Weekend Love Forecast – Pining And Escape Velocity

saturnFriday night, the Mars ruled Aries Moon trines the Sagittarius Sun and conjoins Chiron, highlighting the Sun’s trine to Chiron. The collective will is FIRE and we’re aching to give it a shot again.

What’s it? Something that clearly wasn’t working; but we’ve gone and changed it up, learned from our mistakes, and are willing to give it another try. WILL-ing is the key. Where are you feeling the will to move, the gumption to take another leap?

It’s not just perseverance. That’s not the thing. Somewhere you’ve learned, you’ve done the work, explored and improved; and there are good reasons to try out your freshly re-fitted jets.

Venus in Sagittarius wants to shoot for the Moon, no barriers needed. However, Venus squares Neptune, exact Saturday night with the Sun perfecting its Chiron aspect immediately afterward. Sadge Venus with Neptune is huge desire, expanding wishes. In square to Neptune, the reality filter is definitely off. That means we can dream big regardless of realistic concerns.

That’s often a condition that precedes great accomplishment. If you’re wanting something “way out there”, you may or may not succeed; but with Sun-Chiron in your pocket, you’re likely to get farther than many would expect. There’s also the chance of taking foolish risks for the same reason. Venus-Neptune energy is big on rose-colored glasses and pining for the dream.

So what’s the dream? The collective dream incorporates Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius square Neptune and Jupiter respectively. It blends “don’t fence me in” with a fever dream. Big desires, plans, and life philosophies are inflated by Jupiter and fogged by Neptune. BUT, sometimes that works!

Saturday night’s Aries Moon trines Venus and Mercury and goes on to square Pluto. The mood provides that extra jet engine full of fuel to try again (via retro Gemini Mars rulership), and it’s full speed or bust. Bust is also an option, but it’s less likely now as we’ve got that gorgeous Sun-Chiron trine muscle on board.

Sunday morning, the Moon moves to Venus ruled Taurus and a mood to imbibe, luxuriate, and hold our momentum. Whether you’re licking your wounds or celebrating, feel free to pamper yourself. You deserve it either way.

Do you have any weekend plans?


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  1. Leaf removal,looking to make front yard
    Naked with some lights? Not sure might rain? Christmas cards I always want to do them early so I can make them less generic sounding not like I have 100 to write more like a couple dozen hopefully I’ll give them a piece of me that feels good for both of us kind of avoiding any intimate relationships at this point At least till next weekend middle of the week seems a little ominous for me I’ve had plenty of cuckoo in my
    Christmas past I can skip all that this year

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