Weekend Love Forecast – Keep Watch With Your Wizard Vision

pathWe’re nearing the end of Pisces season; so Friday night’s Cancer Moon trine Neptune is an excellent time to immerse yourself in a tub of hot fudge or whatever delight brings you emotional flow. Lie back in a vat full of novels or netflix. Dance, compose, spend time with family – birth or chosen.

You are the universe enjoying life. Life tastes life through you. The Moon also opposes Saturn and moves into opposition with Pluto and sextile to Venus-ruled Mars in Taurus. Boundaries are already there. It’s safe to go after what is realistic to get. Milkshakes and croissants and movies and music… cuddling up in soft, squeezy arms… these things are attainable. A silky or fluffy blanket in a nest of pillows is a reasonable stand in for hugs.

Venus in Aquarius moves closer into square with Mars this weekend. Does that list of treats sound frivolous? Always. Treats are by their nature frivolous. But do they SATISFY? That’s the answer to prioritize. Choose the treats that satisfy. Only you know what that is for you.

Some people love kale. It’s inexplicable to me, yet true.

You can serve the greater good and still enjoy a cuddle. They’re not mutually exclusive. Don’t let someone deprive you by shaming you. You don’t need their permission. But if you choose to take on that negativity, that’s YOU. They can’t make you (usually). Remember that you’re part of a greater whole (retro Pisces Mercury) and we’re feeding our experiences to life through our senses. I always remember this perspective when buying snack cakes.

Mars is moving into trine with Pluto, with Mercury moving back onto their midpoint. This is earth moving magic – earth to earth with water flowing in reverse. It’s a chance to see things differently and make some beneficial changes/actions/excavations. It doesn’t happen quickly or without planning. Stay open to seeing something profound. It will have long-reaching implications for going forward. It may not come across clearly, so relax and let it pool a bit.

Mercury is still busting some moves. It sextiles Pluto on Saturday, going on to sextile Mars early Monday. Pay attention to all forms of communication. Everything is communication.

Saturday night, the Moon finishes up in Cancer, following trines to Mercury and the Pisces Sun. Go where your senses send you, even if you misinterpret. It’s the process, not a fact chasing expedition. When you follow what feels right, you give life a chance to surprise you in a good way. Is there something you need to say? Perhaps if you go back over a conversation that gave you complicated feels, now will be the time they unravel and make sense.

Later, the Moon moves to Leo and a square to Taurus Uranus. It also trines Chiron in Aries. There’s an urge to creativity, but everything is changing/has changed… and it might feel a little weird for a while! Keep trying; that’s what makes it feel usual – experience and mastery. Shine on! The mood fosters the ability to experiment and enlivens it with both learning and humor. It’s the good kind of drama when you don’t take it all so seriously. Try something!

Sunday morning, the Leo Moon spends the day moving into opposition to Venus. How do you usually balance your personal desires with those of others? A t-square is formed with Mars between them. Satisfaction can be found when you figure out what to DO with this equation. The tension brings the issue up to be addressed, but it doesn’t have to hurt. Find a way to work both in together. Don’t fight – feint. Use the good type of manipulation, the kind where you lead people to do what you need them to do by making it seem to be their decision or in their best interest.

It’s a mischievous Mercury retro period this time, more so than usual in my estimation. It feels playful. If you look past the irritation and chaos, the message is deeply meaningful. It’s possible to float on past the bother of it when you are able to see the hidden beauty in the higher octave of information. Try to see past the coarse facade! It’s real, but it’s not the point. Don’t miss the point.

What are your weekend plans?

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Weekend Love Forecast – Keep Watch With Your Wizard Vision — 7 Comments

  1. Oh my gosh. This is beautiful.

    “You are the universe enjoying life. Life tastes life through you.”

    And this

    “You can serve the greater good and still enjoy a cuddle. They’re not mutually exclusive.”

    I want to sink into this piece of writing.

  2. I’m retreading your word wizardry after a day in the Betweens…the course facade — cracking me up to see how people cling to us as we make the great Sway Away. Coyote’s mischief … good medicine to keep things playful (in a wild way)!

  3. *gone buying a heavy load of soft pillows and a fluffy blanket*

    Beautiful written Satori. I can almost FEEL the marshmallows in there 😉😜

  4. hot fudge is an interesting example.. lately I have a sugar addiction whenever my life seems really unstable and I desperately root around for some kind of escape valve to funnel the emptiness or excess energy.. sugar tends to drown whatever negative impulse there was really well.. but carbs tend to make my teeth itch for more stuff..

    Drinking chocolate (as well as cheese), however, tends to satisfy and drown all cravings in an instant because it is really complex and whole in taste.. plus it gives me that sugar buzz.. temporarily I forget cravings and strivings…

    Truth is it’s the spring and I need to eat more vegetables and exercise/be very active and purposeful, but I am sitting around a lot so desperate moods and emotions crest and break over me all the time..

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