/Pluto:

      Uranus in Scorpio: Sex becomes dangerous.
      Uranus in Taurus: TOUCHING becomes dangerous.

  11. As I’m isolated, I’ve been poring over natal charts…and I’ve discovered something…curious.
    (As a Novice, I am unsure of the significance)
    My 5 year old daughter has the same Saturn as my mother, and my 2 yr old daughter has same Saturn as my grandmother.
    My mom passed when I was 9, so i lived with my grandma until her passing I was 18.
    They were the most wonderful, special souls I loved very much.
    What are, if any, spiritual/generational connotations pertaining to Saturn?
    MY natal chart has 1st House stellium of Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars in Libra, with my Cap moon in 4th & Cancer sun/N.node/MC in 10th conjunct Sirius (Chiron conjunct Algol)
    Although I’m born ’82,I share a bday with D.Trump/Dalai Lama/George Bush Sr.

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