Weekend Love Forecast – New Moon Eclipse in Cancer

em againSo I forgot it was Friday. That seems about right. Everything’s higgledy; Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and Pallas are retrograde. I mean I knew it was Friday, but for some reason that didn’t click with any prods to do something about it.

The Gemini Sun is just past the north node as Mars in Pisces sextiles Jupiter. No wonder I just got ants in my pants to hop up and get my ship together. I’ve gone from a slow cruise to turbo-charged. The Gemini Moon squares Neptune and goes on to square Mars on Saturday. Any retro Mercury lag hops right up to speed when you remember what you should be doing. My heart skipped a beat.

Pisces Mars sextile Jupiter is a bit of an angel pinch… goosing you into action, just at the right time.

Saturday afternoon, the Sun moves to Moon-ruled Cancer and we enter summer. Saturday night, the Gemini Moon finishes up its square to Mars and heads into a quincunx with retrograde Pallas Athena. The mood holds that chain of influence through the end of the night and the last degree of the sign. You know something. You know it in your bones and in your heart.

It’s the spark before the seed. The seed of the seed. Attitudes and our emotional response to the WHY of it all can shift in favor of our own best interest. It’s not solid, but it’s not shaky either. It’s in flux.

Sunday morning, the Moon drops into Cancer and into conjunction with the Sun. The new moon eclipse. This new moon is under its own rulership on the solstice degree, quincunx retrograde Saturn in Aquarius. That’s a heavy anchor dragging the ocean floor… or a billowing spinnaker sail, moving us around the locus of the anchor.

It’s a new day, an old world with a new set of rules. A new world with a bunch of olds spinning the wheel at the helm. What’s our new relationship with the new-olds, the old-news? There’s no genuine balance to that position without constant repositioning of your ballast. What’s your ballast personally? Is something holding you back or is it weighing you down for safety? It can be both.

Where do you need to pivot before casting off that anchor line? Where is your fresh start?

The new moon eclipse takes place at 0 degrees Cancer. Where does that hit your chart? Where is your fresh start?



Weekend Love Forecast – New Moon Eclipse in Cancer — 5 Comments

  1. Hm, eclipse in the 5th house close to my NN at 5 Cancer.

    Whatever it is, it could further underscore new beginnings in my creative and romantic juices!

  2. It’s close to my 1 degree cancer north node in the eighth house. Hubs finances are changing. I was hoping to be changing as well. I have Ceres at 1 degree aquarius.

  3. The NM falls in my 5H and it squares my 8H Sun. This aspect definitely points to butting heads and standing my ground on a few recurring issues.

  4. 0 Cancer is in my 6th House, conjuncts my Natal Uranus. O Cancer is in my husband’s 10 House also conjuncts his Natal Uranus. Exponential and revolutionary health-career and public lives. Old Radicals leaning into the Young Revolutionaries with caring hearts. Our safety pins are open and we spiral!

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