Weekend Love Forecast – Mars-Mercury Fans The Flames

Are you angry, passionate, whipped up about something? Are you expressing it, blocking it, blocked by it… does it smolder? Does it rage?

Friday night, Aquarius Mars semi-sextiles Capricorn Saturn. With Mars in a waning square to Aquarius ruler Uranus, this aspect to Saturn is steadying, bolstering. When you have to do something you’ve never done, it’s good to feel some support at your back. You may even find that things you considered blocks or impediments may serve as temporary support. While the support itself may not continue (though it could), the effect you gain will.

Things work out in the clutch when you soldier on, doing the right thing. Push off of the old into the new, but you don’t have to reject the past to do it. It can be an ally.

Late Friday, Mercury moves to Libra, air sign, Venus ruled. It opposes Chiron, retrograde on the Aries point. Where’s your active wound? The one that is timely (even as it has roots in the past). Are you sure? Soon you’ll be sure. And you’ll be working on it soon too. That’s a good thing, but it could also come out of left field. It could shock you.

Why? Because Mercury also quincunxes Uranus and trines Mars. But Mars semi-sextiles Saturn. Some sort of pain is coming at us. It forces an intellectual position we’re going to be compelled to act upon (Mercury squares Saturn and trines Mars).

With Mercury in Libra, you can sport some major attitude and still look in control and poised. You may be surprised at the power of the elegant attitude. Square Saturn, Mercury still delivers a hard hit. But it’s a righteous hit. And it is meant to deliver a message… to the other… to the self… in general. It may be you with the message and you can still be surprised. Surprised is not a bad thing: I didn’t know I had that in me – WOW!

You may be surprised how masterful you are, how in control, how sophisticated.

Are you ready to heal? Because that is possible. The wound never goes away, but it doesn’t have to be a burden forever.

Libra ruler Venus in Scorpio is moving into trine with Pisces ruler Neptune, water to water. The water of connection transforms. Understanding in conjunction with changing direction sounds better to me than forgiveness. That word is too loaded. Bring balm to your own deep places of victimhood. You’re still beautiful where you were hurt. It was only in your disconnection that it seemed otherwise to you.

Connect back up with the whole. That’s how we’re harmed: We are violently separated from the whole. Link back up. People who are separate use violence to isolate others. Rebel by syncing back up with the collective. Take back your life, your beautiful life. It happens in a moment, but it cements itself into habit over time. Rise up and balance your voice and your understanding of what it means to be separate and come back into alignment.

Friday night the Moon in Aquarius keeps the mood diffuse in a cool way. Saturday, the Moon moves to watery Pisces and a trine to Venus. Emotion seeps in, but it is charged with that transformative power… though still possibly diffused as in fog. Let it help you find your way to float into connection. It can feel exquisitely delicious and profoundly satisfying. Tears may happen. That’s not a bad thing.

Friday and Saturday are the last days of summer. Later Saturday, the Sun also moves from Virgo to Libra, the start of autumn and harvest. The mode of the day shifts from Mercurial to Venusian, bounty. But with Mercury in Libra and the Moon trine Venus, air and water blend, aesthetics and senses align as the Sun opposes Chiron and squares Saturn. The Sun trines Mars and quincunxes Uranus. We already have a sensual feel for this. It’s taking us somewhere solid. We get a feel for what our next moves might be as Mercury perfects its trine to Mars on Sunday.

Sunday the Pisces Moon conjoins Neptune, sextiles Pluto, and trines Jupiter. Ah! Jupiter! The rush of inflation brings back juicy enthusiasm. It’s like hope… but not crappy, sickeningly sweet, dovey hope. It has fire feathers and breathes hot mist. It’s POWERFUL. We’re going to rise up on out of this shit. We’re going to slay.

There is more than one arena where this may play out. The opposition of Mercury and the Sun to Chiron highlights one on one relationships. The fixed impact of Mars in Aquarius and Taurus Uranus along with cardinal Saturn brings longstanding issues with groups and impersonal others into play.

How are you feeling? What are you thinking and sensing? Chiron back on the Aries point has my hair standing up, ready to go. How about you?


Weekend Love Forecast – Mars-Mercury Fans The Flames — 19 Comments

  1. Wow incredibly focused and flowing post, so instinctive yet pin sharp, its a pleasure to read. The first part about support in the now is so accurate made me smile.

  2. Hi! Thanks for the forecast- it’s always so spot on! Just had one question- I’m sitting in another part of the world from you so when you say ‘Friday night’, what time zone are you referring to? Thanks for bearing with me!

  3. Satori thank you so much for this awesome post. Your words are my medicine today. I just couldn’t make sense of all the layers of emotion including “the fog”. Oh gee wow, yes found the wound, now pushing thru to the otherside, re connecting. . . . phew – what a whammy.

    Satori you are so skilled in describing the vibe the way it impacts, the colours of the vibe the truth of the vibe = always know how important you are in this world. Especially here.

  4. Thank you, Satori. It was a beautiful, inspiring reading.
    “The wound never goes away, but it doesn’t have to be a burden forever,” wise!

  5. I woke up this morning and before I got out of bed thought, “I’m going to take back my life.”

    I read the same words here. Nice. Empowering.

  6. Another eloquently written post, Satori! Thank you! Your tenth paragraph was powerful: “…Connect back back up with the whole. …”

  7. Wow! Again that hit home right where I’m living. I started working on my ‘chiron wound’ last night – just read your post today. So very appropriate, and wise! Keep writing, girl. I want a reading with you. Do you do them?

  8. ….perfect. As usual, you nailed it, Satori, eloquently so. I am exactly in this moment with my 5 Virgo planets and Venus in Libra, This is exactly where a I am at now too.


    “it’s like hope…..but not crappy” made me laugh. Yup! “We’re going to rise up out of this shit…..we’re going to slay!” ….Made me cheer. Thank you.

  9. “It’s like hope… but not crappy, sickeningly sweet, dovey hope. It has fire feathers and breathes hot mist. It’s POWERFUL. We’re going to rise up on out of this shit. We’re going to slay.”
    Yes, yes I am ! I finally feel like things are being set in motion, it’s going to be great.

  10. Thanks Satori. So many tidbits in your post are resonating with me. I will need to re-read it a few times and do some stream of consciousness writing to get all the help I need out of it.

    I am (again) in the crushing tight clutches of a C-PTSD episode and doing all I can to keep myself afloat and flowing through. I am determined to reach a safe shore.

    I will.

    Again, thanks for your timely help. It is appreciated all the way here, in the remote northern reaches of Canada.

    • (((Tango))) My C-PTSD is getting terrifically triggered lately too.

      We can get thru this – we have “fire fingers and breathe hot mist”!!! We are more powerful than anyone will ever know! We survived the most horrific circumstances and we learned the hard way how to keep bouncing back.( I have to keep reminding myself too.)

      Yay us!

      • (((((Wendylee)))) Thanks for sharing about your C-PTSD. Nice to hear from a fellow “afflicted” (or shall I call us “rebounders”?).

        I think I crested the worst today. There is one specific task I need to do, and it is forcing me to relive specific incidents. Reliving trauma is never easy. But I think today I got the most difficult part tackled. I am hoping to be able to finish it tomorrow. After that, the outcome is out of my hands. I will have done my part. And then I get to reset myself, once again. Bounce, bounce, rebound… !

        Hang in there! And keep rebounding! ((((hug))))

  11. This is the most beautiful and powerful post. With Chiron on my Sun and Saturn on my Moon, I can relate to all of it – the wounds, the disconnection, the desire to re-connect, to transform. Your description of hope at the end was encouraging! I’m definitely ready to rise up out of this shit, for sure! Thank you!!

  12. “Connect back up with the whole.”

    I have been trying, and will continue trying. I know that is the path.

    I have experienced tiny successes (in connecting with the whole) here and there. And they seem to be increasing. Not in size, but in quantity.

    Being aware of the sustenance provided by these numerous tiny successes and being grateful for them is slowly making a difference in my overall well-being.

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