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em graffitiFriday night, the watery Pisces Moon moves through conjunction to Saturn and quincunx to fiery Leo Mars. Flow and pivot! The chance to capitalize on making something of this mood will pass you by if you don’t grab hold and prime the pump for fun.

The Gemini Sun perfects a sextile to Chiron, late Friday/early Saturday. Perhaps the something we make is the result of learning from our own experience and gaining a second chance.

Saturday night, the Pisces Moon moves from a sextile to Uranus into conjunction with Pisces-ruler Neptune. A pleasant surprise? There’s certainly an opportunity for such. It’s also possible to transmute anxiety to a higher level understanding of our own inner workings. Look for the LOVE.

Venus in Leo spends much of the weekend in square to Taurus Jupiter, exact on Sunday. Desire is complicated by differences between meaningful values and the drama of wanting what we want. More! We want it all! But is that what’s right for us? It’s also possible to want more for others; Leo is generous and life affirming.

Friday and Saturday, Mercury moves through the end of Venus-ruled Taurus. Early Sunday it changes sign to its own rule in Gemini. Together these influences create a perfect storm with a perfect solution: if you’re paying attention and able to make that shift mindfully (no denial!). There are ways to hack the “wanting more” equation. Pay attention and powerful solutions solidify.

Early Sunday, Pluto retrogrades back into Capricorn just in time to trine Mercury at the end of Taurus. It holds the trine as Mercury makes its move, stabilizing the senses and creating capacity for thoughtful change. The Pisces Moon joins in with a sextile to Pluto and to Mercury, transits the Moon also carries through a sign change – to Aries. Endings and beginnings feature in communications, attitude, opinion, everything. We’re in the mood to pay attention, and attention supports growth and change.

Sunday’s Moon in Aries trines Venus from the midpoint of the longterm Jupiter-Saturn sextile. A stint of wanting MORE ends with an active mood to learn and teach, the very basis of growth and change. And it feels good. Pleasure is an amazing motivator.

The Aries Moon also heads into trine with Leo Mars, exact overnight. Pleasure motivates mood which fires up movement.

Pay attention to all your senses and every communication that comes your way, even if you’re unsure of what you’re sensing and feeling. Take the info as it comes; it may make sense as you hold it in mind over time.

Do you have any weekend plans?


Weekend Love Forecast – Life Altering Info — 3 Comments

  1. Our town Strawberry Fest is happening tomorrow. Then Sunday we are going to our granddaughter’s family birthday party.

    And in between I need to make some meatballs because I have all the ground meat in the fridge. These are just for the freezer.

    Just a light, fun weekend!

  2. Looks like a nice break after the sustained death/rebirth process since early April.. thank you Satori, harbinger of great news😇🙏🌻

  3. Was sleepless between Saturday and Sunday, my neck was tense and trying to avoid SOMETHING.
    When I realized its tension, I was finally able to give the release and sleep for a few hours.

    But man, what cray-cray week! Felt that Pluto-station all the way to my toes, brain, ramping up my anxiety/tension/libido.
    The spider senses went practically woo-woo, while my brain could just jumble along, trying to catch up the info, due to the Pluto going into Cap and having talks with Mercury.

    (My Pluto is conjunct my Saturn, and both of them are in the 8th house, while I have a stellium of four planets in Scorpio. Spidey senses went crazy this weekend during the Saturday/early Sunday hours. People on the highway was driving like they were mad, had to step on the brakes several times. Guess it’s the Leo Mars/Venus doing the “My Wat or the highway” thingy…..

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