Weekend Love Forecast – Sexual Energy Smolders And Spikes

oppositionFriday night, the Libra Moon winds its way into a t-square with Mars and Saturn, and sextiles to Jupiter and Venus. The social mood is at odds with a full speed ahead approach. We have speed bumps. However, it’s jump on board – the sky’s the limit for love! time.

If you’re not trying to make something happen, it’s likely someone else in your life is. If that doesn’t suit, look for a delicious alternative. Frustration is possible, but don’t hang out there. Sadge things like sports and adventure hold promise. We want to get out and run without all those boundaries. When a boundary goes up, look for another way. It’s there if you’re willing to catch up and catch hold of a going concern.

Saturday, the Moon moves through a square to Pluto and on into opposition to Uranus and trine to Vesta by datetime. If it’s something you want to do or someone you want to connect with, but it doesn’t feel right? Step back and let it unfold a bit. Chances are you get a lightning bolt of inspiration from just the right corner at just the right time.

Vesta moves toward sextile to Uranus all weekend. We get a chance to improve our approach to our own special interests. Is there something truly dear to your heart that you love to do or learn about? Get in there and find out where you’ve got an opportunity to become more involved or find an even more dynamic approach.

Sunday morning, The Moon moves to Scorpio and a square to Mercury and the Sun. Mercury moves closer into conjunction with the Sun. Mercury and the Sun together in Aquarius makes for a larger scale, longer term approach to day to day events. Discussion is airy and erudite, but the Scorpio Moon often primes a personal and intense illumination. “I don’t want to talk about that… not like that.” “But I need to.” Each position could stand to move a little closer to the middle. Try that.

By nighttime, the Moon moves into trine with Neptune with Saturn on their midpoint, sextiling each. Ahhh, we begin to feel; this takes time – but I believe in it. I feel it’s going to work itself out in the end.

We are still feeling the physical push from a waning trine of Mars to Jupiter. It is a good deal of fiery energy to the body, invigorating, but possibly tiring. Mars is past its square to Saturn and not yet perfecting its square to Pluto. A lot of powerful energy is grounded and not firing fully. Don’t push past your capacity. Send extra juice into the ground or work it off in fun ways.

Venus semi-sextiles Pluto on Saturday night, Sadge to Capricorn. Sex or sublimated sexual urges can also be expressed in those fun ways. Remember that fun sex has a way of becoming committed due to hormonal influence. Use good, cool judgement (Aquarius Mercury conjunct Sun). Otherwise, it’s quite a lovely depth of athletic desire. If you already have a commitment, it can be even more so.

Not partnered? There’s plenty you can do on your own. Sexual energy doesn’t have to be expressed sexually either. Art, dance, writing, sport… all these are excellent outlets.

What are your weekend plans?


Weekend Love Forecast – Sexual Energy Smolders And Spikes — 5 Comments

  1. “A lot of powerful energy is grounded and not firing fully. Don’t push past your capacity. Send extra juice into the ground or work it off in fun ways.”

    That’s exactly how I feel after that job interview today, and I guess that’s a good prescription for a solution (or coping mechanism)!

  2. Bookwork, but I have the carrot
    Dangling; to go down town when finished, tonight sounds exciting ,but it might be a Sunday trip?just need
    To close out all files 2018,and be 2019 set.My part time gig.days feel longer, ordered my seeds! Need to keep optimistic, best option for me

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