Weekend Love Forecast – Pre-New Moon Venus Party

party at satori'sFriday night, the Capricorn Moon moves into sextile with Neptune and conjunction to Saturn. It sextiles Neptune with Aquarius Mercury on their midpoint. Mercury sextiles Jupiter all weekend, exact on Sunday.

Reality is morphing, and the details are being flushed out into the open for all to see. The mood is subtle but contains a treasure trove of magic that we’ve amassed over time. It’s a pocket of real-life fairy dust. Our eyes are adjusting as Jupiter turns on the lights and puts the music on blast.

Mars completes its square to Pluto. That’s a powerful punch. It’s a deep motivation for action. It can be a violent or taboo urge felt in the body. It can be productive, life affirming movement. It can be the death of one way of doing things. This energy can be deeply sexual and the aspect has hard edges and irritation or impediment. It can also be the violent grind that makes a person take a hard right into another way of life.

Saturday, the Moon conjoins Pluto and squares Mars. The mood echoes the action of that Mars-Pluto square. Let the emotions illuminate that energy for you. It can help determine what direction to face.

Saturday night into early Sunday, the Moon squares Uranus and sextiles Chiron. Venus in Sagittarius trines Uranus and squares Chiron. Learn from the discomfort and put it behind you. Feel forward into what you can make of it going into the future. Make the most of what it will mean in positive terms in the bigger picture.

Also… fun times with friends! This is a great time to blow off steam by grounding your mood and starting over in a new direction, a social direction. The payoff is in finding something beautiful and aspirational in the strange and new.

We can break out of ruts and veer off from painful patterns. It feels strange, but it’s also invigorating and hopeful.

Early Sunday, the Moon moves to Aquarius and heads toward a new moon conjunction with the Sun. That new moon happens Monday, but we begin building up the day before. It’s the most refreshing of every year’s fresh starts. The flavor is always brand new. Let the electricity grow. Some shocks are fun. This one looks to be grand and flavorful.

Sunday afternoon, Mercury perfects its sextile to Jupiter. Immediately after, Venus pops into Capricorn. Venus moves from Jupiter rule to Saturn rule. It’s time to go from pie in the sky desires to making our wishes a reality. Jupiter pushes us to shoot for the Moon. Saturn and a Saturn ruled Venus bring us more practical and concrete gains. First we want it all, then we get rid of the excess and concentrate on what matters, what is attainable. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Which bird have you settled on? Saturn ruled Venus is not about settling so much as it is about setting your sights on the perfect point to aim for.

So as the details, senses, and communications peak in urgency, our desires become very targeted and cardinally actionable. By Sunday night, the Sun hits the midpoint of the waxing Saturn-Neptune sextile. We begin to weave those dreams and wishes into an attainable plan, a part of our life going forward… just as we’re off toward the new moon on Monday.

Where is Venus changing sign in your chart? Are you feeling the intense Mars-Pluto tension, and in what way? What are your weekend plans?

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Weekend Love Forecast – Pre-New Moon Venus Party — 5 Comments

  1. Venus shifts signs in my 12th House. The Mars-Pluto Square is between my 1st and 4th Houses. The ways in which I live my value is undergoing a deep explosion/implosion. Expecting ‘others’ to satisfy my value and sense of home are taking that ‘hit from a hard right’ you write about Satori.
    This Weekend, with that Capricorn Moon, my natal Moon signature, pressing on familiar buttons of deep longing, I’m reading this and feeding the insight of your forecast to that longing. Something gotta give. Don’t quite know what, or who yet, but know it’s on the way out!

  2. The almost-a-week long moving house exercise tied off beautifully on Friday night. Tired, and happy. It’s done! Definitely, Saturn and Neptune, with Mercury, in the best possible way.

    And for the owner of the moving company, who stepped in to replace his workers who flaked off, he learned some details about their behaviour. Good for him to know that the mover he considers his right hand man doesn’t necessarily share his ethics.

    I am so happy. I’ll be cleaning kitchen cupboards, and I don’t care! 😁 May be Jupiter stepping things up.

  3. Pluto in the 11th and Mars in the 2nd. Some friends’ outlooks are grating on my nerves which is unusual for me. Sometimes you just have to avoid or ignore them and hope they will stay away! Their negativity and bitching need to stop dragging me down.

  4. Venus moves into the Capricorn portion of my 11H. With the help of a friend (11H), I am currently taking some practical steps (Capricorn) to realize one of my artistic (Venus) dreams (Sagittarius).

  5. Transiting Venus is exact conjunct my natal Saturn at the very end of my 11th house.

    A long ago boyfriend (Venus) has resurfaced in my life as a most amazing friend (11H). Over the past month, we have been working hard (Saturn) at building (Saturn) something solid (Saturn) based on deep, genuine, easy-flowing love (Venus).

    Venus will soon be crossing into my 12H and I know our friendship (platonic love) will take on a spiritual flavor. It’s already begun to… (For one thing, his deceased parents have been “visiting” me and are helping me out with something.)

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