Weekend Love Forecast – Play Like A Grasshopper, Work Like An Ant – Prelude To The Full Moon In Virgo

boy heliosFriday night, the Moon shines through mid Leo and no challenging aspects. Its ruler the Sun moves into close conjunction with Neptune (exact Sunday evening) as we head toward Monday’s full moon in Virgo.

The Sun will move into orb of sextile to Jupiter on Saturday (a fun, fateful path), and Venus moves into conjunction with Uranus (sudden pleasure), exact Sunday afternoon. The arch of this weekend’s plot is imprecise and intangible but full of promise and the ability to bounce back with style and grace. Don’t expect anything in particular and you can be fully pleased with the outcome.

Control of the particulars is out the window, so forget it. Control of your own actions (Mars in Capricorn) is where it’s at.

Play is highly favored. Play by the rules, but don’t expect the rules to make play predictable. Mercury retrograde continues back through the end of Aquarius. Plans are unpredictable as new information arises. Backtrack lightly as everyone is having similar procedural challenges. Put it foremost in your thoughts to embrace change and think on your feet. Take a light attitude and find a new path if fresh targets and desires pop up.

People have been cranky. If you can, allow others the mercy of letting them off the hook. Reverse the normal wisdom: If you don’t feel like forgiving, forget. Skip over it. If it proves important, it can be worked on or out in the future. Mars moves into square with Neptune and targets are squirrelly now anyway. Give grace and embrace the optimism of things working out over time.

So Friday and Saturday night, use the creative Leo mood to burn off the dreck of the week. Saturday night, the Leo Moon opposes retrograde Mercury, and the Sun sextiles Jupiter. Infuse the night with joy and let in an airy attitude of benign forgetfulness or a wider focus of interest. Grab pleasure where you can, intellectually or on an earthy urge in the body.

Don’t expect things to go as you’d prefer and you’re more likely to appreciate how they go.

Sunday the Moon moves to Mercury ruled Virgo and a trine to the Venus-Uranus conjunction. Relax your focus and you’ll be ready to take on pleasant surprises. Again, plans are foggy, so don’t get wrapped around the axle over course corrections. Be of service in your ability to take things as they come. And it should still be a good time!

As the Moon moves toward opposition to the Sun-Neptune conjunction (the full moon on Monday), it also moves into trine with Mars. Things should start to feel more productive and as though we’re finally getting somewhere (even if we’re not yet sure where there is), getting traction.

Where does the Leo Moon hit your chart? The full moon culminates during the day on Monday at 19 degrees Virgo. Where does that hit you? This weekend has a bit of the grasshopper/ant dichotomy going on. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with playing like a grasshopper if you’re ready to work like an ant when that time comes. What are your weekend plans?



Weekend Love Forecast – Play Like A Grasshopper, Work Like An Ant – Prelude To The Full Moon In Virgo — 1 Comment

  1. I love reading this, as the Leo Moon fattens up over the ripply plastic awning outside. Ripply, like the outcome of something I’d love to CONTROL, but ah the fruitlessness of it. “It’s the play that’s the thing!” Leo Moon is in my 7th and 8th with the Virgo Fullness in the second half of that 8th House. All that life-and-death experiencing as we get old.
    This week end I’m playing with a new play, and will take your messages to heart and not squeeze the little dear too tightly before sending her on her way. xo Knuckle Bump!!

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