Weekend Love Forecast – Scorpio Moon Sleigh Ride… And Christmas!

lens flare tree lightFriday night, the Scorpio Moon starts out in trine to Pisces Mars, moving into trine with Neptune as well. The Capricorn Sun sits on the midpoint of that trine and holds a sextile to Mars all weekend long. What do you normally do on a saucy, winter weekend? Spice up your traditions. The action has flow.

Saturday the Moon sextiles retrograde Mercury in Capricorn and goes on to sextile Pluto by evening. It spends the rest of the night perfecting a square to Aquarius Venus and a trine to Chiron in Pisces. Here is an opportunity to really get into a deep conversation, a healing conversation. But… there may be a temptation to not “go there” in order to keep the peace. That could be a mistake if it’s something you ever want to have out in the open. This is actually a great time to get it out there.

That’s not to say it will be easy and it may be very tough indeed. But it can also be healing and speed up the process in the long run. All weekend long, Venus sextiles Saturn and Uranus and trines Jupiter. There’s an opportunity for a real investment in your long term happiness and life philosophy. With Saturn square Chiron and sextile Jupiter, remember this: Just because it could be uncomfortable, doesn’t mean it won’t be productive. Scorpio Moon is a brave heart that takes risks even when it’s messy about.

Juno is involved in the Saturn-Venus aspect too. This is a classic time for proposals and promises – and a very good time to make them stick!

Venus trine Jupiter promises lots of love, lots of fun, lots of stuff. Broadcast what you want! You’ll never know if you don’t ask. Broadcast your happiness when you find it.

There’s no lack of background tensions with Jupiter opposing Uranus and Pluto in square for a cardinal t-square. However, there are plenty of positive outlets for that tension/potential if you choose to channel your energy into something wise, progressive, and powerful. The Scorpio Moon mood is intense, but it’s also discerning and surprisingly stout.

Sexual appetite is stoked and steady; and with Mars in fellow water sign Pisces bumping up against Neptune, the action is dripping with dreamy promise.

By Christmas morning, the Moon makes no new aspects through the rest of the sign. It moves into Sagittarius late in the night – an upbeat mood of appreciation or possibly one of overtired restlessness. The day’s mood has the benefit of deep and meaningful concentration. Clear space to enjoy yourself and the people with whom you choose to share such a potent moment in time.

How are you spending the weekend? Are you happy about it? Do you like holidays in general?

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Weekend Love Forecast – Scorpio Moon Sleigh Ride… And Christmas! — 10 Comments

  1. good analysis. I think relationships for scorpio are always very difficult. Their intensity and involvement in a relation is so very high that not too many people can handle. and yes! they don’t broadcast happiness. they don’t broadcast sorrows either.

  2. “…Here is an opportunity to really get into a deep conversation, a healing conversation.” With those Moon sextiles and trines, I see where emotional topics may be brought at the Xmas Eve dinner table when we reminisce about Christmas pasts. I converted my old VHS family tapes to DVD format and I’m giving them to my two adult kids as gifts tomorrow. The “happy family moments” videotaped years ago don’t jibe with the stark reality of our family unit today. Maybe I’m overthinking this (hello, Mercury retrograde in Capricorn) and the kids will simply get a kick out of seeing themselves as cute little ones. Hope so.

  3. We’ll be racing across the Rockies with a blizzard at our back on our way to the SO’s parents. It’s nice to see them, even though his mother can be a big of a domineering bitch sometimes. Not happy about traveling through the mountains in this weather, or the time away from the house, or the cat left alone.

  4. This Scorpio Moon brought me a breakup of an 8-year-long relationship. I pulled it to the surface, she broke up. In theory better things should come, but I’m just tired of breakups, and experiencing a crisis of being in solitude. Yet looking backwards there seems to be nothing but blame games, emptiness and occasional superficial harmony. Yet it lasted for 8 years. In the end I feel abandoned and betrayed, and powerless to turn it into sonething better. Scorpio destruction mystifies me because I’m the type to never give up hope… so in the end it’d always the other person doing the destroying. Leo/Taurus asc/Libra moon. Apparently 4ever bad at relationships that I enter with the wrong people. Pushing 40 and getting tired of trying.

    • At my Saturn Return in 2012 (the same time as the second Pluto-Uranus square) my boyfriend during 8 years broke up with me, destroying everything I thought I had. At the same time (indepentdently of the break-up) I lost almost all of my friends as well). I lost a lot of weight in only three months. At that time I couldn’t even see what a blessing it was. I didn’t know he had been cheating on me as well. When I slept I had no dreams, my psyche was in so much pain. Needless to say, the Christmas spirit that year was next to non-existent inside.

      I am so sorry for your loss, it’s Hell, looking back and see all the shallowness you didn’t want to see when you were in it. Try to be happy that you don’t find yourself in these shallow waters anymore. The first step (after dealing with the pain) will be to (re?)establish a deeper bond with yourself as a first – then expand it to the outside world.

      My break-up was 4 years ago. I went a metamorphosis – and I am grateful for that deeper connection with the world and myself I learned during that time, the degree of empathy I developed. I was bitter for so long though… Please don’t fall into that trap! See it as an oppotunity. That something was “missing” in your life and that you both had the guts to call the shots and kill the sickness. Still, you did all you could. We do what we can with what we have. One or both of you weren’t able to connect more deeply – maybe vecause of tour own fears of intimacy, maybe because of things you did to each other. Let it go. It’s in the past. Grieve, rage, kick something. Loss is nasty! You’ve been throwing good money after bad money in a long time and you’re spent, mentally and emotionally – you’re drained. Let it all out, be kind to yourself. You did your best!! Keep remember that.

      Much love <3

      • Anette, thank you very much for your kind reply. It makes sense. Also, it’s obvious from the last sentences of my post that I need emotional support, and you provided it – I appreciate that, from a stranger to a stranger. I know I’m facing a period of readjustment and hopefully these first few days are the most difficult, so every little bit helps. I do also have a friend who is doing his part. For your effort I wish you all the best with all my heart.
        Astrologically speaking, I guess Scorpio moon could be connected to shallowness vs depth in the emotional realm, and the vibe in the air called it quits. And lest my mood be fakely presented as perfectly-poised and Buddha-like, I do have grievances, and I do have anger. But I also know that acting out would be useless, no results, no improvements. We had enough fights that never cleared anything up. So yeah, time to let all that go. One thing I noticed about myself is that I change as a person when in and out of a relationship. I wouldn’t qualify it as for better or worse, I don’t really care about it. Just different, so now another change awaits me.

        • I’m very glad that my words provided some comfort – that’s one of the best things I took with me after my stay in an emotional black hole of which I didn’t get out until this Summer! (Yes, you read that correctly!!)

          My mistake in the process was that I didn’t want to acknowledge the fact that I had loved my BF dearly. I just focused on his abuse, his cheating. I was SO ANGRY and hateful. But to truly recognize that, grieve for the loss of THAT took me four years and several consultations with a therapist.

          My advice to you is to find a quiet piece og land/a remote place to scream, kick and be angry – taking it out physically and verbally. Literally scream all the words you couldn’t voice during the break-up during that session. When I did that after my recent break-up it was very carthatic!

          You will come out stronger, wiser – and transformed. But you must have patience, because Pluto is transformation with the speed of an iceberg ūüėČ

          Also – accept that these processes of shock-anger-grieving is multiple, and they can return several times as you go through the motions.
          Also accept the fact that you might have been dependent – not on your girlfriend, but dependent on the relationship itself to not face the fear of being alone.

          The relationship is not an entity of itself… it is what happens between the people and what they feel for one another. That’s why it’s mainly about YOU when you’re in a relationship. You must’nt depend on the relationship itself to make you happy – your biggest responsibility in a relationship is keeping yourself happy. When you drain the relationship for happiness, you eventually suck it dry and start creating unhappiness and resentment.

          Be strong. You will make it through. .

          • Dear Anette,
            I tried to do what you said. What came out were whispers, not screams, of things that were already said before. I don’t worry about it. Everyday life is taking hold of me and that is a good thing.
            I’m not surprised that it took you 4 years to get out of the emotional rut you were in. I am the same way, and my conclusion is that my emotions and memories often waste my life. Is the loss of a relationship not enough, do we have to rot for years afterwards? So it takes effort to resist the emotional quicksand, wrestling with it long after the other person has forgotten you have even existed. We must endure the stupid cards we’re dealt. And in time learn not to take it all so seriously.
            Your comparison of Pluto transformation to an iceberg is interesting. I always thought Pluto was supposed to be like a volcanic eruption. I will remember the iceberg as well.

  5. Since its a great time to let it all out there, here how do I feel about that background Cardinal T square. As it sits right on my grand cross. Venus in Aries in 7th is the most aspected planet in my natal, with her squares and whatnot plus its part of a grand trine with North node and chiron… Its a messed up Venus.

    My SO is a Venus conj Saturn in Sagi…. He is finishing his Saturn return.

    With the retrograde Mercury in Capricorn opposing my Mars in Cancer. There was some angry talk with my SO and being a bit angered to communications…. Well with my SO we got the Mars cancer square Mars aries thus his mouth haven’t be any better either as mercury transit square his Mars,too!! His Mars opposite his Moon in Libra on another note.

    This week we broke up 2 times because of his anger and 1.5 day ago, he left me again because I was angered with all his BULLSHIT. We agreed that I’ll b sweeter, more accomodating more social more this more that more better and ideal character . O.o

    Yet, he is angry the whole week because its a bit tough for us. So angry feelings built up along with problems outside the relationship.

    I try to be understanding, be patient with anger but sometimes I can’t pretend to not be angry as I want to be all those things for him but he sets me up to fail when he is not any better himself.

    I do love this guy and he does understand me because he stick with me even after going through all this mess i created with my life…. But His Saturn trine my Venus…. My saturn doesn’t aspect his Venus tho.. I realize I own it to this aspect that he has stayed with me even while unhappy…

    On another note, I realize that he wants to leave me… He is not in love… I don’t know anymore he has said some time ago things that make me question… Anyway the scorpio moon is intense to go through that…

    I’m going through
    a Pluto square Venus.
    A Uranus conjunction Venus
    a Jupiter opposition Venus.

    A neptune conjunction sun

    That’s only a few though!

    Shiiit, can’t these aspects go away please. I so want love in my life… But…buttt….. I Love him… That’s crazy.

    I don’t know what’s the right thing to do… Break up make up… And the pluto square isn’t helping my jealously will be bigger with the shitty transit applying and probably mess it up because im scared to lose him. Even being aware of the tides, its devastating when you are uncertain for the other. And just young and inexperienced about those matters. And such a pity reading for the great Venus configuration tomorrow knowing he won’t call or visit me or try anything with me and just dumping me for christmas….. Great

    Sorry for my English.

  6. My Christmas Eve was strange. I hadn’t a lot of cheer to spice it up.

    I think I had some post holiday blues because last year’s christmas was really wonderful in another place and with another boyfriend. This year I celebrated christmas with my divorced mom, my sister, and the “other family” I don’t know very well.

    But, overall, that’s life, right? Tou move on, tou deal with the things you’ve chosen for tour life. I find I have a stunning lack of “rage” about the “wrong” kind of christmas going on here.

    Maybe it’s due to the fact that my mother recently had the doctor tell her she had 10+ years left because of her Parkinson’s desease. That was one of the reasons I came “back” 3 months ago when my boyfriend broke up.

    Death is strange like that. It really sets tour priorities straight.

    Merry christmas to everybody ūüôā

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