Weekend Love Forecast – Leo Love Has The Warmth Of The Sun

coatFriday night the Virgo Moon trines Uranus in Venus-ruled Taurus. Virgo ruler Mercury begins to gain some ground in Cancer unimpeded by aspects. Mars in Leo closes in on its conjunction to Juno as they both build into quincunx with Pluto.

It’s the perfect night to feel something new or to put a new spin on something old. With Virgo ruler Mercury in the Moon’s sign, they are in mutual reception, working well together. The emotional impact of what we’re taking in through our senses is charged up for change. How about we have a different reaction to the same old information? How about we consider upgrading what is chugging along but could feel better?

The Mars-Juno-Pluto influence lasts the weekend. If you make an effort, there’s grounds for powerful strides. But it’s a nuanced effort that works best: not too little, not too much. And the timing is important. You’ve got to finesse it. Commit to it.

Venus moves toward conjunction with the Leo Sun and both move into trine with Jupiter. While we’re lining up our desires, there’s plenty of power to push. The likelihood of overreach and overspending is high, but it’s important to enjoy the enthusiastic spirit from which it springs.

Saturday night, the Virgo Moon trines Pluto and sextiles Mercury. Hold it together with some good common sense and earthly delight is possible and likely. This is a real Barry White kind of influence with the Moon coming off an opposition to Neptune. There’s positive tension and an urge to communicate from the depths of soulful mastery. The right words, a timely look or touch… can activate Mars fire.

Sunday morning the Moon finishes up in Virgo and moves to Venus ruled Libra. The Libra Moon opposes Chiron and goes on to sextile Leo Venus by nighttime. Juno and Mars complete their quincunx to Pluto. With the earthy mood sated, the airy Libra mood is free to take a diplomatic turn. It’s possible to negotiate with amazing results provided we walk that fine line of balance.

Mars and Juno are ripe to set a pact when the delicate mood feeds the Venus flame. It’s all an act of balancing raw feeling with real experience. Nothing can be forced and work out properly, but neither should we be too fluffy and precious. There’s a generosity of spirit that can be accessed when we have reason to believe in ourselves.

Find your own center, your own comfort in your center, and you’ll be able to balance the rest.

Pride is good. Valuing oneself is good. But they only work for good when they access the warmth of the genuine self. A genuine self has enough sun to warm others; a generosity of spirit must accompany any deep, transformative moves. Possessiveness can spark a dialogue that heals, but it shouldn’t be indulged. Rash action on that front can spark violence. Use that power to move beyond into agreement for growth.

What are your weekend plans?

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Weekend Love Forecast – Leo Love Has The Warmth Of The Sun — 3 Comments

  1. Love love love reading,am loading truck up to sell bouquets,I am always
    Nervous ,can’t put it to words , been in attendance since 1982?so why nervous should feel like an old shoe;( hopefully counting up at 12 will loosen up my spine

  2. It’s a hella hard weekend. Then I read this again and saw it in a different light. It’s lovely advice and tends to lean to hope, but man. Hella hard.

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