Weekend Love Forecast – Making Sense Of The Melee And Another Shot At The Dragon

persephone and hadesThis weekend Taurus Mercury emerges from its retrograde shadow, but it does so without making any strong aspects to major players. Fresh out of its own shadow, Aries Venus holds the energy from its past exact opposition to Jupiter as Gemini Mars approaches opposition to Saturn.

Both those oppositions are challenged by squares from a third placement, both inexact. Venus-Jupiter has a square from Pluto to contend with. Mars-Saturn has a square from Chiron. It becomes more difficult to parse the details on getting what we want.

Oppositions facilitate the choice to partner up or oppose. We can go either way, but the choice is shared. Both must agree to partner, but either one can initiate competition. We have got to risk being vulnerable in order to grab a shot at the gold.

Is what we think we want really in our best interest? Does it even agree with our values?

Is the way we’re going about getting what we want really going to pay off? Or, could it be that we’re going about it the wrong way – a conditioned way. Should we give way to another model of action?

Perhaps things come to a standstill in order to turn that ship around. But it won’t feel like a standstill, most likely. Most likely it will feel like a flurry of activity as you quietly pivot under the cover of an internal locus of solitude.

Things are shifting, but the shift may not be readily apparent. It may be best to judge slowly. Let the process take place over time. That’s different from withholding judgement. It means takes a longer view. Watch as the value and values of the situation make themselves known. Don’t forget to enjoy the process!

Friday night the Pisces Moon quincunxes Jupiter and moves into conjunction with Neptune. If you’re stepping back into the place of slowed judgement, you just might feel some of that wisdom filter in. Open up your heart and feel what subtleties the divine has to offer.

Saturday the Moon moves through a square to Mars by afternoon. It then moves on to square Saturn and into a conjunction with Chiron. Mercury hits new territory as this t-square coalesces. Just before that happens, the Sun moves from Venus ruled Taurus to Mercury ruled Gemini, mutable, like the planets involved.

What at first may have seemed like gears grinding, now plays out like an action movie! We’ve got the latitude to shift and move. Pop some corn. This is the action that carries the story along!

Here is the point where we see some drama emerging. The hero contends with the return of a love object or issue that had crumbled and fallen away. How does this fit into the emerging higher consciousness? What happens when we approach it in the brand new way we’ve learned since last time?

Sunday morning, the Moon moves to Aries and a sextile to the Gemini Sun. RIGHT! We’re off on a new tear and it feels oh so good – if we let it. Mercury is into fresh territory and falls between the Moon and Sun. It’s a brand new chapter, drawing the pieces together. It incorporates the last of an ending and the run-up to a beginning.

The mind begins to knit the details for a solid way forward. The senses are lush and responsive in forming the foundation of new attitudes and understanding. As that shape slowly forms, the sense of purpose and the heart swirl about in opportunity. Look for that moment and act – but the larger plan develops over time.

We may see slain dragons pop up again. However, there’s probably a lesson we missed somewhere in the slaying. Maybe it’s not really a dragon anymore. Maybe it’s something new altogether now since the slaying. You won’t necessarily want to invite it in, but do consider what you’re seeing. Listen to what it says, watch what it does. Slow your judgement in order to choose action wisely. It may have some gold to offer even if it does turn out to still be a dragon. It may have the piece you need.

What are your weekend plans? With Venus moving toward square with Pluto, are you having any old love issues crop up again?

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Weekend Love Forecast – Making Sense Of The Melee And Another Shot At The Dragon — 8 Comments

  1. Today, I decided to get a my hair washed and blow-dried and go to a wedding party and get drunk?

    I also decided, that I can’t do all of the domestic stuff on my own, I know I’m independent and strong, blah, blah, blah.. god-dammit, I need a break, I work so hard, so hard. I know it cost money, and I don’t have a lot of it. I think my sanity/time/self-worth is worth a lot more.

    I did, have the past crop up the other day – as I was forced to, I am unsure about it all. I don’t know if it will crop up again, who knows? Thats all a blur, maybe I will get a message from the beyond or did I get it already. I think I did. Sorry – got Pisces Moon 😛

    So in a nutshell, WORK, getting drunk/partying and resting my soul 🙂

  2. Wow….I can feel something brewing and I don’t know how to stop it in my new budding relations with an older man set in his ways….I will always love him and wish to be friends….but can’t stop this brewing….thanks and love to you ElsaElsa
    Oh, and I have a neurosurgeon appt. in June….plus got two specialist referrals yesterday. Movement!!!!

  3. Someone I dated casually five or six years ago showed up the other day . . . first thing I did was look at Venus/Pluto aspects.

    Every. Single. Time. *chuckle*

  4. My ex (he broke up with me in late December) texted me today that he’s just booked on holiday to my country (well ok…), to my hometown (!?!). How very ‘corpse’ (and sick) is that.

  5. Weekend shockingly fab. Now the undertow has manifested. Heads up,it opens the heart nicely as I move through. This probably makes no sense but your weekly spark’s good intuition liberating old stuff. Thanks in other words…:)

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