Weekend Love Forecast – Post Full Moon Eclipse

em Early Friday morning, the Taurus Moon opposed the Scorpio Sun then headed on into Gemini. The eclipse was… weird. Maybe pleasantly weird in some case, but odd nonetheless. And then the mood shifted – to “what’s new?” Gemini Moon moods move on, and perhaps rightly so. What else are we to do?

So Friday night the Gemini Moon trines Saturn and sextiles Chiron. Chiron sextiles Saturn. Whatever the mood brings up, there are still circumstances as well as something to learn. Learn about what? About everything, about society, about how things work, about who we are in relation to those things.

And we see and feel evidence of our changed and changing values. The territory, the landscape is not the same. Or it is, but it’s our perspective that takes on monumental volcanic rumble.

Venus continues along in Capricorn holding a sextile to Mars in Scorpio. Mars heads into trine with Neptune in Pisces. We have the opportunity and ability to shift things tangibly by pivoting through the ethers.

Mercury in Scorpio squares Jupiter and sextiles Pluto, exact Saturday afternoon and overnight. We say “it blows my mind”, but does it? It may seem as though, but what it really does it blow it up to the extent that we can no longer ignore the depth and breadth of the implications of what we see/hear/feel/consider/talk about.

Saturday night, the Gemini Moon quincunxes Mars and squares Neptune. It doesn’t always feel good to know what we know. It’s hell on the tummy. But so is ignoring it. What are you going to do? Thinking about that brings a visceral reaction too. But do something. You’ll know it when you do it. You’ll be compelled.

That won’t necessarily settle your tummy, but it will settle your mind. It’s your mind that matters now. Your values and how those make you feel about yourself and your soul matter now.

Sunday the Gemini Moon trines Jupiter and Mars continues on in good stead with Venus and Neptune. When we imagine better, we do better. Then we feel better. We will BE better.

The Gem Moon passes through the point of a yod from the past-exact Mercury-Pluto sextile then makes no other aspect till it hits its own rulership in Cancer in the night. The news is big, intense, real, and perspective changing. We don’t need to shake it off but to rub it in. Impact affects outcome, for ourselves and for our world.

What was your full moon eclipse experience? How are you feeling?

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Weekend Love Forecast – Post Full Moon Eclipse — 9 Comments

  1. Hi Sartori, strangely weird.
    It also felt like a deflated balloon.
    Maybe I was expecting something to happen and it was zip.

    That’s a good thing I guess.

    But it feels weird.
    There is I perceive (maybe in my mind)
    A deep silence in the Universe.
    As if something is about to happen.
    I dont know what.
    But my gut says something is gonna happen.
    I m sure you can throw some light on this.
    Moon back in Cancer,
    Well moon is my Atmskaraka planet.
    So my Soul is undergoing a dramatic change,( this is true) after reading my spiritual book, ancient vedic text written in the year 1302!!!!
    I will wait and watch what will happen after the Dec eclipse.

  2. Worn out,exhausted.I thought I was being honest direct my intentions were to push my 17 year old into a
    A spot of decision making that would make me more confident I was leading him into a more responsible
    Advancing place with his future; he told me I have no idea how much he hates me.When you give them the best you can and then you want them to come to the cashier and pay up?There is the queasy,yep I ruining everything feel;
    Thinking your kids have a place where it’s ,oh aren’t I proud what a nice young man with such a bright future????
    So ,did Covid and the school ,who had there ego adjusted
    Take a 14 year old to16/17 or back to 12?
    And are my techniques harsh?
    For me pretty shitty past 3 days,or is it my 6-6 job as a single grandparent spot in the food chain of society?

    • (((RAE RAE))). This covid situation with disruption to school and our whole society and world, really – has really affected Youth, it seems to me. And there’s no return to what was. Something has to give and change. (Mind you – I think we each get to hear the dreaded I Hate You from a child/youth).

      Decision-making, the executive function of the brain is not complete in our human development, especially for boys, until 24. His journey to that needs a lot of scaffolding from you. Are you the main caregiver, Rae Rae? (I do observe there seems to be a dangerous disrespect for elders these days. Of course we have all grown it since the 60s and the whole me, me, me of our consumer society).

      I do believe this is a moment for good change. I really have to practice not taking the disrespectful emotional communication of Youth to heart! We cannot take it personally, really is part of the journey to independence of Youth.

      • Approaching 25, my godson seems to have turned a corner toward maturity and responsibility. I mean he was never a ‘bad kid.’ Well liked by his peers and all. Just plain old obstinate. And not vocal about it. It just permeated his thoughtlessness. Always was a heart in there somewhere.

        • Ya know, thinking about it further, I think he did not know how to express himself. It took him time to find that. Like when the kid in daycare has a toy taken away from him by another kid and then bites the kid who stole the toy instead of expressing his concerns verbally. There was a lapse in learning to verbalize.

  3. Eclipse was sizzlin. I just got prone and experienced it. Bone cracking, literally. Felt like me bones were being scrubbed clean and re-adjusting. Opened up so much energy I was overwhelmed. Conjuncted my boney ol Saturn? Had to take a day and rest with it. Am ready to don my protective hunter orange garb (tis the week of bang bang run Bambi run) and play outside today.

  4. The most amusing eclipse story I heard was from a RN that worked the boneyard shift at the long term care facility. She dealt with multiple diarrhea cleanups that nite. All I could say to her is that eclipses are times of letting go. ?

  5. Had a breakthrough! I began teaching a Grade 6 class this September and have a particularly disruptive student who has been disrespectful, and seemingly on a mission to destroy any peace our class could achieve. I did a lesson on the Trickster, using 4 different stories for the students to read (differentiation). The disruptive student is very bright and had the most difficult level of story to read.
    He verbalized that he was like the trickster rabbit in one of the stories – receiving just comeuppance for undermining the work of the collective.
    I feel like we will all get along better next week. Just remembered that in Chinese astrology the rabbit and the moon are correlated. I am a rabbit too. 🙂

  6. My direct report at work suggested me for an interesting new position in my organization. This eclipse happened in my 6th house Taurus with Uranus transiting. I hope it means qui k, sudden and positive.

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