Weekend Love Forecast – New Moon Eclipse In Capricorn

boy heliosFrom Friday till late Sunday night, the Moon travels through Capricorn. That’s where the Sun is, as well as the south node at the end of Capricorn. The Moon-Sun conjunction is a new moon. Its proximity to one of the Moon’s nodes (the near and far ends of the Moon’s orbit) is what makes it an eclipse.

Friday night, the Capricorn Moon squares Mars as the Sun sextiles Neptune. It feels like you ought to be “doing something”, but that something may feel intangible or not quite ripe. The best bet here is to do what you need to do – which is generally clear – and wait and see on the rest. It’s great for romantic tension.

Saturday morning, the Moon conjoins Saturn, and Mercury moves into a dense stellium in Capricorn. We will have Mercury, Saturn, Moon, Pluto, and south node in Capricorn. Heavy. Earthy. Jupiter in the sign behind, the sign it rules (Sagittarius) lends buoyancy to the Capricorn mass. The mind, heart, daily vision, power, and fate ride low in the water – low but dry.

With Mars now adept in Aries, we’re getting somewhere. The Cap stellium feels slow, but Cap is also smooooth. We’re definitely getting somewhere, just give it time. If you’re already burning for action, Mercury squares Mars for some rash thinking. But again, temper your action with clever observation. Is this really the time? You know best if you’ve thought it through.

It’s certainly the time to wind yourself up to act when you’re sure of timing. Your own timing is personal. But you’ll know it when you see it, when you get there.

Saturday night, the new moon conjunction perfects. The Sun holds a sextile to Neptune, and the Moon sextiles Neptune in applying hours before the exact new moon. This is one of those butterfly moments. Be still (metaphorically) and you can feel divine inspiration. You find the muse, but you ought not to grab it. Find the frequency and relax into it. It’s like tuning a radio. Or playing warmer-colder. Open up and turn to the direction that feels right. Listen, but more than anything: feel.

Details and action collide with Mercury square Mars, but the mind also speeds up. Relax but pay attention. There is magic in between. Observe, don’t mangle.

Scorpio Venus holds a trine to Pisces Chiron, and it also closes a quincunx to Uranus. With Aries Mars here, there’s an urge to burn it all down and move on. However, don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater. We are in between the learning and the reaping of its benefit. Again, it’s a magic moment that hangs in the air – but not the air. In the water, shielded by earth, admiring the fire – held up by wisdom, providence, girded by fate.

Pay attention. We’re deep in it. Don’t crush the butterfly. Reality is bending in fog (Saturn sextile Neptune). Let it land. See what it brings.

The time to act will come more easily once this bit is absorbed. We can move on to other things after that.

Early Sunday, the Moon moves over Pluto. Use the magic momentum to glide over its depth, appreciate but regulate. Internalize satisfaction.

The Moon sextiles Chiron and squares Uranus. Cap Moon loves learning, even if it’s rough; but it’s not a great mood for change. Let it ride. Enjoy the learning part. By afternoon it moves into sextile with Venus. What a delicious moment, a pleasurable opportunity to cement a benefit. Look for the opportunity. It can be subtle or it can be booming. Be open and feel your way to it.

At the end of the night, the Moon moves to cooler air in Aquarius. It sextiles Mars. This is not a restful influence, but it’s a zippy, fresh mood. It makes for exciting dreams! We feel a need for something NEW, bold, and innovative. Rise above the the knots of the past and feel inspired. The reward is already built in.

The new moon takes place at 15 Capricorn. Where does it hit your chart? Are you feeling something new on the horizon? Something new with some old roots?

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Weekend Love Forecast – New Moon Eclipse In Capricorn — 5 Comments

  1. Something new with some old roots? Umm yes, and that part about romantic tension in the air too. A significant boyfriend from 40some years ago has resurfaced and we are reconnecting. ~blushes~

  2. This old Capricorn Moon woman is grateful for the “Observe, don’t mangle” message and method. Geez, this helps lots in the balance and magic wanting to make life real AND right going forward (slowly).
    Also love that new with old roots imagery, too. Thanks so much!

  3. “If you’re already burning for action, Mercury squares Mars for some rash thinking. But again, temper your action with clever observation. Is this really the time? You know best if you’ve thought it through.”

    Such great analysis of the current conditions, as always, Satori..!

    This Aries Sun really wants to get things moving… at least the oh so little ones that are in his control (well, some are…).. But, after last night, I can FEEL the Cap Mercury telling me, wait… check all the details.. and you know what..? I think he’s right… And there’s the impending square from Saturn (in a few days..).. and then Pluto…

    Yeah… wait and change…

    Thanks once again! Every Saturday morning, I wake up, make myself a great cup of coffee, make myself comfortable and read your analysis! 🙂

  4. WOW!! That is a piece of writing! Coherent yet otherwordly.. Contained within the mind boundaries yet conveying magic.. What you just wrote is not astrology, it’s Music. Thank you! <3

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