Weekend Love Forecast – Shiny New Moon In Leo

wayfarers london printFriday night, the Cancer Moon heads into opposition with Pluto as Venus in Virgo spends the weekend moving more closely into opposition with Neptune. Virgo ruler Mercury in Leo moves into orb of opposition to retrograde Jupiter… and all this as we approach Sunday morning’s new moon conjunction in Leo.

A Cancer Moon opposition to Pluto lends itself to power plays, whether you participate, avoid, or watch them play out through others. However, the collective mood carries the dazzle of Neptune from its waning trine and can find support in Venus-Neptune mirage energy. We find also the boost from Mercury and Jupiter. Imagine something better and lean into plans that just might drag the mundane into the realm of the divine.

Friday night, the Leo Sun completes its square to Uranus in Taurus. Combined with Mercury-Jupiter, one excellent plan is to slow down and take things as they come. Lots of options are in the mix, AND none are simple. Give yourself the time and energy margin to handle anything novel that pops up at the last minute.

Saturday sports a Leo Moon. By date time, the Leo Moon opposes Saturn and goes on to trine Chiron overnight. Again, slow down, but this time it’s more of a self-curated safety or restrictive issue. We’re learning where the tight turns give way to surprises and making use of that knowledge to level up.

Sunday morning, the Moon squares Uranus and heads into conjunction with the Sun for the new moon. A bit of agitation is normal and probably motivating. This long-lasting Saturn-Uranus square is waning for now with Saturn heading back retrograde through Aquarius and Uranus still direct. Currently we’re taking stock of what we want and how we’ll get it (Mars and Venus in Virgo) while making plans that work in our real lives (Sun-Mercury in Leo).

The new moon incorporates that slightly past square to Uranus (for both the Sun and Moon). The options aren’t ideal, but we have the ability to see how perhaps they could be. We have the ability and the creativity to innovate our planning to facilitate future novel but concrete efforts and actions (soon we’ll have Mars trine Uranus in earth).

A new moon in Leo, in fire, is a warm and chest-beating wealth of emotional and practical fuel for all our future endeavors. Don’t let the challenge put you off. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and think, plan, think!

Fuel up the fire in YOU. Rekindle the essence of your center.

Sunday night, the Leo Moon conjoins then pushes past Mercury. Clarity is the result, but it may also be tough to settle down to sleep. The resulting imaginative flame is worth it.

The new moon takes place at 16 degrees Leo. Where is your yearly Leo illumination taking place?

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Weekend Love Forecast – Shiny New Moon In Leo — 4 Comments

  1. 6th house conjunct natal Venus/Mars/Uranus in Leo. I have been home organizing and cleaning top to bottom. Paying attention to diet, exercise and pets health too!

  2. 9th. Elsa warned of expansion, which when it comes to the 9th is always somewhat painful. I finally found free will. That while I may be predisposed to be one thing or another, there are always choices. And consequences of those choices that are work. So I am re-evaluating day in day out 3rd house choices. And that has to do with how I express myself creatively (Leo thing I guess), how I manifest my being. Yegads! Not simple at the moment. Stuck in my mind, when I just want to be doing it. This too shall pass into the mindless wonder of existence.

  3. 8th House cusp New Moon between Natal stellium made up of Pluto Saturn and Mars. Shining light on deep matter through transformative storytelling weaving many threads.

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