Weekend Love Forecast – Libra Moon And Venus Fuel Mars Fire

firepitAll weekend long, the Virgo Sun holds a t-square with the Saturn-Neptune square and a square with Mars. It’s separating from the first while closing in on the latter. The strong eclipse energy continues to reverberate. As such, the perspective on reality continues to shift, and just what are we going to do about it? Who knows, but that’s the general, underlying theme of the weekend.

That could be a jarring and stultifying theme if you just let it lie there. However the Sun in square to Sadge Mars holds great hope for breaking out. One big push or a series of adjustments prolonged… they shatter a focus set in stone. Sometimes it’s stressful to push through. But pay attention to the cues of your body/mind/emotion and you’ll know where the line is between helpful/too much.

Mercury in Virgo retrograde crosses over Jupiter Friday night, but they remain in contact all weekend. That’s a big infusion of perspective and a renewed point of view coming on. The Sun and Mars’ sign rulers have another shot at working out the details through inspired action.

Friday night the Moon starts out in Virgo and moves to Libra. In Virgo it holds the flavor of Mercury-Jupiter, much thinking. In Libra it moves toward Venus already in the sign. After much tension and the navigation of multiple relationship oppositions over time, isn’t it nice to relax and make nice? Yes we’re having good ideas. Yes we’re addressing new paradigms and thoughts on the matter… but later Friday night and on into Saturday afternoon, the Moon and Venus hang out. Sometimes it’s enough just to feel good and let things BE. Sometimes one person’s way of letting things be is bossing you around, but in a familiar, comfortable way. Everyone has their own way. Follow the way where you find a pleasurable resting spot for a bit.

What do you want that you haven’t made time for lately? Moon and Venus in air with Mars in fire is great for socializing too. If you get out and about, chance meetings are more likely to catch fire.

By Saturday night, the Moon makes its way into the Saturn-Neptune square – in a good way. In a “eat the cookie around the raisins” kind of way. LOOK! A DEER! ::eats your bacon:: Later, it sextiles Mars and squares Pluto. There’s a way to bring back the tension and make delicious pleasure out of it. You need a little pull back, a little dirt… to fuel the fire of sweet release.

Sunday morning the Libra Moon moves from the Mars and Pluto aspects toward an opposition to Uranus. In between is much possibility for the sweet lack of aspects to the Moon and Venus. Enjoy a bit of freedom to appreciate and enjoy before things start popping up out of the blue in the afternoon. Things popping up is neutral or even positive, but the lull is nice too – don’t miss it.

What are your weekend plans?

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Weekend Love Forecast – Libra Moon And Venus Fuel Mars Fire — 6 Comments

  1. Love the bit about the deer and bacon, especially. Hahaha! 🙂 Trying to talk my Gemini boyfriend into a road trip. “Hell, I’ll drive,” I tell him. My progressed moon is in Aries. I’m Ms. Pac-Man chomping up all the dots and ghosts and fruit and jumbo pretzel. At the very least I hope to drag him to the horse races. He’s mired in Saturn mud.

  2. I love that both the Moon and Venus is in Libra. ? Time to catch up with my friends this weekend since it’s truly a great time for socializing. ?

  3. I’m going to a family wedding on Saturday. It’s been at least 10 years since I’ve been to a wedding so I am looking forward to it. Seems like perfect timing. My Libra rising is happy:)

  4. Home sweet home. At least that’s the plan. Hard tellin these days. Lulling about. I’m really getting into the lull. The more lully I get, the more stuff bombards me. Or so it seems. There will be a bonfire involved. It’s time. And apples. And stargazing.

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