Weekend Love Forecast – Run-up To The Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse

Cancer emThe weekend starts out with the Moon in Libra in quincunx to the Taurus Sun. That’s 30 degrees short of full moon opposition – the eclipse that will take place overnight Sunday into Monday.

The Libra Moon trines Saturn and squares Pluto. With Venus ruling both Libra and Taurus, issues of desire, money, values, and love fill the air and spread across the earth. Mood-wise, Saturday night feels solidify in support of the approach of much needed change. Change is not comfortable for most, but it IS sustainable. And it FEELS like power and cringe.

Venus in Aries conjoins Chiron all weekend, exact on Sunday. I just read about a study that says reducing inflammation in the short term may increase the incidence of chronic pain conditions overall (The Scientist). Venus-Chiron says a bit of pain may slow us down, but slow but steady wins the race. Be real with yourself about what you genuinely desire NOW as well as your true capacity for action and how you can enhance it. Strip out the bits that wound up there and stayed but no longer serve. Drop the dead weight, or at least decide what IS dead weight. The dropping will happen naturally when you do. Add accommodations where appropriate.

Currently retro Mercury in brilliant and buoyant Gemini helps with this – reassess.

Saturday night, the Scorpio Moon heads into opposition with Uranus in Taurus (exact Sunday morning). If you’re looking for a calm, contemplative night, this ain’t it. Although it could be a bumpy and contemplative night, one that changes your entire values system. Or not. But what IS at issue is how you feel about it all, and where and from whom you GOT your values. Mars moves into conjunction with Neptune in Pisces… all those ghosts have something to say (and do) about where you got those resources and motivations (tangible and intangible, earned or inherited). Think Scrooge in Dickens.

All weekend, the Sun squares Saturn and sextiles Neptune. Those ghosts, that divine inspiration, they’re a way out of a pickle. You can see you’re in a spot, right? Perhaps you’re pointed at it for a reason. Keep on working that pickle, that knot and you may get the answer. What’s working; what isn’t working? What else can we do with that?

Sunday’s Scorpio Moon finishes up its opposition to Uranus and heads into trine with Mars and Neptune, square with Saturn, and opposition to the Sun – an exact eclipse overnight. Your highest movement comes when you realize what is ballast (keeps you steady) and what is just weighing you down. We all have impediments; some can be used to our advantage once spotted. Some are invisible, requiring only a change in perspective and approach.

The full moon eclipse takes place at 25 Taurus. Where does that hit your chart?

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Weekend Love Forecast – Run-up To The Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse — 2 Comments

  1. Beautifully written, as usual. The study was interesting. Pain is normal and necessary and I believe our world has been trying to keep from feeling pain for a while now, much to the detriment of society.

  2. 25 taurus.. that’s smack in between my ic at 23 and north node at 28. The mars neptune business is in the 2nd. Right now I am looking for a new home and all the contenders are either in high fire risk zones or flood zones. The insanely high prices where I currently live (no fire or flood risk, just political upheaval/terrible local govt/urban chaos) and lack of decent inventory outside of the city are making where I currently live (bought and paid for) seem like a good deal. I moved here when jupiter was in this exact position last time around. My plans for the evening are a long list of small and annoying home improvements. Maybe some take-out. Venus and chiron on my moon, opposing my sun making me want a grilled cheese and a puppy to hug.

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